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​Sorry i don t have idea about what they might doing in that woods, probably just filming for MV LOL          

SUBBED   SUHO w/ Others for COSMOPOLITAN   SMTOWN Vyrl update - EXO 'Sing For You' MV Behind the Scenes  

  • AlexandraReid changed the title to THE OFFICIAL EXO "엑소" THREAD ll #KIMJUNCOTTONDAY

[Naver/Theqoo] Baekhyun uploads the second vlog as a surprised gift for 1 million subscribers 





Naver: Baekhyun, his individual channel has reached 1 million subscribers within two days only… “I will work harder” and surprised gift

[+120] He is so cute. His hair is fluffy.

[+114] He reached 1 million subscribers within 2 days only with a 1-minute-44-second video and without any promotion from his company… Isn’t he so amazing?

[+78] Baekhyun who always works hard and does well! let’s walk on a diamond path only.

[+58] Looking at how Baekhyun eats banana and chicken breast sausage, he is really working hard on dieting.

[+55] You are such a cutie, Baekhyun-ah!

[+14] Isn’t it scary when a genius even works hard? Our Baekhyun is like that.

[+11] The captions are so cute and Baekhyun’s action is so cute that I would die. He is so cute, baby-ah

[+9] As expected of Baekhyun. He is so cool.

[+5] Baekhyun is a huge super star ㅠㅠㅠㅠ he is the best.

Theqoo: Baekhyun uploaded the second vlog to celebrate his 1 million subscribers (exercise/pink slippers/eating show of diet food/so hungry)

- His neck is pretty long.

- The last scene is cute.

- We know everything he will do just by looking at the title.

- He is so cute and handsome.

- The title is so tmi.

- He looks like a puppy when he looked tired.

- The title is already funny. He is so cute.

Theqoo: Baekhyun’s second vlog as a surprised gift for 1 million subscribers

- Woah he already has 1 million subscribers?

- What is Baekhyun’s car? Someone please tell me. It looks so good. He is handsome anyway.
> I heard it is Audi R something. I can’t remember

- He is cute when he exercises.

- He already looks that skinny but still has go on diet.

- He is cute and the vlog is fun.

- Good editing ㅋㅋㅋ It is fun.

- Byun Baekhyun is pretty, cute and cool. He is everything.

- He is freaking cute ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ he is both heartwarming and cute.

- He is so cute when he was eating.

- Does he edit the video himself?

Theqoo: Baekhyun reaches 1 million subscribers in 2 days "I will work harder" and a surprising present 

- 1 million subscribers in 2 days... he is really so popular.

- Baekhyun has been an idol for 8 years. You can't compare him to ordinary people.

- He has been working hard for 7 years though.

- It isn't about him as a celebrity but he has a big fandom to reach that large amount of subscribers.

- Even not many celebrities can reach that amount like that and its not that Baekhyun is just popular without working hard.

- Ordinary youtubers also have to work hard for around 7-8 years to build their names and reach 1 million subscribers. Baekhyun is just the same.

- His workout video is fun. His is the cutest among workout videos I have watched.

- He got all the subtitles in every language.

- His vlogs are fun.

- His videos are fun. I feel like there are all killing points since the beginning to the end

- There are lots of celebrities who do vlogs recently but I can't see anyone has reached 1 million subscribers in 2 days. Baekhyun can do that because he is Baekhyun, not because he's a celebrity





Instiz: Baekhyun has reached 1 million subscribers in YouTube 

OP: It’s been only 2 days since he opened his YouTube channel but he already reached 1 million. And he even just uploaded one video with 1 minute long. 

- His vlog brings the real beginner feeling and it’s cute.

- He’s huge super star Baek.

- Congratulations Baekhyun!

- Baekhyun is the best.

- It’s for real that his vlog gives the beginner feeling so it is cute.

- Please subscribe to YouTube beginner Baekhyun!!

- As expected of Baekhyun. As soon as he came to YouTube, he shows us he is a super star.

c: Knets-On-Baekhyun

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  • AlexandraReid changed the title to THE OFFICIAL EXO "엑소" THREAD

190604 必胜客中国 (Pizza Hut China) Weibo Update with #LAY







190604 cafe_singsong Instagram Update with #SUHO





TRANS  | 190604 #SUHO Instagram Update: "Hyun Moo hyung who didn't forget and kept his promise to gift me a vacumm cleaner as a birthday present. I'll use it well. Thank you  #.stagek"

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  • AlexandraReid changed the title to THE OFFICIAL EXO "엑소" THREAD ll #EXO_SC #WhatALife

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