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[Drama 2011] Flower Boys Ramyun Shop 꽃미남 라면가게


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[tvN] Jung Il Woo, Lee Cheong Ah, Lee Ki Woo, Ho Soo FLOWER BOYS RAMYUN SHOP



# Title: Flower Boys Ramyun Shop
# Korean title: 꽃미남 라면가게
# Genre: Romantic Comedy
# Director: Jung Jung Hwa (정정화)
# Screenwriter: Yoon Nan Joong (윤난중)
# Production Company: CJ E&M
# Broadcast network: tvN
# Episodes: 16
# Broadcast period: 31 Oct 2011 - 20 Dec 2011
# Air time: Monday & Tuesday 23:10 KST
# Official Website: http://tvn.lifestyle...drama/handsome/


This romantic comedy deals with "pretty boys," who with good looks and individuality, operate a ramen shop with lively college girls and experience the happenings of daily life. -- Han Cinema

Cha Chi-Soo (Jung Il-Woo) is the only son for a family that owns Korea's largest food conglomerate named Chasung. Chi-Soo comes back from New York without telling his father. He looks for a place that his father would not know about, but it isn't easy to hide from his dad. Chi-Soo hears that one of his friends works a part-time job in the Norangjin area. When he arrives there he is followed by people who works for his father. Chi-Soo rushes into the restroom, but in there is Yang Eun-Bi (Lee Chung-Ah). Eventually, Chi-Soo goes home to talk with his father. He persuades his father not to send him back to America and in return Chi-Soo promises to go back to school.

Yang Eun-Bi (Lee Chung-Ah) is 25-years-old and a senior in college studying physical education. She believes that teaching is the best type of job to have. You don't have to worry about getting fired and it's popular with guys. To become a teacher Yang Eun-Bi studies for the teacher certification examination in the Norangjin area. One day, she stops by to see a fortune teller (Kim Hye-Soo). While getting her fortune read she picks out a card with the fate bell ring and kissing. Meanwhile, she goes to the restroom and suddenly Chi-Soo rushes into the restroom. Eun-Bi hears bells ringing, but she already has a boyfriend who is about to be discharged from the army. They met the day before he joined the army and she has waited for him faithfully for 2 years. Yang Eun-Bi tries not to think about the man she met in the restroom.

On the day of her boyfriend's discharge, Eun-Bi goes to see him, but he has already left. The next day, Eun-Bi goes to school. At the university festival that is occurring that day Eun-Bi sees the guy from the bathroom at the festival. Eun-Bi assumes Chi-Soo is a student at her university. Suddenly, Eun-Bi also sees her boyfriend and one of her schoolmates together. Eun-Bi becomes enraged and throws a water ballon at them. Eun-Bi then walks away and gets into a car which Chi-Soo is in. She pleads with him to drive. After driving away, Chi-Soo parks his car and Eun-Bi begins to cry. Chi-Soo tells her that he doesn't like women crying and lets her get out of his car.

Eun-Bi decides to focus on becoming a teacher and meeting a good guy. On the way to a teaching session at a high school run by food company Chasung, she meets Chi-Soo again. Eun-Bi assumes Chi-Soo works for the company. She then almost falls down in front of a passing car when Chi-Soo saves her. Eun-Bi, believing he might be the good guy in her future, asks Chi-Soo to date her. Then Eun-Bi sees a bunch of guys wearing the same uniform as Chi-Soo and realizes he is a high school student at the same school where she will intern as a teacher -- Credit: AsianMediaWiki




Cha Chi-Soo is a second generation chaebol heir to a food product company. He then becomes involved in running a ramen shop with other beautiful men and a woman. Chi-soo used to making women’s hearts flutter, but it’s a noona (6 years his senior), Eun-bi, who grabs his attention;  with her character described as an easygoing physical education teacher-in-training.



