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[Movie 2013] My Paparotti - 파파로티


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English Title: My Paparotti Revised Romanization: Paparoti Hangul: 파파로티 Production Company: KM Culture Director: Yoon Jong Chan Writer: Yoo Young Ah Distributor: Showbox/Mediaplex Filming Date: August 4, 2012 Release Date: March 14, 2013 Press Conference: February 18, 2013 Runtime: 127 min. Country: South Korea Language: Korean Official Website: http://mypaparotti.com


Main Roles:
PictureHan Seok Kyu
As "Sang Jin" (High School Teacher)

PictureLee Je Hoon
As "Jang Ho" (High School Student With Singing Talent)

 ** Lee Je Hoon's Thread  Here

Supporting Roles:
PictureKang Sora
As "Sook Hee" ( Jang Ho's Girlfriend )

** Kang Sora's Thread  Here
PictureOh Dal Su
As "Deok Saeng" ( High School Principal )

PictureJo Jin Woong
As "Chang Soo"

Additional Cast Members:
Lee Sang Hoon ( Dean of Students )
Lee Do Yeon ( English Teacher )
Lee Jae Yong ( Gang Boss )
Jin Kyung ( Sang Jin's Wife )
Yang Han Yeol ( Sang Jin's Son )
Bae Sung Woo ( Sang Jin's Alumnus )
Kim Young Hoon ( Jang- Ho's subordinate )
Kim Ji Seok ( Drunken Man ) (cameo)



Sang-Jin (Han Suk-Kyu) is a music teacher at an Arts High School in the small city of Gimcheon. He was once a promising opera singer in Italy, but a tumor in his throat ended his singing career. On a weekend, Sang Jin drives out to the Gimcheon Arts High School from his home in nearby Daegu City to meet with the principle and a new transfer student. Before getting to the school, Sang Jin pulls into the parking lot of a highway rest stop area. While parking his car, he scratches a black car parked next to him. Three men get out of the parked black car and threaten Sang Jin. Then a young teen named Jang Ho (Lee Je Hoon) slowly steps out of the car. Sang Jin becomes frightened out of his wits, but the young teen Jang Ho ignores him and walks straight to his old beat up car. He peers inside the music teacher's car and listens to the opera music playing out of the teacher's car stereo. Jang Ho then orders his three men to get the man's driver's license and then let him go.
Later at the principle's office, Sang Jin complains to Principle Deok Saeng (Oh Dal Su) about the new transfer student's transcripts. Sang Jin tells him that the guy must be a troublemaker if this is his 4th high school, but Principle Deok-Saeng assures Sang-Jin that the new transfer student is talented and he could help the school win at an upcoming music competition.
Then, the door to the principle's office opens and the new transfer student walks in. Their new transfer student is Jang Ho, whom Sang Jin already met in the parking lot at the rest stop area. Jang Ho is an enforcer for a powerful mafia group in Daegu City, but all he really wants to do is sing.


0124_icon.gif Based on the true story of Kim Ho Joong, who first appeared on Korean TV show "Starking" on July 18, 2009. During the program, Kim Ho Joong surprised people with his vocal abilities and also made people cry because of his background story. He grew up as a troubled kid who joined gangs, but because of his grandmother he began to sing in earnest.
0124_icon.gif Filming began August 4, 2012 at a high school in Yeoju, Gyeonggi Province. The first scene filmed involved Jang Ho (Lee Je Hoon) as he transfers to Gimcheon High School of the Arts, after he caused trouble.
0124_icon.gifFilming ended November 1, 2012. Actor Lee Je Hoon finished all of his scenes by October 22, 2012 and began his 21 month mandatory military service on October 25, 2012.
0124_icon.gif The final scene filmed on November 1, 2012 involved high school principal Deok-Saeng (Oh Dal Su) asking Sang Jin (Han Suk Kyu) to teach Jang-Ho (Lee Je Hoon) in order for Jang-Ho to participate in a competition.


"Pavarotti" First Trailer # Link

"Pavarotti" Han Seok Kyu & Lee Je Hoon - Character Image # Link

Lee Je Hoon "Pavarotti" Teary Farewell Party # Link (eng sub)

"Pavarotti" Making Video # Link

"Pavarotti" Lee Je Hoon's Surprise Video # Link

"Pavarotti" Han Seok Kyu "Curse" Parade # Link

"Pavarotti" Han Seok Kyu & Lee Je Hoon - That Happy People MV # Link

"Pavarotti" # BTS 01 // BTS 02

Watch Online – Paparotti (Raw/No Sub) Via Dailymotion # Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3
Download VA – Paparotti (파파로티) OST MP3 / Free # Link



