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  1. Hello guys.. I might have to say that Shaving kisses are so intimate, so much tenderness yet so hot... Are we expecting kisses every Ep?? Gosh these 2 would give me Diabetes . They show the reality of Dating even though we know its only acting to the point Ive watched the shaving scene countless times already..
  2. Wondering whats the next tradformation is? I would love to see DSJ taking care a baby or young girl HSG. Hahahhaha, want to see his Daddy’s soft side although we saw a how he handled a teenage dad with flying colors.
  3. Hello, Gang Beauties... Im so lost, dont know where to watch it now. I really enjoyed the show so much, ohh heck im hooked. After what happend to DF. Im so lost, i really savored every bit of the show from the undeniable chemistry of the OTP, support characters, ost and the productions, plot line and more. Im not sure what will happen next week, kinda dampen my intense excitement.
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