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[Drama 2011] [2011-12-07] Fermentation Family 발효가족


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[jTBC] Song Il-Kook, Park Jin-Hee


Set within the famous Korean restaurant Chunjiin, known especially for their kimchi dish.  Two daughters (Park Jin-Hee, Lee Min-Young) who get ownership of their  father's  restaurant, and a rough and tumble gangster (Song Il-Kook), who grew up as an orphan, begins to work at the restaurant and sets about looking for a piece of his past. Together with the other restaurant employees, long-time customers and a growing circle of friends, they work towards their individual goals while finding warmth and family through their sharing of food and support of each other.


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EPDrama - Kimchi Family

WITHS2 Soft Subs - Fermentation Family

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E01 (ONE / 720p & NANUM / 720p & SHINs / 480p & WITH)

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E04 (ONE / 720p & SHINs / 480p)

E05 (ONE / 720p & SHINs / 480p & Spider / 720p)

E06 (SHINs / 480p & Spider / 720p)

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E11 (AVC1.iM / 720p & Khai)

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E13 (Khai & Spider / 720p & XPact / 450p)

E14 (Khai & Spider / 720p)

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E16 (Khai & Spider / 720p)

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E18 (Spider / 720p)

E19 (Khai & Spider / 720p)

E20 (Khai & Spider / 720p)

E21 (Khai & Spider / 720p)

E22 (Khai & Spider / 720p)

E23 (Khai & Spider / 720p)

E24 End {FINALE} (Spider / 720p)


6786565567_8a6b592c96_t.jpg  OST 1 - Foolish Love by J-Cera.  Watch in YouTube  YouTube with E-Subs  

6786556343_3fc3e9de54_t.jpg  OST 2 - The Words on My Lips by Heo Yeong-saeng.  Watch in YouTube  YouTube with E-Subs  

6786556487_78178f0bc7_t.jpg  OST 3 - Fear of Love by FIX.  Watch in  YouTube1  YouTube2 with E-Subs

6867960473_a14562e5ce_t.jpgOST 4 - Beautiful Memories by Park Seon Jo.  Watch in YouTube 

6926489727_894a74af4f_t.jpg  OST 5 - Cheonjiin - Heaven Earth and Man by Park Seon Jo.  Watch in YouTube


01 이깟 사랑 - Foolish Love (J.Cera)

02 입술에 맺힌 말 - Words on my Lips (Heo Young Saeng)

03 사랑이 두려워 - Fear of Love (F.I.X)

04 기억으로 아름다워서 - Beautiful Memories (Park Seon - Joo)

05 미쳐 - Crazy (F.I.X)

06 천지인 - Cheonjiin - Heaven Earth and Man (Park Seon - Joo)

07 그리운 얼굴 - The Face I Miss (Eun-Bi Theme)

08 권주가  - Gwonjuga - Song to offer Wine (Park Seon - Joo)  

09 꽃길 - Flora (Evening Yearning for You)  

10 Morning

11 아침식사 - Breakfast

12 Ho-Tae Theme

13 한정식 - Hanjeongsik - Traditional Korean Set Menu  

14 묵은인생 - Stay in Life

15 Missing

16 Sonata    


English Lyrics for Track # 1, 2, 3, and 6

From the Producers of FERMENTATION FAMILY

The background of this drama is a traditional Korean restaurant

that is famous with its Kimchi.  Through the joyful and

touching stories of the restaurant family members,

who are not that perfect in their lives,

and the variety of stories of the restaurant guests

with all kinds of characteristics, the drama suggests

a direction of a heart-moving "alternative family".

Drama Writer:  Kim Ji-Woo

Product Director:  Park Chan-Hong




Very interestingly, life of a man  is similar to the life of Kimchi. Kimchi’ tastes are bitter, spicy,  sour, sweet, and even puckery. These five kinds of tastes are exactly  same as those of the human life. Through the process of fermentation,  Kimchi generates lots of live micro-organisms. But, surprisingly, those  that are profitable to human being collaborate with each other to push  out the harmful ones. This is like love and sincerity of a person can be  the sources of overcoming frustration and disappointment.