[Gif] Lee Je Hoon and Kang Sora # Link



Press Conference + Review
[130218] Paparotti Press Conference
[130222] (MBC) Section TV - Paparotti # Link
[130223] (SBS) Movie World - Paparotti # Link
[130227] Paparotti Production Press Conference # Link
[130302] (KBS2) I Love Movie - Pavarotti # Link
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[130320] (Arirang TV) Korea Today - Behind the reel # Link
[130323] (SBS) Movie World - Paparotti' Review # Link

VIP Premiere
[130304] Paparotti Movie VIP Premiere # Link (eng sub)
[130313] Paparotti Movie Premiere At Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency # Link (1) (2) (3)

Stage Greeting
[130307] "Paparotti" Stage Greeting # Link
[130316] "Paparotti" Stage Greeting # Links (1) (2)
[130317] "Paparotti" Stage Greeting # Link

Cr: blog.naver.com/cherryfelt


[120617] Kang Sora cast for “Pavarotti”
[120807] Lee Je Hoon on the set of 'Pavarotti' Distributed the Häagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream as a gift
[120807] The super premium ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs-, on the set of movie 'Paparoti' Shoot
[120809] Lee Je Hoon " 'Pavarotti' shooting start "
[120809] 'Pavarotti' Starring Han Seok Kyu, Lee Je Hoon... Kang Sora and Oh Dal-Su Joined It
[120809] Lee Jae-hoon, Han Suk-kyu to portray student-teacher relationship in new film
[120817] The Uniform Is Goes Well Too the 29- year old Lee Je Hoon
[120825] Dcgall Kang Sora Members Visiting “Pavarotti” Filming Location
[121008] “Pavarotti” Actress Kang Sora Shows Amazing S-Line at Airport
[121022] Kang Sora Reveals Cute Selca while Shooting “Pavarotti”
[121105] Lee Je Hoon 'Join the military before taking the last shot'... 'Pavarotti' Crank Up
[121106] 'Pavarotti' film starring Han Suk Kyu and Lee Je Hoon to air in 2013
[130131] 'Pavarotti' Han Seok Kyu and Lee Je Hoon ..."We'll See You in March"
[130131] 'Pavarotti' will be released in March"
[130201] Lee Je-hoon’s New Film to Open in March
[130204] My Paparotti
[130207] "Suzy First Love '' Lee Je Hoon, Han Seok Kyu richard simmons on the treated 'humiliation' Why?
[130212] Lee Je Hoon and Han Seok Kyu in Paparotti
[130213] 'Pavarotti' Han Seok Kyu - Lee Je Hoon, Male Couple Steel Public
[130214] 'Pavarotti' Han Seok Kyu - Lee Je Hoon, Steel Public "Looks like this is your first time right?"
[130215] 'Pavarotti' Oh Dal Su - Yoon Jong Chan - Kang Sora, "Changmuro" Large Set!
[130215] 'Pavarotti', Bringing Laughter and Inspiring! Chungmuro Current Trend (Oh Dal Su, Jo Jin Woong, Kang Sora) Gather **Changmuro: Korea's Movie Industry ~ Hollywood.
[130218] Actress Kang So Ra reveals, “I will go visit you soon Lee Jae Hoon!”
[130219] Kang Sora, Han Seok Gyu and Oh Dal Soo Attend ′My Paparotti′ Press Briefing
[130219] Papparoti production report conference
[130219] Kang Sora And Lee Jae Hoon Shows Off Their Friendship, "Are You Well"?
[130302] Han Seok Gyu Says Lee Je Hoon is Sincere
[130308] Lee Je Hoon & Kang Sora's New Photos from 'Paparotti' Revealed
[130308] Kang Sora’s Kiss Scene Photos With Lee Je Hoon in ‘My Paparotti’ Revealed
[130311] Lee Jae Hoon and Kang Sora, Caught Kissing?
[130314] "Paparotti" beats "Miracle in Cell No.7"
[130322] In Focus: My Paparotti
[130327] Paparotti Surpassed 1 Million Viewer After 12 Days Been Released

Cr: dvdprime.donga.com

Source: (External links)
Korean Movie Database (kmdb)

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@ChoonHee21, thank you for creating "Pavarotti" thread and putting link for Lee Je hoon thread.^^

#Yoon Jong Chang: Pavarotti is his third adaption (after Blue Swallow and I am Happy) but his first drama-comedy genre.

