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i loved thier hair best when....

Guest murrkoh*

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Guest GingitsuneSpirit

Here are some of my favorites:

BoA: I love those waves!!!!


Hyori: straight prettiful hair... she's soo pretty


Micky Yoochun: His "triangle" hairstyle turns me on :w00t:


Hero Jaejoong: "triangle"... love that long hair


Minwoo: His "wedding" days (hahaha his wedding days...sounds like he got married of something... :lol: jk )


HanGeng: His black hair!!! I miss it soo much!!! omg he is soo hot in that picture...*drool* yumm...dinner's ready lol ok i'll stop now


Donghaeeeee: His short makes me wanna :w00t: him lol


Sungmin: I love his random long strains of hair!!! Makes him look extra-sexy


Credits: Soompi, BoAjjang, TVXQ official site, Hangeng's cyworld...

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Guest jessiep

I agree with you except I thought BoA looked good with EVERYTHING. bangs no bangs, mullet no mullet, long, short, brown hair, dark hair etc..

second that...(also add on wavy hairs) :)

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Guest riviera_cacharel




this is the only time i have seen jae with a tan ,looks hot

jaejoong has never had bad hairstyles (expect tri-angle was really futuristic so it takes getting use to)

rising sun and going he has great simple styles

wich do noting but enhance his already beautiful face

he can handle brown tones well as ofcourse his natural black hair

but brown makes him look softer and femine as black makes himlook manly and doll like with the pale skin

okay will stop ...i always have so much to say about jaejoong :sweatingbullets:



see how the shape of is more sharper now ...hot i tell you :w00t:

with the rising sun i finally noticed that changmin could also be handsome in stead of cute

definetly one of his best styles it totally made him look mature

and really brought out his facial stucture

it bacame clear that changmin was changin for the better

and then the fight spirit of the east days

now thats when i fell hard for this guy (but jaejoong is always nr 1)

he really has mature and this style really shows it ....i love his cheek bones



micky can handle both sleek styles as well as messy styles

and i love him in both (but sometimes his cordi's go overboard with the messy-ness)

sleek/wavy makes him hansome and sensual (no i"m not being dirty)

messy makes him sexy and a bit more rough

i'm sorry i now see my micky pics are huge sorry ;) >.<



yunho its hard to go wrong with a face like very sharp features

i still adore classic short spikey style

but the long hair he has now makes him even more handsome yes



jusnu doesnt change style much but he often switches color

i like best rising sun days and when he has dark brownish ...and when he has a honey blonde color

whew looooooong post yah :sweatingbullets::wacko:

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Guest chibifry

ummm haha no. everyone in the k-entertainment biz had long super straight hair before BoA came.

ok you believe that then.

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Guest r3gr3t

okiie..thses r for me~


^loving the whole lots of hair, adn strait, and highlights of red in the front


^honetsly..i luv this hair! blond and spiked only slightly


^this girl can pull off any look, but i like this the best. long, and wavy


^honestly, i luv this hair on him~..so cutee!


^*drools* no comment..just...just wayyy too hot for words


^haha..luv the pic and the hair..average spike, but still very hot on him


^eeteuk's HAIIIRR!..i LUV it!!^^..i dont really like his now hair, makes him look fat...well to me`..i liked this choice of color and style~

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Guest aymei

No no, I agree with you on se7ens hair, the first hair was HOT! xD haha

yunho can pull off any hair do, he looks good in everything, puahaha.

i also like mickys short brown hair, it looked so cute!

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Guest diagon ALLY

i love chae yeons hair that picture you posted :)

i love yunho's new hair omg :wub:

xiah's black and red hair is my favorite of his

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Guest MarryMeDear.

i agree on all.

except that hyori looks great in ALL of her hairstyles. of course, that's my opinion.

but anyways,

thanks for sharingg.


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OHMYGOODNESS, when I saw this I was like "hey this looks like a girl version of Se7en!" HAHAHAAH I'm so slow. he looks pretty hot there :P XD

I agree with all your choices ^_______^~ besides Yuhno ^^;;

I LOVED Bi's hair best in his Ijuksa days, but I didn't like the particular pic you chose cause I'm not comfortable with his facial hair hehehe X] :sweatingbullets:


:D <3 I liked his flat hair too when he first debuted (minus the weird highlights) a lot of people probably don't agree with me, but I thought it was boyishly cute ^_^

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Guest makemyday

i'll just post a few hairstyles of yunho that i've like


-- i like love this hairstyle on him but i cant say its very conventional.


-- love love love love his hair like this. i LOVE long hair on guys. especially if the guy is yunho (which equals super hot and to die for haha)


-- HIS HAIR. i love it.


-- his hair is very similar here to the picture above.

when i first saw these set of pics, i almost PASSED THE FREAK OUT because he looked so hot.

his hair is really working for him in these pics :)

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