Yang Eun Bi is a 25-year-old university student who’s preparing for the civil service exam. She's a former volleyball player and current gym class student teacher at Cha Sung high school. Somehow, she ends up running a ramyun shop alongside her high-school-chaebol; Cha Chi Soo, falls into a love triangle with him and a talented chef; Choi Kang Hyuk, and manages the staff of ChaSung high school pretty boys.



Choi Kang Hyuk is a 27-year-old genius chef. He's working in a ramyun shop along with some staff of ChaSung high school pretty boys. He's the shop's top chef. He's involved in a love triangle with Chi Soo and Eun Bi. He is the fun-loving, awesome, bound-to-be husband of Yang Eun Bi. Eun Bi's father asked him to take care of EunBi & the ramyun shop.


Ramyun Shop Member


* PARK MIN WOO as KIM BA WOOL- Ramyun Shop's Staff Leader (19)


* JO YOON WOO as WOO HYUN WOO - Cha Chi Soo's best friend (19)

Cha Chi Soo's family and relations


JOO HYUN as CHA WOOK HYUN (Cha Chi Soo's father a.k.a President Cha)


HO SOO as YOON SO YI - Dating Chi Soo & Ba Wool (19)

Yang Eun Bi's family and relations


JUNG IN KI as YANG CHEOL DONG (Yang Eun Bi's father)


KIM YE WON as KANG DONG JOO - Yang Eun Bi's friend (25)


DONG KYU as SEO KKO CHI - Sports Teacher in Cha Sung high school

'Flower' students - Cha Chi Soo's high school friends


1. DO SANG WOO as DO HYUN (19)




* Twitvid: Flower Boys of Ramyun Shop #official trailer / Youtube:

















* The Making of F5 Boys with Crazy Chicken Kim Ba Wool

* Jung Ilwoo talks about FBoRS on interview with The Star








* Flower Boys Ramyun Shop BTS & NG - part 3 [Eng Sub] credit: aisling_ -the video; QueenBee1-the translation


[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]