When  all kinds of ingredients, that apparently don’t’ look to match with each  other, are blended in together and pass through all those processes,  then finally Kimchi is complete to produce such a profound taste. In  human life, many, who have different personalities and goals, meet with  each other, become to understand and love each other, and pass through a  process of being ‘fermented’ to form a new family. Kimchi’s life is  just same as that of the human life.

The background of this drama  is a traditional Korean restaurant that is famous with its Kimchi.  Through the joyful and touching stories of the restaurant family  members, who are not that perfect in their lives, and the variety of  stories of the restaurant guests with all kinds of characteristics, the  drama suggests a direction of a heart-moving ‘alternative family’.

No  matter how difficult human life would be, you can still be happy when  there are people around you that you can stay with them. This is the  wisdom of our ancestors that is fully soaked in Kimchi, and the drama  wishes to serve an enjoyable dinner table with such ‘smart’ and  ‘mysterious’ Kimchi dishes.    



A no-pollution clean naturalism drama 

Gichan,  the father of Gangsan and Uju, the main characters, has managed the  Cheon Ji In restaurant with a heart that there should be no one  starving. With such a warm heart of Gichan, this drama shows the loving  heart of the family members that care for each other, the affectionate  relationships among the people, and the love that transforms hatred and  dislike to forgiveness, not to revenge. Whole Korea will be ‘infected’  by the ‘happiness virus’ through Kimchi Family. 

The encounter of the fantastic world of Kimchi and human being 

‘Hobak(Pumpkin)  Kimchi’ made by a poor son to serve his toothless mother, ‘Sesame leaf  Kimchi Ssambab’ made with a heart of chastising troublesome kids,  ‘Kimchi Jam Injeolmi Roll’ made to encourage kids forsaken by their  parents, and ‘Gukhwa Kimchi’ made to comfort people close to death, and  etc. …

So many kinds of Kimchis are introduced through Kimchi  Family. And, each kind of Kimchi bears its own kind of story. Such a  wonderful world of mysterious Kimchi with its varieties will be well  mingled with the lives of the characters in Kimchi Family to provide a  series of touching stories and lots of visual entertainments. Off  course, it will be a great opportunity to make known the excellent  characteristics of Korean Kimchi to all over the world. 

Meet the best humanistic family in Korea. 

Eunbi,  an eight year old girl, abandoned by her mother, Mr. Seol, an old man  living alone in an old apartment in the neighborhood and have meals in  Cheon Ji In, Pyeongman, a Korean medicine doctor who freely provides  herbal medicines for old people who have no money even tough he himself  lives in financial difficulty, and lots of other guests coming to the  restaurant with all kinds of their own stories…

Through a series  of ‘fermentation’ processes of these people, who were totally outsiders  from each other, to be a genuine family, like those processes of the  completion of Kimchi, the meaning of an alternative family can be  apprehended. 

A story warmer than a humanistic drama and lovely than a melodrama 

Hotae,  who used to live wildly as an gangster, met Gangsan, his toughest rival  in his life. These two characters always fight with each other but,  interestingly, shows very good harmony when crisis comes. When, Haejun, a  suspicious man who is so certain that Gangsan is his soulmate, join in  the stage, the drama joyfully describes the fermentation process of love  with number of unexpected developments.

Dosik, who cares and  loves Uju in his own style, dares even to dream to make Uju, who used to  meet so many bad guys, his love. The drama will show that how these two  characters eventually overcome many obstacles through the brave love of  Uju in a lovely and affectionate approach.


Ki Ho Tae (played by Song Il Kook)


A Fiery Gangster from an Orphanage

Was abandoned in front of an orphanage when he was 4 years old and  left the place when he was 17. Is accustomed to wild languages and to  live without any plan. Often tempted to take actions first rather than  thinking before his movements. What he only concern is what to eat! As  he has a unique talent that he never forget the taste and smell of the  food he ever had, his nickname is ‘Dog Nose’. Becomes angry for eating  food that is not tasty, never can be patient for being hungry, and,  funnily, always follows and corrects the cars that violate traffic  lights cut into lines, even though he himself is a gangster.

