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i loved thier hair best when....

Guest murrkoh*

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Guest Licky27

I like Minwoo's hair like in the pic you posted. I think it's super hot and cute at the same time =D

Well, for Changmin, I love his straight brown hair <3 sometime around hug days (except it wasnt light brown)~ so cute and hot T_T <3


Brian with long hair is so hot =O


Bada is hotter and cuter with this hairstyle


Hwanhee looks FREAKING HOT with his new hairstyle for the Over the Rainbow drama T_T~ *rapes him XD*


I could post JunSu and others as well, but I'm lazy now XD

JunSu's.. I love the ending of RS style (because it was a bit redder than at the beginning) and his brown hair in Hug days~ <3


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Guest jayneefahxD

HAHAHAHAHA! i started cracking up at se7en's pic, with the blonde long hair. :lol::lol:

anyways, i agree with you on all of them. ^^

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