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[Drama 2012] The Korean Peninsula ( Hanbando) 한반도


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[CSTV ] Hwang Jung Min, Kim Jung Eun Mon,Tue 8:50 pm

The Korean Peninsula (Hanbando)


First airing 2012/02/06

Mon,Tue 8.50 pm




Date of airing : 2012/02/06 ~ Mon ,Tue 20:50 (korean time)

Broadcast network: TV Chosun

Eps: 24

Directed : Lee Hyeong-min (이형민)

Screenplay : Yoon Seon-joo (윤선주)

Synopsis :A blockbuster political drama based on a unified Korean Peninsula about the powers fighting over the country’s natural ressources.





Hwang Jung min (황정민) As Seo Myeong joon (서명준)

Kim Jung eun ( 김정은 ) As Rim Jin jae (림진재)


Kwak Hee-seong (곽희성)

Ji Hoo (지후)

Jo I-jin (조이진)

Lee Soon-jae (이순재)

Jo Seong-ha (조성하)

Correlation Chart



Relate News

Hwang Jung-min and Kim Eun-jung to star in Peninsula

Via Sports Chosun by girlfriday dramabeans.com


Well it looks like this project is finally getting off the ground, after more than a year of stalled casting rumors. With everyone from Jang Dong-gun and Ha Ji-won to Park Shin-yang and Han Ga-in attached to the project at one time or another, upcoming cable blockbuster drama Korean Peninsula is back on, with leads Hwang Jung-min (Accidental Couple / That Fool) and Kim Jung-eun (I Am Legend) set to star.

And while I love both actors, it’s the story that really excites me — it’s a re-imagining of contemporary Korean history, where North and South are reunited in the present day. A massive struggle for limited natural resources turns the country upside-down, and in the midst of that, two people fall in love.

Both Hwang and Kim start out as scientists (she comes from the North), and then eventually Hwang’s character becomes the president of Korea — the unified one. I think I’d rather they stay scientists, but there’s a lot of interesting political ideology to get through, so I can see why they’d want to explore the presidency too. I just like my post-apocalyptic sci-fi to be down and dirty, street-level stuff.

Hwang said, “I read the script and was shocked by the well-woven plot. I have to portray such a range from a scientist to a president, but I think it’ll be fun. I want to express it as a character with depth.” Kim added, “Just being able to work with Hwang Jung-min sunbae alone is reason enough to do this drama. This role covers the spectrum, but I want to portray this character who deviates from the norm.”


It’s been a highly anticipated drama for a number of reasons, not just the stars attached. The budget is reportedly sky-high, making it one of the biggest inaugural programs to launch a cable network. It’ll be airing on the soon-to-be-launched TV Joseon (previously called CSTV in some reports, though it hasn’t come on the air yet, so who knows). And it’ll be helmed by PD Lee Hyung-min, who directed I’m Sorry I Love You, Snow Queen, and Bad Guy (which explains why Han Ga-in was once rumored to star) and writer Yoon Sun-joo of Hwang Jini and The Great King Sae-jong.

Korean Peninsula premieres in December on cable network TV Joseon. Wow, December seems to be D-Day for all the newbie networks. 2012′s going to be one interesting year for dramas, and the business of tv.

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October 8, 2011

Stars moving to general service channels, celebrity casting success

Source: Nate via hancinema.net

Founded ahead of the year's end, general service channels have been announcing star-studded casts one after another. Recruiting stars is the first stage of attracting attention to newly founded channels, which is a prerequisite for success. Because of this, expending resources to establish star-recruitment power is a natural move.

First target: star broadcast TV producer

General service channels' first targets were broadcast television entertainment producers. Given the enormous amount of know-how required to create a drama, this meant battling with broadcasters over a short period of time and securing the production talent that would give them the best chance for a successful launch.

For quite a while new general service channels have been a pain for the nation's three main broadcasting companies. MBC's Yeo Mun-hyeok, Lim Jeong-ah, and Seong Chi-gyeong, as well as KBS's Lee Myeong-han, Kim Seok-yoon, Kim Shi-kyu, and Jo Seung-wook transferred to broadcast TV. There was also hearsay that "Infinite Challenge" producer Kim Tae-ho had received an offer to move to a general service station. People in the business have said, "Quite a few producers have received offer to move to general service channels".