Lee Kang San (played by Park Jin Hee)


Second Daughter of Korean Restaurant ‘Cheon Ji In’

‘Life? Just enjoy it freely in your heart! But, let’s eat first  before doing anything!’ A famous cook of a fusion style restaurant.  Ambitious to be the best chef of such fusion style restaurants. A  qualified cook for Korean, Japanese, and Western style food. Honest and  straightforward. Relaxing and affectionate in nature yet very brave and  magnanimous. But, time to time she is so slow and lazy, too honest and  strict, and lack the sense to catch the feelings of the other parties.  However, her bright and positive personality always energizes people  around her. As she inherited her father’s characteristics and sense of  taste, every one thought that she will be the cook of the ‘Cheon Ji In’,  but she decided to be a cook for Western cuisine with no hesitation.

Lee Woo Ju (played by Lee Min Young)


First Daughter of Korean Restaurant ‘Cheon Ji In’

Helping father to run ‘Cheon Ji In’ since her graduation from high  school. As a result of seriously suffering from high fever caused by  acute pneumonia in her youth time, she become a less intelligent person  than average people. Quite often speak unexpected words out of the  context due to her slow sense of judgment, yet has silk-like tender  heart. With such an innocent heart, laugh and cry a lot, and care for  other’s feelings the most. Is kind, affectionate, and lovely with such a  big heart always understanding others. But cannot decide anything by  herself and is always dependent to others.

Kang Do Sik (played by Choi Jae Sung)


Cook of ‘Cheon Ji In’

A poker faced person who never disclose his inner thoughts. Been  together with Kichan in ‘Cheon Ji In’ as the cook for almost twenty  years. Is like an uncle to Kangsan and Wooju. Has a rough exterior with a  quiet personality, but silently cares for others from the deep part of  his heart. His decisive actions in critical moments make his position  crucial in the restaurant. Respects and understands Kichan better than  anybody else and guards his empty place steadfastly.

Lee Ki Chan (played Kang Shin Il)


Owner of ‘Cheon Ji In’

Father of Kangsan and Wooju. A real man who is bold and thinks in a  large scale. Married a lovely daughter of the couple who raised him up  like their own child and supported him up to university education, even  though he was a homeless orphan. A chivalrous person, always  sympathizing poor and needy people, bring them to his restaurant to feed  them and provide hospitality, with a mind to follow the pattern of his  father and mother in laws. Majored in architecture and was quite a  promising architect for a while, but inherited the Korean restaurant  from his in laws with the heart that there should be nobody starving.  Affected by his wife with such a special love on Kimchi, he himself  became a Kimchi lover.

Oh Hae Jun (played by Kim Young Hoon)


A Cook for Korean Food

The only son of the president of Handeul Food Korea who is a famous  master cook of Korean food. Is handsome, cool, tender, and even talented  with fantastic cooking skills. Looks like a perfect one but is shy and  fragile in nature. Easily being upset and enjoys getting flattered. A  very cute noble-looking young man who is quite sensitive for the fact  that how others look at him. A perfectionist not only in cooking but  also in all other things around. Need to keep everything neat and clean.  Some say he is prudent and some say he is irresolute as he thinks long  rather than acting quickly.

Jeong Hyeon Suk (played by Jung Ae Ri)


Chairman of Handeul Food Korea

Heajun’s mother. A famous expert of Korean cuisine and is well known  as a Kimchi master. Inherited her father’s family restaurant business  and transformed it into Handeul Food Korea, a leading environmental  friendly naturalism food company. Outwardly looks like a noble-woman but  in fact is a capable CEO with a strong leadership. For her, pride is  more important than money and she always aim targets to be achieved.  Second to none for the pride on Korean food, especially Kimchi. Is  ambitious to globalize Korean food and announce the excellence of it to  the whole world through her company as the base.