#Writer: Yoo Young-A (Gift of Room 7, As One) and Lee Hae Je (Punch).
(Source: cine21.com)

#This movie is being compared to "My Little Hero" (currently play at Korea' cinema) because similiarity in theme topic.
(Source: sport.hankooki.com)
kirane: From movie' trailer, I think "Pavarotti" is lighter and more intense at the same time. Let's see how PD, writers, actors, and production teams pull out this "based on true story" movie. 

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#Article about "Pavarotti/Paparotti" from Dramabeans:

Lee Je-hoon and Han Seok-kyu as student-teacher pair
by girlfriday | August 9, 2012
Well, you can’t go wrong with this pair of actors, no matter what they’re playing. Lee Je-hoon (Fashion King, Introduction to Architecture) and Han Seok-kyu (Tree With Deep Roots) have been cast in a new film, My Pavarotti, about a has-been teacher who meets an unlikely musical genius. It sounds to me like a Stand and Deliver meets Mr. Holland’s Opus. Or yunno, [inspirational teacher movie here] crossed with [inspirational music movie here].

Han Seok-kyu plays a once-promising singer who went nowhere in his career, and now he bides his time teaching music at a high school in the countryside. He’s basically just given up and living aimlessly. But one day he meets Lee Je-hoon’s character, a gangster high school student with a genius talent for singing. What an odd combo. I sincerely hope he talks like a rough-and-tumble kid, and has to be taught how to enunciate. Like My Fair Lady but for punk high schoolers who want to sing opera. There’s a montage sequence just dying to be made!

What’s more is that this gangster kid actually dreams of singing like Pavarotti, which confuses the hell out of me. I didn’t know any gangsters like that at my high school, but hey, more power to you. Teach on the other hand, has no interest in his students, zero interest in teaching, and is an all-around prickly bastard. Obviously some deep-seated issues we’ll be working out during the film. OR he stays a bastard and that’s the twist. It could happen.

Lee Je-hoon’s character sounds like a great mix of traits and circumstances: his family is dirt poor so he joined a gang to help earn some money while going to school, but he loves to sing more than anything else, and dreams of one day becoming a singer like Pavarotti. Only he thinks it’s Paparotti, which would explain my confusion over the Korean title of this movie, pronounced My Paparotti, which I thought was just bad spelling. He’ll have a lot to overcome to realize his dream, including his strong regional accent. The film has begun shooting and plans to release early next year.

Lee Je-hoon and Han Seok-kyu in Paparotti
by girlfriday | February 12, 2013 
This movie looks hilarious and really really cute. Another of Lee Je-hoon’s shot-pre-army movies is due out, and thankfully this time it’s lighter fare. It’s his heartwarming comedy with Han Seok-kyu called Paparotti (named for his country bumpkin character’s mispronunciation of Pavarotti), where he plays a gangster who dreams of becoming a classical singer. Because um… why not? The trailer is as utterly ridiculous as the premise sounds, but in a good way. Lee Je-hoon as a gold-chain-wearing, wannabe-tenor gangster is going to be comedy gold.

Han Seok-kyu stars as a washed-up singer who teaches music at a high school while wasting his life away and making everyone around him as miserable as he is. One day a new student transfers to his school, and he’s not exactly your average student, or even just your usual tough guy kid who gets into fights. He’s an actual gangster, and a leader of a gang at that — I love the moment in the trailer when Han Seok-kyu is surrounded by a room full of scary-looking thugs, and as soon as Lee Je-hoon introduces him as Teacher, they all bow at the waist respectfully. Hee.

Lee Je-hoon plays a kid who’s a gifted singer, but chose to be a gangster to feed his family at a young age. He doesn’t want to give up on his dream though, and he’s the one who goes to Teach to beg for classical training. And of course Teach is just the right amount of prickly tyrannical richard simmons to make an impact on this kid who went wrong in all sorts of ways.

And with two actors like Han Seok-kyu and Lee Je-hoon, there’s going to be no shortage of heartstring-tugging underdog triumph. I’m just a sucker for a good high school rebel story, but a comedy version with sing-offs and a big musical finish? Can’t wait. Directing is Yoon Jong-chan (I Am Happy), and co-starring is Kang Sora (Dream High 2), and Oh Dal-soo (The Gift of Room 7). Paparotti hits theaters in March.

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@ChoonHee21 alternative title (translation) for this article>> Paparotti, bringing laughter and inspiring! Chungmuro current trend (Oh Dal-su, Jo Jin-woong, Kang So-ra) gather.
*chungmuro: Center of Korea's movie industry~Hollywood.

#Lee Je Hoon "Paparotti" farewell party (Eng SuB). There's part hardly finding proper translation but I try to not change the context. Feel free to give any comment by mentioning (kirane) or emailing (rainbow.6love@gmail.com) me. Enjoy!

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