* Jung Il-woo’s new drama Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
* Jung Il Woo Main Character of “Flower Boys of the Ramen Shop”
* Lee Ki-woo to star in "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" after army
* The Ladies of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
* Lee Chung-ah at Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’s teaser shoot
* Jeong Il-woo prepares to open "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop"
* Pictures from First Filming of Flower Boys of The Ramen Shop
* Jung Il Woo shoots a TV series in Noryangjin
* Jung Il Woo Practices His Lines in a Sports Car, “Baller”
* "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" Releases Teasers
* Flower Boy Ramyun Shop posters
* Jung Il Woo transforms into a beggar
* Jung Il Woo back-hugs Lee Chung Ah and arouses female staffs’ jealousy
* Jung Il Woo on me2day - "Many People Are Still Unaware of My Drama"
* Jeong Il-woo shows love for sports cars
* Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’s press conference
* Jung Il Woo With “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” Cast Feels Short at 183cm
* ‘Pretty Boy’s Ramen Store’ got off a good start with its first episode.
* Flower Boy Ramyun Shop scores high ratings
* Jung Il Woo decorates Cha Chi Soo’s house
* Jung Il Woo looks great in school uniform
* tvN’s new series Hotties’ Ramen: Lee Gi Woo transforms into a genius chef
* Jung Il Woo pulls Lee Cheong Ah by her waist
* Pretty-Boy’s Ramen Restaurant’ ranks first in audience ratings
* Jung Il Woo releases pictures of his abs
* In Cool Guys, Hot Ramen, Cha Chi Soo becomes a “pretty” cleaning man
* "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" Lee Cheong-ah and Lee Ki-woo
* Will Lee Cheong Ah and lee Ki Woo Kiss Each Other?
* Meet the new F4, ‘Cool Guys, Hot Ramen’ captivates women’s hearts
* Il Woo Jung turned into ‘Pretty Cleaning Man’. When would he stop being ‘Pretty Boy’ character?
* Jeong II-woo, how does he maintain his complexion?
* Jung Il Woo uses hand warmers to protect his skin
* “Cool Guys, Hot Ramen,” Jung Il Woo and Lee Ki Woo become romanticists
* Jung Il-woo sings a track for for Ramyun Shop OST
* Lee Cheong Ah and Jung Il Woo turns into a lovebird couple in Flower Boy Ramen Shop
* Jung Il Woo helps write lyrics for an original sound track
* Flower Boy Ramen Shop’s Jung Il Woo says, “I get so attracted to a woman focusing on her work” (Interview)
* Jung Il Woo creates a stir with his singing ability
* Flower Boy Ramen Shop’s Lee Ki Woo hosts a cooking show
* The four hot guys in Flower Boy Ramen Shop
* Lee Ki Woo seduces Lee Cheong Ah
* Gong Hyo Jin and Jung Il Woo on Set of ′Cool Guys, Hot Ramen′
* Jung Il Woo and Lee Chung Ah’s one minute passionate kiss
* Gong Hyo Jin Reveals Friendship with Jung Il Woo
* Jung Il Woo, From Pretty Boy to Earnest Actor
* Jung Il Woo’s Photo from the Set of His Drama Released
* C-REAL participates in new OST for ‘Flower Boy Ramen Shop’
* ‘Cool Guys, Hot Ramen’ Will Not Be Extended
* "Flower Boy" Lee Ki-woo "Our whole base was a fan of Sistar"
* Jung Il Woo’s A Person Like You Official MV – Chisoo’s Story
* Story – Shayne Orok (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop OST Part 5)
* Jung Il Woo prepares a special event to thank the fans
* Jung Il Woo plans a special fan event for last episode of ‘Flower Boy Ramen Shop’
* Jung Il Woo's "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop" Event Sells Out
* Jung Il Woo and Antennae
* "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop's" Jung Il Woo Delights Fans with Adorable Hairstyle
* Jung Il Woo in Gorgeous Fashion Even When Runaway from Home
* Still cuts of F4 in Flower Boys Ramyun Shop are revealed
* From candy kiss to foam, gum and kimchi kiss
* Jung Il Woo Is Not a Innate Actor But Put In Efforts
* Jung Il Woo Will Sacrifice Everything for Girlfriend
* Love Line of Lee Chung Ah and Jung Il Woo or Lee Ki Woo Drew Curiosity
* Flower Boys Ramyun Shop has been downloaded more than 2million times abroad!
* Lee Chung Ah Reveals Flower Boy Ramen Shop Ending – Yang Eun Bi 2 Years Later
* Jung Il Woo and Lee Chung Ah transform into medieval prince and princess
* Jeong Il-woo "I won't ever be able to forget "Flower Boy Ramyun Shop"
* Will ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’ have a second season?
* “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’s” Jung Il Woo Reveals Final Thoughts + Possible Season 2?
* Curiosity Mounts For How ‘Cool Guys, Hot Ramen’ Ends
* Jung Il Woo Views ‘Cool Guys, Hot Ramen’ Finale With 500 Fans
* Lee Chung Ah Says Goodbye to ‘Cool Guys, Hot Ramen’
* Jung Il Woo watches final ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’ with his fans
* Flower Boy Ramen Shop OST CD2 Full Album Released
* ‘Cool Guys, Hot Ramen’ to be Turned into a Novel
* ‘Cool Guys, Hot Ramen’ Turns into Web Cartoon


Part 1.
1. Happy - Yuria (DNPD) --> Mp3 link: MEDIAFIRE
2. Sun - Francis (DNPD) --> Mp3 link: MEDIAFIRE
3. Happy (Inst.)-Various Artists
4. Sun (Inst.) -Various Artists

Part 2.
1. 사랑에 빠졌나봐 (I'm In Love) - Yuria (DNPD) --> Mp3 link: MEDIFIRE
2.  러빙러빙 (Loving Loving) - Yoon Sae Ha --> Mp3 link: MEDIAFIRE

