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❤ Ji Sung ❤ 지성 [Upcoming drama : devil judge]

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this site has 37 photos of the hong kong fansmeet. too tiring to post one by one in here.  can go to the below link to see it.  http://slide.ent.sina.com.cn/tv/k/slide_4_704_110140.html#p=1 leaving

​ I don´t really get it!!!! But seems like he is okay with it - who needs an award when a Girl is coming the next time - and - he still is the Winner of so many Hearts - he just felt that for sure whe

YAY!!! someone uploaded the whole fansmeeting.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Htg2x4cHVU cr: youtube uploader

“She Was Pretty” Park Seo Joon and “Kill Me Heal Me” Ji Sung Are Lovers in Fan-Made Parody Video


“She Was Pretty” Park Seo Joon and “Kill Me Heal Me” Ji Sung Are Lovers in Fan-Made Parody Video


A talented fan has created a parody video pairing Park Seo Joon and Ji Sung together, and it’s fantastic.

The title is “Yo Na Was Pretty,” referring to Ji Sung’s character Yo Na in “Kill Me Heal Me,” who is paired with Ji Sung Joon (Park Seo Joon) from “She Was Pretty.”

The story unfolds as Yo Na is in a one-sided love with Ji Sung Joon, and she does everything she can to catch his attention. Sadly, he is not very interested in her yet.

As time goes by, Ji Sung Joon starts to become more interested in Yo Na but tells her to disappear, which she obeys.

One day, Ji Sung Joon attends an inaugural ceremony for a new vice-president of his magazine. That’s when Yo Na appears in front of him again, but this time looking a bit different than before.

Yo Na says, “I am vice-president Cha Do Hyun,” and the video ends with Ji Sung Joon looking surprised.

Watch the parody video below!



Many people who saw this video are complimenting the editor for his/her amazing talent. This YouTube user, Rapha Art, has created many other videos that are also worth watching.


Source (1) / soompi news

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15 Photos of Korean celebrity couples wearing hanbok for their weddings




With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving the Korean way with the DramaFever family and immediately thought of hanbok. Hanbok is a beautiful traditional Korean garment, often made with fine fabrics like silk and in subtle yet beautiful colors, as you can see in Suzy's new photos for 1st Look.


Koreans wear hanbok during holidays (Thanksgiving and New Years) and weddings. Many Korean couples hold Korean-style wedding ceremonies wearing hanbok in addition to the ubiquitous ceremony in white dresses and suits. If they don't have a Korean-style ceremony, they at least want to take wedding photos wearing hanbok.

Korean celebrity couples are no exceptions. Take a look at 15 Korean celebrity couples wearing hanbok in wedding photos below!


(skipped unrelated.....)


The actor couple Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung met on the set of the 2004 drama Save The Last Dance for Me, dated for seven years, and married in 2013. In July, they welcomed a baby daughter into their lives. Check out more photos of the couple here.


Would you have a Korean-style wedding wearing hanbok?


source : dramafever

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18 Sexy and shirtless Korean hunks to be thankful for this Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful...for hot Korean men!

Whether you spend your Thanksgiving eating delicious food with friends and family or feeding your heart by watching hours and hours of Korean dramas, I'm certain we all can agree that the sexy men of Dramaland are something to be thankful for this holiday season! From So Ji Sub to Kim Woo Bin, there is a hot Korean man out there to melt all our hearts!

Scroll through and check out these sexy, shirtless Korean men who will help to make your holiday a little brighter! There is so much to be thankful for with these gorgeous gods in the world!


(skipped unrelated.....)


13. Ji Sung


See Ji Sung in Kill Me Heal Me


source : dramafever

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I have just watched KMHL and Ji sung totally nailed the role. He is so good in it. I think he should be lauded for his solid performance and I am so disappointed that he has been bypassed so many times for winning an award for this role.

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Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum crowned Daum Best Chemistry Couple

November 24, 2015 | News

Over 220000 people participated in a week long voting held by Daum to crown this year’s Best Chemistry Couple. Out of 10 nominated OTPs, Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum‘s electrifying chemistry in Kill Me Heal Me received a whopping 126909 votes (57% votes), making them the winner of Daum 2015 Best Chemistry Couple.

photo 3f225ce0-3964-4716-a786-855e2e9976b5_zpsyf8hsnu1.jpg  photo 30544277-ed24-430d-9880-68eb615b8a2a_zpsmubyjcnt.jpg

They received cute huge plush toys and gave separate short interviews discussing about their chemistry, their co-star and their projects. Hwang Jung Eum recently wrapped up She Was Pretty while Ji Sung is currently preparing for his first solo concert to be held on 5th December ’15.

