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[Movie 2012] Star: Radiant Love 스타: 빛나는 사랑


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Title: 스타: 빛나는 사랑
Translated Title: Star: Radiant Love
Category: Melodrama / Romance
Release Date: October 11, 2012
Duration: 98 minutes
Director: Han Sang Hee (한상희)
Official Website: http://www.star-2012.com/

Synopsis:"The one and only concert is happening for her!"

At a stage in Japan, there is a collaboration between Asian star Romi and Min-jeong the Queen of gayo. A woman who doesn't look like the stage-type looks around the performance hall and goes into Romi's waiting room. Min-jeong's friend who studied fashion and design in America returns in 15 years doesn't recognize the star Romi and asks for Min-jeong's waiting room. Romi feels attracted to her but Ara only thinks about Muse. Scandal maker Susie appears between them and plots something big for her comeback...

Hwanhee (환희) as Romi (로미)
Kim Soo Yeon (김수연) as Ara (아라)
Kang Yo Hwan (강요환) as Muse (뮤즈)
Song Jae Hee (송재희) as Jae Hyun (재현)
Choo So Young (추소영) as Susie (수지)
Kang Hae In (강해인) as Min Jeong (민정)
Links:- Movie Trailer- Original Soundtrack (Tracklist & Preview)- Original Soundtrack (Scans)- Official BTS Photos- Official Music Videos: YT Link 1, YT Link 2, DL 1- Official Music Videos [All] (English Subbed) 
sources: 1, 2, 3

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Movie Trailer

Original Soundtrack (JPN Ver.) [Tracklist]hyousi.pngRelease: August 27, 2012

01. You Know My Heart / 환희 (Hwanhee)
02. 마법 속으로 (Inside Magic) / 강요환 (Kang Yo Hwan)
03. 다시 시작된 사랑 (Love That Starts Again) / 강요환 (Kang Yo Hwan)
04. 가버려하면 (If You Leave) / 환희 (Hwanhee)
05. 눈물이나요 (Tears are Forming) / 강요환 (Kang Yo Hwan)
06. Take It No More / 환희 (Hwanhee)
07. All at Once / 강요환 (Kang Yo Hwan)
08. 프로포즈 (Propose) / 환희, 강요환 (Hwanhee & Kang Yo Hwan)
09. 프로포즈 (Propose) -Japanese ver- / 강요환 (Kang Yo Hwan)
10. You Know My Heart -inst. ver-
11. 마법 속으로 (Inside Magic) -inst. ver-
12. 다시 시작된 사랑 (Love That Starts Again) -inst. ver-
13. 가버려하면 (If You Leave) -inst. ver-
14. 눈물이나요 (Tears are Forming) -inst. ver-
15. Take It No More -inst. ver-
16. All at Once -inst. ver-
17. 프로포즈 (Propose) -inst. ver-

Original Soundtrack (KRN Ver.) [Tracklist]stralos1012.jpgRelease: October 12, 2012

01. 너뿐인걸 (There's Only You) / 환희 (Hwanhee)
02. 프로포즈 (Propose) / 환희, 강요환 (Hwanhee & Kang Yo Hwan)
03. 마법속으로 (Inside Magic) / 강요환 (Kang Yo Hwan)
04. 가버리라고 (Go Away) / 환희 (Hwanhee)
05. All at Once / 강요환 (Kang Yo Hwan)
06. Take It No More / 환희 (Hwanhee)
07. 눈물이나 (Tears are Forming) / 강요환 (Kang Yo Hwan)
08. 다시 시작된 사랑 (Love That Starts Again) / 강요환 (Kang Yo Hwan)
09. 새로운 시작 (A New Beginning)
우정 (Friendship)
11. Love Theme 로미와 아라 (Romi and Ara)
12. Can't Stop the Sunrise
13. 스타 (Star)
14. 파파라치 (Paparazzi)
15. 로미의 분노 (Romi's Anger)
16. 일식집에서 (At a Japanese Restaurant)
17. 밀실의 거래 (Closet of Deals)

Original Soundtrack (JPN Ver.) [Album Preview]
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Here are some old articles regarding the movie from September:
Articles (September)• [2012.09.06] Article on The Movie, 'STAR'• [2012.09.24] Article on The OST of Movie, 'STAR'• [2012.09.26] Even though enlisted, Hwanhee Overseas Fans Donate 1500kg Rice on STAR Screening• [2012.09.28] Brian shows support for Hwanhee on his movie ‘Star’

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