Oh Myeong Cheol (played by Choi Yong Min)


President of Handeul Food Korea

Husband of Hyeonsuk and father of Haejun. A man like a sharp blade  hidden in a soft tofu. Nicknamed as a ‘Bear-Fox’ since he maintains a  very calculated policy not to make any enemy in his relationship with  others. Naturally gifted with self-survival ability and skillful in  discerning power structures around him. Some who don’t know him well say  that he is humble, but those who know him well say he is cunning. Never  easily lose himself and maintain himself tenderly and carefully, but  there is a face of an evil man hidden in him even without the knowledge  of his family.

Kangsan’s Mother (played by Lee Kan Hee)


Existing in the memories of Kangsan and Wooju. Sweet and  tender-hearted. Always joyfully smiling and laughing like a teenage  girl. Was so generous to the people as she was grown up as the only  daughter of such a generous couple. Loved to tell her daughters about  Kimchi stories like fairytale stories, but passed away 7 years ago due  to a sudden stroke.

Na Eun Bi (played by Yoon Hee Soo)


A girl been abandoned by her parents and who becomes a family member  in ‘Cheon Ji In’. Is quite pre-matured, probably due to environmental  factor, lacking confidence and mostly depressed, but gradually recover  her lovely ‘childishness’ through the process of being a member of the  restaurant family. Has a very warm and deep heart and role as a catalyst  to let the people around to re-discover their genuineness. Become the  lovely mascot of the restaurant. A smart and cute girl closely following  Hotae, as if he is her uncle, even though he is so blunt.

Mr. Seol (played by Lee Dae Keun)


A living-alone old man recently moved in to a very old apartment  nearby the restaurant. Eats twice a day at the restaurant but often ask  to put the bill on his tab. Peculiar in disposition and is doubtful for  many things around. A very stingy person with lots of complaints.  Exaggerates and boast himself a lot, and time to time troubles the  restaurant people with excuses that he is sick here and there.  Particularly keen to Hotae and complains him a lot, but gradually  develop his friendship with Hotae over the series of events.

Cho Dae Sik (played by Choi Duk Moon)


Gangster No.2

Number 2 man of the Changhuni gangster group. Senior to Hotae. Clever  and smart, and rather being realistic than just being loyal. Show off a  lot in front of others, yet stammers badly in critical moments. Very  timid and easily get hurt from conversations with younger ones. Always  hated Hotae who the boss taken care of the most. Eagerly chasing after  Hotae when he disappears after causing terrible problem in the group.

Kim Dong Su (played by Kim Sang Hoon)



A member of Changhuni group. Junior to Hotae. Quick tempered but soft  and innocent in heart. A child of old farmers couple in the country.  Came to Seoul with a dream of changing his life successful but  eventually became a gangster. Still dreams about the jack pot in his  life and faithfully follows Hotae.

Han Pyeong Man (played by Kim Byung Choon)


Korean Medicine Doctor

A Korean medicine doctor, who is living alone, without his intention,  after sending off his wife and children to Canada, according to the  will of his wife. A person with warn and optimistic mind, always saying  ‘It’s ok, it’s alright!’ Habitually jokes around with smiling face, and  is a self-appointed healthy wine-lover. Respects Gichan as his own elder  brother, and cares for Kangsan and Wooju as his own nieces. Not like  what he looks like outwardly, he is a top graduated doctor from his  school who contributes a lot for making number of healthy Kimchis by  providing his professional knowledge as a Korean medicine doctor.

Jeong Geum Ju (played by Lee Il Hwa)


School Teacher of Eunbi

An unmarried old woman with keen characteristics who looks like a  dormitory teacher. A stubborn principlist with no flexible mind. Never  allows anybody to get into her private life as a result of living alone  by herself for a long time. Don’t like to talk about any part of her  private life. But, she is totally transformed to a completely talkative  person that no one can stop as soon as her mouth is open! Occasionally  visits ‘Cheon Ji In’ and eats there with the excuse of Eunbi’s issues,  then gradually learns how to open her heart to others while realizing  how lonely it is to eat alone and how valuable it is to live together  with others.