Establish powerful dramas

General service channels, laying out an enormous amount of capital, have cast star writers and top actors in order to debut with powerful dramas. Before the year's end, the plans of top general service channels center on founding new dramas and announcing their story outlines, showing a variety of projects.

It has been reported that Kim Su-hyun began writing a featured drama for Chonsun Ilbo's CSTV. CSTV has secured Hwang Jeong-min and Kim Jeong-eun for the drama, called "Hanbando - Drama", about world powers fighting over Korea's natural resources.

jTBC's "Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats", mutually created by writer Noh Hee-kyeong and producer Kim Kyoo-tae, has already started shooting, and a few production stills have been published, causing a stir. "Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats" has a star-studded cast featuring Jeong Woo-seong, Han Ji-min, Kim Beom and more.

Chae Si-ra will also make a comeback on the television screen after 2 years away, starring as the female lead in jTBC's upcoming "Queen Insoo". Also, Song Il-gook and Park Jin-hee have signed up for jTBC's new featured drama "Fermented Family". A new work by director Park Chan-hong and writer Kim Jee-woo, who both started a craze with the popular dramas "Revenge" and "Devil", expectations are rising for "Fermented Family". Additionally, Kim Hee-ae has decided to join jTBC's "A Wife's Credentials", planned for February next year, and Park Yong-woo has also signed up.

Dong-A Ilbo's "Channel A" is preparing "Park Chung-hee, The Man" (working title), shedding light on the former president's life story, and "Timeslip Doctor Jin", based on a Japanese comic. It will also air the featured dramas "Color of Women" and "Heaven's Garden". "Heaven's Garden" has cast Choi Bool-am, Yoo Ho-jeong, Kim Sae-ron and others.

Stars rush to all-purpose channels

The sitcom line-up is also impressive. Sin Dong-yup and actress Kim Soo-mi will appear as a couple on MBN's "Vampire Idol". With this, "Vampire Idol" is a strong candidate to cast more idol-status stars. Kim Hye-jin will face her first sitcom acting challenge in jTBC's "Living in Cheongdam".

Sin Dong-yup, Lee Soo-geun, Lee Yeong-ja, Kim Sung-ju and others lead Channel A's entertainment program. Lee Soo-geun is preparing his own "Transfer to Lee Soo-geun" and Sin Dong-yup's story-oriented fantasty magic show "Storytelling Magic Show" is in development. Lee Yeong-ja's military search program "Army Singing Contest" is also scheduled to appear.

jTBC is also working on a morning talk show hosted by Park Kyeong-rim, "The Laughter and Applause of Park Kyeong-rim and Jang Seong-gyu" (working title), a ranking show called "Bang Bang Show! Your Best", and "Story Hunter", a talent development show.

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October 3, 2011

Kim Jeong-eun returns as the first lady

Source: Nate via hancinema.net


Actress Kim Jeong-eun stars in the drama as the first lady who lives a passionate generation.

She takes on the role of Lim Jin-jae in "Hanbando - Drama" which is based on a future Korea that has come together North and South. She will be acting along with Hwang Jeong-min. They act out the political games and love in prior to unification. They then become the president and the first lady in the future after they have fallen in love.

"Hanbando - Drama" was be aired at the end of this year on SBS. But the casting took a long time and the production was pushed back all together, moving to a general service channel. The exact date of release hasn't been opened yet but if possible, it should be out in December.

September 29, 2011

Hwang Jeong-min's "Hanbando" fail to see again this year

Source: Nate via hancinema.net


Postponed to next January.

Actor Hwang Jeong-min's general service channel TV Chosun drama "Hanbando - Drama" couldn't get the go sign.

It was initially planned to be aired on the 1st of December in time for TV Chosun's opening event. However, the delays in production pushed the organization to next year. An official of the drama said, "We know it to be out next year. Right now preparations are going well so there shouldn't be a problem".