Part 3.
1. 너란 사람 (Someone Like You) - Jung Ilwoo (정일우) --> Mp3 link: MEDIAFIRE

Part 4.
1. 말론 (Not with Words) - C-REAL (씨리얼) --> Mp3 link: MEDIAFIRE

Part 5.
1. 이야기 (Story) - Shayne Orok (셰인) --> Mp3 link: MEDIAFIRE or 4SHARED

Flower Boys Ramyun Shop OST Full Album Part 1
1. 너란 사람 (Someone Like You) – 정일우 (Jung Ilwoo)
2. Happy – DNPD(유리아)
3. 사랑에 빠졌나봐 (I'm In Love) – DNPD(유리아)
4. SUN – DNPD(프랜시스)
5. 러빙러빙 (Loving Loving) – 윤새하 (Yoon Sae Ha)
6. Ska? Ska? Polka!
7. 환웅의 귀환
8. 가슴이 보골보골
9. 천하무적 양은비
10. 아빠와 은비 (Dad & Eunbi)

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (꽃미남 라면가게) OST Full Album Part 2
1. With Words (말론) – C-Real (씨리얼)
2. Story (이야기) – Shayne (셰인)
3. Flower Boy Chef (꽃미남 요리사)
4. Love Is
5. So Crazy!! (어이상실!!)
6. Flower Boy Appearance (꽃미남 등장)
7. New Start (새로운 출발)

Flower Boys Ramyun Shop OST Full Album --> MEDIAFIRE


AGB NIELSEN for Cable TV Ratings
Episode 1 -- 1.19%
Episode 2 -- 1.45%
Episode 3 -- 2.07%
Episode 4 -- 2.85%
Episode 5 -- Average 2.26% Peak 2.80%
Episode 6 -- Average 2.628% Peak 3.22%
Episode 7 -- Average 2.84% Peak 3.6%
Episode 8 -- Average 2.5% Peak 3.00%
Episode 9 -- Average 2.93% Peak 3.20%
Episode 10 -- Average 2.4% Peak 2.94%
Episode 11 -- Average 2.54% Peak 2.83%
Episode 12 -- Average 2.72% Peak 3.26%
Episode 13 -- Average 2.06% Peak 2.32%
Episode 14 -- Average 2% Peak 2.4%
Episode 15 -- Average 2.3 % Peak 2.85%
Episode 16 -- Average 2.84 % Peak 3.54 %

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thanks ilwoo_aein for creating this thread. Hope, this thread will be

 a warm and participative place while we waiting for the drama.

And I wish this drama acquire a great success. :rolleyes:

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Welcome to all visitors of "Flower Boys of Ramyun Shop" thread :)

Sharing more pics of Ilwoo from the set of "Flower Boys of Ramyun Shop"




source: dc


Jung Il Woo shoots a TV series in Noryangjin


Jung Il Woo recently shot a running fight scene for tvN’s Monday-Tuesday series Pretty-boy’s Ramen Restaurant, which will start airing on the 31st.

Many people came to the location to see Jung. They couldn’t take their eyes off Jung, who was in the middle of shooting a running fight with body guards.

Before Jung shoot the scene, he prepared a lot with the director to make the scene perfect. Jung even carried a steady cam on his body to make the scene more realistic. The entire crew praised him, saying, “Even though the weather was hot and the steady cam was heavy, he ran very well. Thanks to Jung, we made a very vivid running fight scene.”


People who saw Jung shooting the scene responded: “He is so handsome in real life.” “I can’t believe I really saw Jung acting. He is amazing even when he is running.” “I can’t wait to see the series.”

The series will start airing on October 31 at 11:00 p.m.

Source: Star Daily News

by dkrogers / Korea.com

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Guest moony8705

OMG! I've been looking for this thread forever! I'm excited for this drama!

The teasers look really cute... and so do the Flower Boys! :lol:

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