Congratulations Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum, hopefully they will also receive Best Couple award at MBC Drama Awards next month.






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Ji Seong shows tears during his concert, "I used to have only one fan"




Actor Ji Seong's concert was successful.

Ji Seong held his concert 'Remember the time we promised~ 2015 Ji Seong Concert' at Samsung Card Blue Square.

This concert, which was organized to communicate with his fans, was carried out with a live music band. The audience went wild while Ji Seong sang over 10 songs including his original sound track and other songs requested from his fans.

When he sang a song by ABBA, which was the first pop song that was introduced to him when he was little, he became overwhelmed with emotions. He said, "When I appeared in my debut drama, "KAIST", I had only one fan. The person asked me for an autograph, I didn't have my own autograph at the time. I couldn't even imagine then I'd be holding a concert in front of so many fans like this". He cried hot tears.

Ji Seong's agency said, "Although we did a concert in Japan, it's not familiar for an actor to have a concert like this in Korea. So it wasn't easy. He chose singing as a way to communicate with his fans outside acting. It was a venue for him to show his true heart towards his fans and share his life story" and "When he jumped into the audience, staff members of our agency stood up startled. Thanks to the great reaction and good manner from the audience, the concert could end successfully".

Ji Seong brought the 'Kill Me, Heal Me' character with the seven different personality to life perfectly. He is now a strong favorite candidate for the Grand Prize winner of the upcoming year end awards. He also has been offered many roles from various projects and is selecting an offer carefully.


Source : www.tvreport.co.kr/?c...

Translation : Hancinema

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MBC Selects 11 Best Photos From Its 2015 Dramas

Photographer Kim Dong Hwan takes photos on the set the of drama filmings for MBC. He shares his selection of what he thinks are the best photos from MBC dramas this year, both as stills from the actual scene in the dramas and others he took while hanging out around the actors on the scene.

1. Ji Sung as Ahn Yo Na in “Kill Me, Heal Me

“This is my favorite photo.”



(skipped unrelated.....)


Source (1) (2) / soompi news




MBC Drama Awards 2015 Nominees List




MBC Drama Awards 2015 nominees for the 2015/12/30 ceremony presented by Sin Dong-yup and Lee Seong-kyeong

Please note that your vote on HanCinema is not taken into account by MBC

To vote on MBC, you have to go to this page :

You can sign up here (mostly in Korean) :



Best Drama

"She Was Pretty"
"My Daughter, Geum Sa-Wol"
"Make a Woman Cry"
"The Legendary Witch"
"Kill Me, Heal Me"




Best Couple

Park Seo-joon & Hwang Jeong-eum for "She Was Pretty"

Yoon Hyeon-min & Baek Jin-hee for "My Daughter, Geum Sa-Wol"

Yoo Yeon-seok & Kang So-ra for "Warm and Cozy"

Lee Joon-ki & Lee Yoo-bi for "Scholar Who Walks the Night"

Jang Hyeok & Oh Yeon-seo for "Shine or Go Crazy"

Ji Soo & Kim Hee-seon for "Angry Mom"

Park Yeong-gyoo & Cha Hwa-yeon for "Mom"

Lee Jong-hyuk & Kim Seong-ryeong for "The Queen's Flower"

Yoon Park & Lee Seong-kyeong for "The Queen's Flower"

Song Chang-ee & Kim Jeong-eun for "Make a Woman Cry"

Ji Seong & Hwang Jeong-eum for "Kill Me, Heal Me"

Park Seo-joon & Ji Seong (Yona) for "Kill Me, Heal Me"




Best Actor

Park Seo-joon
Seo Kang-joon
Song Chang-ee
Yoo Yeon-seok
Yoon Park
Yoon Hyeon-min
Lee Jong-hyuk
Lee Joon-ki
Jang Hyeok
Joo Sang-wook
Ji Seong
Ji Hyeon-woo
Cha Seung-won
Choi Si-won


Source : www.imbc.com/broad/tv...

Translation : Hancinema



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