"Hanbando - Drama" is known to be having difficulties gathering funds. This drama requires an investment of 10 billion won. It is being anticipated as one of the greatest dramas of all time with writer Yoon Seon-joo and Hwang Jeong-min but when the profitability of the drama isn't very clear, investors are very careful of their actions.

An outsource production said, "Rumor has it that they have covered most of the estimated investments. They are only slightly short and the time is taking longer than thought so it would be difficult to broadcast the drama within this year".

However, writer Yoon Seon-joo who was sued by the drama productions was charged not guilty by the prosecutors and there seem to be no more problems with the drama.

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Uhm... lol? My post above has been edited by someone else? I'm sure that wasn't I wrote... Would've been better if it was deleted if it was inappropriate (since I'm sure I talked about HJW/JDG... since that's the earlier news...) Tsk.

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I thought there was not a thread yet for Hanbando , I only found out a while ago that this thread exist , thank you s@nbi , eja ,rubie and of course my dear friend mameayw !

Hanbando is the first KJE drama that is action/thriller, so different from her drama's before , and it's really exciting to see how she' ll be doing in this new role .

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Taengkeutop + hatpaencheuman eun in the dead of winter wearing a jogging why?


Eun freezing weather he's capable of fighting spirit in the smoke: an actor on the TV eun of Korea 'South' of the scientists in South seomyeongjun (Hwang minutes) fall in love with the North's most elite scientists in charge rimjinjae role of the recently held at Gyeongnam Geoje a linear taken from 10 degrees below zero cold weather in crossing taengkeutop and appeared dressed in Hot Pants. chwayoung day, shooting, according to officials of the Civil Cooperation in the development of alternative energy sources as a researcher at the base rimjinjaega relaxed and natural appearance to your workout scene . Taken place, but where the ocean breeze was blowing as the needle Like much lower temperature of minus 10 degrees, even the staff, wearing a thick jumper was about vibrating pleasure. However, the gangchuwi despite eun, if nothing seems to smoke imhaetda is the rear entrance. A more realistic scene, especially sprinkling of water flowing through the body to produce sweat, such as a cold is not reckless enthusiasm for the work reveals the appearance figured by: this "peninsula" official "sign-eun even despite their own bishop's OK If you can not see satisfied here that's willing to retake the shot, and ordered to active gamtanke all, "he said. eun chwalyoungjang staff members witnessed the appearance of "The cold weather wear hatpaencheuman ttwidani taengkeutop and it's great. Goin 'country seems to be the best actress, "" What to wear shiny good looks and perfect body! It's fantastic, "" cross the freezing cold, I dressed as a ttwidani Learn the true "and was paid tribute: The 'South' and the unification of the North-South joint development of alternative energy sources to discuss the background of acceleration into the future fate of the virtual peninsula love of two people refused to aeteuthan situation surrounding the peninsula to the thrilling world of work containing stories. Channel 19 TV that comes in early February will be broadcast via Korea. [Newsen bakahreum News] bakahreum reporter Jamie @ ▶ yunamgyu hair transplant - Plastic confession "was added fillers, is not it okay?" ▶ Pair Women's No. 4 "bells about stopping when the first kiss "... the mother is still a fantastic solo proved ▶ 'solution embraces month's shock death geoyeolhyeong jangyoungnam torn limb ▶ woojiwon Law School Graduates "Solidarity Law" Ildong admiration ▶ [potoen] 'aid seksikwin' Uhm 'solid copper Legs' news and Press Release newsen@newsen.com Copyright ⓒ Newsen. Unauthorized copying or redistribution prohibited &


What is KJE doing wearing that skimpy outfit on a cold winter day ?