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thank you for this thread. :wub:

I hope this thread becomes a warm place as much as our SIK thread.

Today there's a lot of news about him and his new drama but unfortunately all of them just in Korean.


Source: star.mt.co.kr

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Guest sig-Hadise

Hello Dear  fans Gentle songilkook :rolleyes:

Dear unni kona , Thanks for  Start new topic :w00t:

Dear trigg , Thank you  ^_^

I pray , Dear Song Il Gook  ,will be successful in her  new drama :lol:

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Yay!.  Hi Kona....welcome back.

The name is interesting but gives me nothing in the way of what may unfold in this drama.  Ahhh, yes...another cable channel heard from. 

Song is a restaurant worker.  I wonder if he will be serving customers or cooking up delicious morsels or handling things behind the scenes....The fermentation process takes time so he will definitely win them all over....Are there grandparents and children in this drama since it appears like a family-owned business? 

The more I think on this the more heartwarming it sounds.

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Friday, September 02, 2011  

Song Il-Kook considers drama with Mawang PD


by javabeans | September 1, 2011



Song Il-kook is reportedly in contention as the leading man in a  new  drama with an interestingly uninteresting title: It’s 발효가족, which  means  literally Fermentation Family. It’s a horrible sounding name, so  for now  I’m going to call it by its phonetic Korean name, Balhyo Gajok.  Phew,  that sounds better to my ear, strangely, though it means the  same thing.

There’s barely any information about the project in official  news  reports, but from the dribs and drabs I’ve been able to pick up,  the  fermentation part of the title likely comes from the drama’s  involvement  with kimchi, although it also deals with gangsters. Now  there’s a title  for you: Kimchi and Gangsters. True, that would make it  sound much more  comedic, but then again, it’s not like fermentation  conjures up images  of badass gangsters either.

But before you mentally check out of the show before it’s even  begun,  there’s one key consideration: Directing it is PD Park  Chan-hong, who  did Rebirth (aka Resurrection) and Mawang (aka The  Devil) — two dark  thriller dramas oft-noted for their high-quality  storytelling and acting  (and, as it happens, both starring Uhm  Tae-woong). That track record  right there is enough to make me sit up  and take notice, because it’s  rare that we get dark K-drama thrillers  that work well, and here’s a guy  with two standouts on his resumé.

A rep confirmed that Song has received the script and is considering  the  role, but cautioned that it’s too early to make casting  statements.  (There are wee little rumors that Kim Jung-eun — I Am  Legend, Forever  the Moment — is in contention for the female lead, but  those are not yet  substantiated.) Song had a modest success last year  with the weekend  action drama A Man Called God, but fared less well  this year with Crime  Squad. Balhyo Gajok will be produced by Olive  Nine, but currently  doesn’t have broadcaster commitment.


Monday, September 19, 2011  


Song Il-Kook goes general service, in "Fermented Family"

Actor Song Il-Kook chose to go general service.


He confirmed a role in the jTBC drama "Fermented Family" which is also well known as director Park Chan-hong and writer Kim Jee-woo's come back project.

Song Il-Kook   takes on the role of Ki Ho-tae who is blended into the  habit of rough   talking, not having the ability to plan things and  being spontaneous.

Being  an orphan, Ho-tae thinks his parents didn't want him but  he  doesn't  hesitate to do anything. He just goes head first into  things but  unlike  his curtness, he is very warm inside.

Song Il-Kook   starts shooting at the end of September. He said, "I am  happy to be   able to work with the writer and director I've wanted to  work with for   years. I usually take a while to read my scenario but I  read "Fermented  Family" very quickly and made my decision. I have never  had a role like  Ho-tae before so I look forward to myself acting it  out".

Meanwhile, the drama is based in a  Korean restaurant famous for  its  Kimchi. Ho-tae finds a piece of his  past from the 'Cheon Ji-in' he  sees  on TV and spontaneously gets a job  working there. This drama is  due to  be released in December.

