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[Movie 2013] My Paparotti - 파파로티


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[130218] Pavarotti Press Conference

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Actress Kang So Ra reveals,

“I will go visit you soon Lee Jae Hoon!”


Kang So Ra uploaded a picture taken with Lee Jae Hoon before he entered the military.

On the morning of February 18, Kang uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption, “Jang Ho wasn’t at the press conference. Are you well?”

In the picture, actress Kang and Lee Jae Hoon are posing at the camera in a friendly atmosphere. With bright colored hair and chic hair style, Lee is showing off his bright smile.

Kang attracted attention by revealing special affection towards Lee Jae Hoon at the press conference of the movie, Papparoti that was held at Seoul Interpark Art Center on February 18 at 11:00 a.m. At the conference she said, “When I saw him recently, his long wavy hair became very short. That must be the way it is but it was good to see that he is doing well. I will visit him sometime soon.”

She added, “It was an honor to act with Lee Jae Hoon whom I very much liked. In the movie, it was me who really fell in love with him but there were some physical touch as well. Later on it seems as if we’re getting together… This work meant a lot to me.”

Papparoti that will premiere next month is about the meeting between a prodigy vocalist gang Jang Ho (played by Lee Jae Hoon) and a scary music teacher Sang Jin (played by Han Seok Gyu). Actors such as Han Seok Gyu, Lee Jae Hoon, Oh Dal Soo, Kang So Ra, and Jo Jin Woong acted in the movie.

Cr: en.korea.com
Org source: news.mt.co.kr
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Kang Sora, Han Seok Gyu and Oh Dal Soo

Attend ′My Paparotti′ Press Briefing

The stars of My Paparotti made an appearance at a press briefing for the upcoming film, held at the Interpark Art Center in Seoul on February 18.

Kang Sora was joined by costars Han Seok Gyu and Oh Dal Soo. Actor Lee Je Hoon was unable to attend the event as he is currently serving in the army.

The film about a troubled boy with a knack for singing, who meets a cynical music teacher, is set to hit theaters in March.


Han Seok Gyu will play the cynical music teacher.


Han Seok Gyu and Oh Dal Soo, who plays the high school principal, get chummy.


Leading lady Kang Sora will play Lee Je Hoon′s love interest.


Kang Sora looks gorgeous with minimal makeup.


Will Oh Dal Soo play play the pushover principal or keep his students on a tight leash?.


Han Seok Gyu answers questions from the media.


The cast lines up for a photo session.


Kang Sora is flanked by Oh Dal Soo and Han Seok Gyu.


Kang Sora keeps it simple in a classic silhouette.


Oh Dal Soo waves hello.


Han Seok Gyu flashes his handsome smile.

Cr: enewsworld.mnet.com
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Kang Sora And Lee Jae Hoon Shows Off

Their Friendship, "Are You Well"?



Actress Kang Sora and actor Lee Jae Hoon showed off their friendship.

On 18th, Sora posted on her Twitter "At press conference Jang Ho was missing. Are you eating well!?," along with the following photo.

In the revealed photo is Lee Jae Hoon in a suit along with Kang Sora who is dressed casually.

The two are acting in the same movie, My Pavarotti, that is scheduled to be released soon. Sora expressed her sorrows at not being able to present the movie with Lee Jae Hoon at the press conference, and pledged to visit her co-star who is currently serving his mandatory military service.

Kang Sora's most recent co-star for TV, pseudo-husband in "We Got Married", Super Junior leader Leeteuk, is also serving his military service. So, it looks like the young actress will be visiting a few co-stars. Who do you think should she visit first?

Cr: kpopstarz.com
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Pavarotti Making Video
Orig. Source: movie.naver.com

Lee Je Hoon's opinion about Kang Sora's acting at "Paparotti":

(강소라씨가) 귀엽고 이쁘고 사랑스럽게 표현은 하니까 거기에 있어서 솔직한 리액션을 하게 되는데 NG가 안나려고 부단히 노력했던 것 같아요.

Kang Sora-Ssi (as Suk Hee) did cute, pretty and loveable expression, because of that there’s a honest/frank reaction got captured (by camera), I guess I was trying really hard (putting an effort) to not made NGs (continuously).

Translated by: kirane (@kirane2)
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