'Hwang jung min "this year's market → President ... Kim jung eun""

2012.01.09 10:30


Actor Hwang this year, are Forms Dramatic Rise in status. As mayor of Seoul from the President 'Jump' like that: Movie that are opened on the 19th of Hwang 'daensingkwin' to run for mayor of Seoul from the Stars as ares Human rights lawyer. 'Daensingkwin' Candidate for mayor of Seoul Debut geolgeurupeuro wife while trying to film the commotion going on about. Videos Soon Park, Mayor of Seoul, and that the situation reminded him of President Roh Moo-Hyun is by Buzz. Hwang of the Writing in pole Gyeongsang dialect emerged as are discussions and clumsy appearance, reminiscent in many Ways, Soon Park Market: the Challenge of Hwang (?) is not Limited to just the Mayor of Seoul. TV broadcast scheduled for February Shipbuilding He 'Peninsula' In are Unified Korea Takes on the role of the President. Women from the North Falls in Love with Hwang geukjungeseo. this situation for the Hwang MET with the recent Star News, "This year, ran for mayor of Seoul and then Take ares Unified Korea, from the President was "said" But the President's wife Eun this What is ares coincidence, "He laughed. 'Peninsula' falling in Love in HIS role Finish was Eun Kim Jong Il took over the world after leaving the Labour Party in the North Central Military Commission Vice-Eun Successor Because of the PAS. For Eun Kim Jong Il after leaving this world in Their Twitter "are Eun here. Eun There, too," He also said Thank post: Hwang's Spectacular Transformation does not stop here. Hwang of the 'South' after the end of Shooting the Movie 'New World' Takes on Number 2 in the Nation's Largest organizations. He and the pole Number Two of the Nation's Largest Organization, with offices in China widened to are Problematic Figure appeared. Presidential Candidate and was mayor of Seoul in Korea after Unification deulge Numnah to be Gangster ares. really successful Hwang Saga Transformation of the journal, the fun seems to be watching ssolssolhal.

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'South' Hwang jung min , barefoot daetalju fighting spirit ... "realize I am."


Shipbuilding General changsateukjip organized channel TV blockbuster drama 'South' (a play yunseonju, director yihyeongmin) to escape from the Hwang two barefoot look has drawn jaahnaego viewers' curiosity.

'South' and the unification of the North-South joint development of alternative energy sources to discuss the background of acceleration into the future fate of the virtual peninsula seomyeongjun rejected both sexes (Hwang minutes) and rimjinjae (eun minutes) aeteuthan love and the situation surrounding the peninsula around the world containing stories of intense work. Hwang of the 'South' development in the north-south co-generation energy sources and development base of methane hydrate seomyeongjun stars as General Manager.

Geoje recently held in Gyeongnam drama 'South' on the set of Hwang and bloody the soil two feet and a sling on your arm appeared. Hwang hamyi frustrating when you have to sprint to the full expression from a high jump and hurdles to jump the falls breathtaking view over a tense scene, and followed.

Day, shooting a division of the first time since North Korea's comments Tae (seotaehwa minutes) South Korea to visit, and North-South summit and in front of us based at North Joint Methane Hydrate and development base, general manager who signed giving two impending appearance of power racing scene depicts a reason has grown to more questions.

Hwang thrilling escape for me from shooting the scene without stopping to draw his bare hands and bare feet do not hang the body rolled to sariji pyeolchyeotda is the rear entrance.

On the other hand, a value that can not be expected apdo drama 'South' thrilling story of the second channel, Feb. 19, TV is available through Korea.

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Choejaehwan eun, couples jumper arms up "an older woman feel '

Choejaehwan kimjungeun, Couple Jumpers to fold 'Older Woman' feel


[TV Daily jeonahram News] Actor choejae Exchange Grissom eun with a friendly authentication G. unveiled choejae Exchange for 16 days their mitu Day "through the drama of Korea heroine Earthquake station eun seniors too sweet your always laughing jitneun smile watch for the wanso seniors," said eun mind about teoleonwatda: Following choejae Exchange the "apple of her eye Welcome Thank you very much. In the early morning taken over ... even the referee can not take pictures' What my dad gave me for too cool angel "adds the article and one photograph was published. eun in public pictures look cute wearing a thick paedingjeompeo posing as a V is building. Whereas choejae Exchange the eun two arms kkija nervously seemed somewhat stiff look're building an eye-catching. choejaehwan eun picture facing the netizens are, "my brother face less is this", "putputhan an older couple." "Chung sister completely beautiful", etc. showed a variety of reactions. Meanwhile, a comprehensive combination eun Channel TV Korea TV 'South' will focus on the kaeseutingdwae Hwang and respiration is [tv jeonahram Daily News news@tvdaily.co.kr / Photo Source = choejaehwan mitu Day] http:/ / news.nate.com.../20120116n17155

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And that is Romania!!! The Carpathians, and an Orthodox Church, a random hard-to-find car (maybe that's why it was from a different region than the one they're filming in). I live in a beautiful country...

