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[drama 2004] Sweet 18 낭랑 18세

Guest shred

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Guest lanisn

Wow, that's so cool they fell in love...

Here are some pics I saved before soompi went down...credit to whoever captured/took them...





And here's a wallpaper from the official site...


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Episode 1 - mms://vodt.kbs.co.kr/vod/2tv/dra_rangrang/040119-1.asf

Episode 2 - mms://vodt.kbs.co.kr/vod/2tv/dra_rangrang/040119-2.asf

Episode 3 - mms://vodt.kbs.co.kr/vod/2tv/dra_rangrang/040126-1.asf

Episode 4 - mms://vodt.kbs.co.kr/vod/2tv/dra_rangrang/040127-1.asf

Episode 5 - mms://vodt.kbs.co.kr/vod/2tv/dra_rangrang/040202.asf

Episode 6 - mms://vodt.kbs.co.kr/vod/2tv/dra_rangrang/040203.asf

Epsidoe 7 - mms://vodt.kbs.co.kr/vod/2tv/dra_rangrang/040209.asf

Episode 8 - mms://vodt.kbs.co.kr/vod/2tv/dra_rangrang/040210.asf

Episode 9 - mms://vodt.kbs.co.kr/vod/2tv/dra_rangrang/040216.asf

Episode 10 - mms://vodt.kbs.co.kr/vod/2tv/dra_rangrang/040217.asf

Episode 11 - mms://vodt.kbs.co.kr/vod/2tv/dra_rangrang/040223.asf

Episode 12 - mms://vodt.kbs.co.kr/vod/2tv/dra_rangrang/040224.asf

Episode 13 - mms://vodt.kbs.co.kr/vod/2tv/dra_rangrang/040301.asf

Episode 14 - mms://vodt.kbs.co.kr/vod/2tv/dra_rangrang/040302.asf

Episode 15 - mms://vodt.kbs.co.kr/vod/2tv/dra_rangrang/040308.asf%20

Episode 16 - mms://vodt.kbs.co.kr/vod/2tv/dra_rangrang/040309.asf

Music Video - mms://

these clips can be downloaded using SDP, HiNet & Flashget.

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thanks for sharing but the links don't work

hi dlover! sorry i made a boo boo. most of them are mms links and can be downloaded using HiNet, Flashget & SDP. thanks for bringing this to my attention. :D

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Thanks to Rainfever for uploading this article back in July of 2005.

I thought I would share.They are one of my favorite couples and I hope they stay together.


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this is my first drama i bought without hesitation. no regrets cuz i simply love it. funny, sweet and moving.

also it has one of the best onscreen couples. great chemistry! :D

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Guest sonickim

hey.... hello!!! all HJH and LDG fanatics....

its one of the first few drama/series i saw and that i cant wait to finished.... asap!!

so sweet and fun.... lovely couple...

a feel good series i still want to find time to rewatched ....

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