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[Taiwanese Drama 2012] Fondant Garden 翻糖花園


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Guest snowbunniee

surprisingly pretty good so far =D maybe because the actors seem to have

chemistry because a lot of the dramas with foreign actors and dubbed feels weird...

but i like this one =D

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Guest yolili

Torrent Link E08 (RMVB):

*quoted image*

I know you get this a lot, but THANK YOU semi-fly for kindly leaving links for torrents! :)

Just watched Ep 9...Park Jung Min is slowly but surely making me his fan! He's SO cute & acts well, perhaps I should re-phrase that as he's acting himself ie. care-free & a bundle of energy :-) His theme song for the drama is nice & his mandarin there is quite good...much better than my spoken mandarin :)

Ai Lin? Didn't like her on 1st sight & don't see myself liking her till the end, haha. Han Xiang is pitiful...but he made the decision to let go & he'll have to live with that.

The thing that still bugs me is during Ep 4 at a scene where the whole staff were gathered to discuss about Xi Huan, the spiky haired waiter had jumped up & called Mi En to her face in FRONT of Han Xiang...but somehow he didn't hear that. Maybe the post-production guys didn't notice/realise it & left it as is...otherwise this drama is for keeps! :)

It's agony waiting patiently for Fridays tho....

Hope the drama & this thread will get more supporters! :)

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This series is addicting. I really don't like what Ai Lin did to Mi En, she's so selfish. I really don't like Ai Lin's mom, she's annoying. I feel kind of bad for Han Xiang but he made the choice in the end and he may be miserable for making that decision. But who knows, maybe in the end Han Xiang will end up liking Ai Lin. I have to say that Kingone is good at acting mean; his mean face can be scary. lol

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Even though it is late but I just started watching this drama. Yes, I'm a fan of the female lead. I like the chemistry between these four main characters especially between Mi En- Han Xiang and Mi En- Jun Min character ( forget the name already). It hs been such a long time since I find a Taiwanese drama entertaining and watchable. Sometimes, I don't really like Mi En's mom but she is such a comic relief that I can't help but lol so many times during the drama.

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