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January 26, 2012

Kim Jung Eun on 'Korean Peninsula'

CJ E&M enewsWorld Lee, JinHo

Kim Jung Eun, the female lead in general service channel, TV Chosun’s upcoming drama, Korean Peninsula attended a press conference for the drama alongside castmates Hwang Jung Min, Kim Ji Sook, Gwak Hee Sung, Jo Sung Ha, Jo Yi Jin, and Ji Hoo, as well as director Lee Hyung Min to share her feelings on the drama.

When asked about the most difficult thing in filming the drama, Kim said, “It wasn’t easy to play such a highly educated character.”

She continued, “Some people are prejudiced against the drama because the channel is unfamiliar. The most difficult thing is that people might not have a chance to watch the drama.”


In the drama, Kim will play the role of a North Korean elite scientist from a renowned family. The character falls in love with Seo Myung Jun (Hwang Jung Min), a South Korean scientist who becomes the president of a unified Korea.

She said, “I have a memory from my childhood in which I and my family shed tears while watching the reunion of separated families from the two Koreas on TV. At that time, the entire country was swept by the emotional event. That gives you an idea of what the unification would be like.”

She continued, “I think this piece is great just in leading people to think about [unification]. I take pride in joining the drama, Korean Peninsula.”

“The staff members and actors have been working actively with a sense of ownership. We’ve been working hard, so keep an eye on the drama, please.”

The drama follows a story of romance between Myung Jun (Hwang Jung Min) and Jin Jae (Kim Jung Eun), during a timme when talks between the two Koreas on a joint development of renewable energy source and unification speed up. It is slated to premiere on February 6, at 8:50 pm.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan


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January 26, 2012

Hwang Jung Min Likens Kim Jung Eun to Chocolate

CJ E&M enewsWorld Lee, JinHo


A press conference for general service channel, TV Chosun’s upcoming drama, The Korean Peninsula was held on January 26 in Seoul with its leading cast members, Hwang Jung Min, Kim Jung Eun, Kim Ji Sook, Gwak Hee Sung, Jo Sung Ha, Jo Yi Jin, and Ji Hoo, as well as director Lee Hyung Min, in attendance.

Hwang Jung Min shared his feelings on working with Kim Jung Eun, “We’ve talked about working together many times before. I thought I would work with her on a romantic comedy, but it turned out to be a slightly serious drama.”


Hwang is taking on the role of scientist Seo Myung Jun, who becomes the president of a unified Korea. The character falls in love with North Korean elite Lim Jin Jae (Kim Jung Eun) while developing a new energy source together.

He said, “Kim Jung Eun gives off feelings like chocolate. She is lovely, interesting and, on top of it, she is so nice.” He added with a smile, “I shot a kiss scene with such a person in Romania. Don’t you think it must have left a strong impression on me?”

He continued, “Korean Peninsula has such a great theme. There′s no country [except for Korea] in which such a theme can be dealt with.”

“People are talking about the drama′s political theme, but I don’t care about such matters. If I cared about such issues, I wouldn’t have worked on the film A Good Lawyer′s Wife or movies centered on homosexuality,” he added.

The drama is centered on a romance between Myung Jun and Jin Jae against the background of the Korean Peninsula where discussions on joint development of alternative energy source and unification steps up between the North and the South. It is set to premiere on February 6, at 8:50pm.

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan






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Guest sweetsunset07

Hanbando also known as The Korean Peninsula had a press conference today, January 26, 2012, at the Imperial Palace Hotel, Seoul. KJEWORLD sent its best wishes to Kim Jung Eun via a cake delivered to the hotel. The design on the cake was designed by this author. KJE looks beautiful in red! Korean Peninsula will be a blockbuster drama. Broadcast is on February 6, 2012.



Additional Photos of the Press Conference of 'The Korean Peninsula'


















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