Source:  Korean   Nate  - English Hancinema

jTBC  is South Korea's newest cable TV provider, supported by and  granted a  government license to operate in April 2011.  It is scheduled  to go on  air January 2012.  But it sounds like December 2011 now.

I don't know enough to react to jTBC.  Will there be less pressure  with  ratings and filming?  It sounds like they will complete the  shooting  before airing. 


Related News:

Park Chan-hong and Kim Jee-woo come back with jTBC drama


Director Park Chan-Hong

Director Park Chan-hong and writer Kim Jee-woo from  "Revenge" and  "Devil" come back with jTBC drama "Fermented Family" after  4 years of  absence.

This drama is about two daughters who get ownership of their  father's  restaurant, and someone who sets about looking for a piece of  his past,  working together.

Hot-blooded young men Ho-tae and Kang-san meet to set-up this pleasurable and cheeky love story.

The producers of "Fermented Family" said, "This drama deals with  the  alternative family that was the root of the revenge series  "Revenge" and  "Devil". The people who gather at the restaurant "Cheon  Ji In" go  through several stages of fermentation and maturation to  create a real  family".

Based in a restaurant well known for its kimchi, "Fermented Family" has been chosen as jTBC's special drama.           



Song Il-kook lands role in new drama


Actor Song Il-kook has landed a role in a TV series set for premiere in  December, according to the show's promoter Baggat on Tuesday.

Baggat announced through a press release that Song will take on the role  of the rough, unorganized and spontaneous Ki Ho-tae in the upcoming  drama named "Fermented Family" (translated title) set to air on JoongAng  Ilbo's new general programming cable channel jTBC.

The show will tell of what happens when Ki, who has been hurt by his  parents having abandoned him when he was young, on impulse starts  working at a restaurant he thinks will tell him about his past because  he has found a hint to his childhood from it.

Ki will be anxious that someone may spot him working at the restaurant  yet will gradually become assimilated into the restaurant owner's family  and develop feelings for the main female character Kang San.

Song, 39, rose to stardom with KBS drama “Sea God” in 2004 after debuting as 27th class of MBC's actors in 1998.

He has since starred in other hit dramas including “Jumong” (MBC, 2006),  “Lobbyist” (SBS, 2007), “The Land of Wind” (KBS, 2008), “A Man Called  God (MBC, 2010)” and played the main character in the 2005 film “The Art  Of Seduction.”

His most recent role was in KBS series "Detectives In Trouble" which ended its run in late April.

Credit : 10Asia



Park Jin-hee joins "Fermented Family" with Song Il-Kook


Actress Park Jin-hee joins jTBC mini series, "Fermented Family".

According to jTBC on the 28th, Park Jin-hee  will take on the role of chef Lee Kang-san whose life goal is to become  the best fusion restaurant chef in the country. She has decided to join  "Fermented Family" while it was said that she was and wasn't coming over to the general service channel. She will co-act with actor Song Il-gook. He takes on the role of Ki Ho-tae who is a very spontaneous person. "Fermented Family" is done by director Park Chan-hong from "Revenge" and "Devil" and writer Kim Jee-woo. It shows the story of mysterious and shady customers who visit a Korean restaurant. Coming soon on the 7th of December.                    

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean  ) Hancinema (English)

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Park Jin-Hee boards Song Il-Kook drama

Source:  Asia10


Actress Park Jin-hee has been cast in a TV series starring Song Il-kook, the show's promoter Baggat said on Wednesday.

A press release by Baggat showed that Park will play Lee Kang-san, who  is usually carefree yet passionate in the kitchen, in the upcoming drama  named "Fermented Family" (translated title) set to air on JoongAng  Ilbo's new general programming cable channel jTBC starting December 7.

Lee will realize her love for her family when due to her father running  away from home, she temporarily has to run her father's restaurant and  comes to understand why he worked so hard on it.

The drama will also depict on her love with Song's character Ki Ho-tae  whom she always fights with yet has perfect teamwork with in times of  crisis.

"I'm very happy and excited to get to work with producer Park Chan-hong  and writer Kim Ji-woo for the first time in a while," Park was quoted as  saying of the duo she worked with for KBS' 2001 mini-series "Stock  Flower."

Park, 31, has worked on numerous films and dramas since her 1996 and  most recently, appeared in shows "Giant" (SBS) and "Still, Marry Me"  (MBC) last year.

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Park Jin-hee and Song Il-Kook Headline new Drama

by girlfriday | September 28, 2011



Yay, Park Jin-hee is coming back to dramaland! The star of Giant and The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry has signed on to headline a new cable drama opposite Song Il-kook (Crime Squad). Song has been considering the role and other names have been bandied about for the lead actress, but both are now confirmed to star.

The drama is called Fermentation Family or Balhyo Gajok,  which is just the weirdest title ever. But now that a character  description is in for Park Jin-hee, it starts to make a little more  sense (it still sounds horrible though). She’ll be playing a  naturally gifted chef who dreams of becoming the chef of the best fusion  restaurant in Korea. But the reality is that she’s the cook in a tiny  neighborhood joint with bizarre local clientele, including hotheaded  gangsters like the one played by Song Il-kook.

The story is about the unlikely family that forms among the people  who are connected through this neighborhood eatery. So fermentation can  be literal, like with many Korean foods (kimchi, soybean paste), and it  can also be figurative, as in “raising a family.” I just wish it were a  better-sounding word in English. “Family” also takes on a double meaning  if it refers to the mobster family as well as the bizarro family that  forms around the leads.

This drama comes from the PD-writer team behind Mawang / The Devil and Rebirth / Resurrection,  PD Park Chan-hong and writer Kim Ji-woo. Those aren’t exactly light and  fluffy dramas, which makes me think that this might skew towards the  dark thriller type of drama. That’s what I thought initially with the  writer, director, and Song Il-kook. But the premise as it sounds now  seems to center on Park Jin-hee’s character, and on her restaurant as  the focal point for this ragtag family. And to me, ragtag family sounds  comical (and awesome). It’s anyone’s guess which way it’ll go.

Fermentation Family premieres December 7 on jTBC.

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Guest xiaomeihuili

The new star Kim Yeong-hun, who became famous in the drama “Crime Squad”, have joined the jTBC special drama for TV station opening.

[source] http://osen.mt.co.kr...gid=G1109300039


Actor Kim Yeong-hun appeared in “Crime squad” as a serial killer and fought a close psychological warfare against Song Il Kook, who appeared as a detective. This time in “Fermented Family”, he appears as a perfectionistic and germophobic Korean food chef O Hae-jun, and fought against Song Il Kook the second round.

O Hae-jun, played by Kim Yeong-hun, has a handsome-looking, calm and gentle character, showy cooking skills, and wealthy family background. Seemingly he has everything and seems to be a perfect ideal type, but in reality he has a fragile mind and is timid, easily cross-grained cute nobleman.

In “Fermented Family”, Hae-jun, whose mother is a skilled Korean cook, gets a job at the famous kimchi restaurant “Heaven, Earth and Man”, with the aim of becoming a Korean food chef and to be approved by his mother. And he have a conflict with Ki Ho-ttae(Song Il Kook) all the time, who just starts working at “Heaven, Earth and Man” at the same time. The drama depicts Hae-jun’s growing up process.

Accepting the role O Hae-jun and joins “Fermented Family”, Kim Yeong-hun expresses his feeling : “ The encounter to the best piece “Fermented Family” and the encounter to the director Mr. Park Chan-hong, the writer Ms. Kim Jee-woo, I think all of this encounters are a destiny and a bond. As I get such a fortune and chance, I’ll do my best to perform Hae-jun, in order to reciprocate to the director, the writer and the audiences.

As the appearance of Song Il kook and Park Jin-hee has confirmed, “Fermented Family” attracts increasing attention. It will be broadcasted as a jTBC opening special mini-series on December 7, 2011.

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