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Who Are The Catholic Stars?

Guest jayelae

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Guest orions_belt27

Hahaha! What an interesting thread really :D

Christian.. Catholic.. Protestant.. well bottomline is we must all remember dat we belong to the SAME body of Christ and dat makes us brothers and sisters ;)

Ultimately, the question is NOT whether you are Christian (which is a general term for all who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour), or Catholic or Protestant.

THE QUESTION should be do we love God with all our heart, soul and mind, and do we love our neighbour as ourselves? I believe dat should be the guiding principle in the life of a Christian (and dat means both the Catholic and the Protestant). Just like lee wan & kim tae hee helping out kids in some homeless area, which i think is a great testimony and THE essence of being a Christian [once again, whether you are a Catholic or Protestant ;) ].

Of cos surely there are a whole lot of differences within Christendom itself. Most of the differences are but minor differences such as practices, ceremonies and wat not.. BUT the greatest similarity (and by far the most important of all) is dat we all believe in one God who sent His Son to die in our place.

There's more than enough discord and disunity in this world, which is why we all got to look towards our similarities, and work to strengthen this unity in the bond of the Spirit :)

It's great to know dat there are many Christian actors and actresses in the Korean entertainment industry and dat's important because they are given huge power and authority in creating a culture and a value system which is good for people around the world to follow :) Dat's being salt and light of the world~ Kudos to them! :D

And God bless you all too~

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i don't want to be harsh person but what it's good of being catholic?

all i know is whether ur religion is catholic or prebysterian or protestant or whatever

the point is we're all christian, rite? believe in jesus christ our savior, rite?

so y we hv to separate it? jeezz... don't get it at all

u ppl unbelieveable!!!!! :sweatingbullets:

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Guest Darling__

just for future reference,

catholics ARE christian.

catholics DO NOT worship mary, nor do they worship saints.

well, im a catholic and I worship Mary AND saints. <_<

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Guest chocolavie

i don't want to be harsh person but what it's good of being catholic?

all i know is whether ur religion is catholic or prebysterian or protestant or whatever

the point is we're all christian, rite? believe in jesus christ our savior, rite?

so y we hv to separate it? jeezz... don't get it at all

u ppl unbelieveable!!!!! :sweatingbullets:

yep i agree with u...i have been to both protestant and catholic churches before...it's somehow the same...significanlty, all believe about the same, just that catholics believe a little bit more like the holy communion of the saints and praying to mother mary...perhaps i think having the denominations is to allow people to choose their preferred ways to worship God.

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Catholics don't worship Mary & the saints. They just honor or respect them. The word worship is for God.

I'm a Catholic. I respect other religions and also, everyone has his own faith and beliefs.

Anybody here knows the Christian names of Kim Tae Hee & Lee Wan (Kim Hyung Soo)?

Choi Ji Woo

Yang Mi Kyung (Christian name: Elizabeth)

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Guest fartface

well, im a catholic and I worship Mary AND saints. <_<

um...then ur not catholic. if you read a lot of catholic books like the catechism, you will notice that catholics are not supposed to "worship" mary and the saints or anyone else. if we worshiped mary and the saints then they would get pretty angry at us for doing so. if you pray the rosary and say the hail mary you will notice we ask for intersessions:"Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with thee...PRAY FOR US SINNERS now and at the hour of our death." maybe this is what you meant or maybe not. but either way ill be praying for you! :)

also, i strongly agree with orions belt27 i pray one day we will no longer be separated and hatred and misunderstanding between all Christians will be erased and that we will one day praise God together in peace. God bless!

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Guest angel2nyt

i don't want to be harsh person but what it's good of being catholic?

all i know is whether ur religion is catholic or prebysterian or protestant or whatever

the point is we're all christian, rite? believe in jesus christ our savior, rite?

so y we hv to separate it? jeezz... don't get it at all

u ppl unbelieveable!!!!! :sweatingbullets:

i agree with you..

im catholic..

when i first read the topic title i was curious but then as people keep posting things like 'this person is so much more likeable because she/he is catholic'..

i think its unfair for you to say that

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hei people...

i've noticed a lot of opinions bout the whole religion thing and i'm butting in..

hope nobody minds but my dad is catholic and my mom is protestant..

although i am really a catholic.. but we do fellowship with protestants because my mom's parents are pastors and they lead their own congregation..

here's the thing:

those who believe in Christ Jesus are all Christians(root word: Christ)

catholics are not supposed to worship any other personality than God.. He is only one..

although some people worship Mary and saints because they were brought up that way or some other circumstances or personal choice..

but we should only pray to them to intecede for us to God..

bcoz we are such sinners.. we cannot immediately come to Him.. therefore, we pray to Mary and the saints to plead to God on our behalf.. especially Mary who in a chapter in the Bible you will find that when the wedding in cana had drunk up all their wine.. Mary asked Jesus for help.. Jesus said 'it was not yet His time'..

then Mary replied that it was up to Him..

Jesus then performed the miracle of filling up the jars with wine to the brim..

therefore granting Mary's request.. that is why we ask for her intercession.. bcoz Jesus listens to her.. also in the form of the rosary..

protestants don't believe in the Holiness of Mary and the saints..

they acknowledge the part they all played in God's will but do not honor them as the catholics do..

catholics make the sign of the cross.. which symbolizes that the glory of God is with us..

bcoz He saved us all by sacrificing His Son's life on the cross..

and also that the Holy Trinity is with us..

protestants don't..

catholics have rituals and prepared prayers and confession..

and abide to the rules of the catholic church and look upon the pope as a holy being leading the whole catholic church..

protestants don't..

the protestant's sunday mass, or sunday service as they call it, starts with a sunday school.. where certain age groups are separated and taught of the Bible as it applies to them..

then praise and worship will follow.. where the people sing and dance for God..

then the sermon of the pastor..

catholics have more a more subdued mass..

the whole mass is treated as a prayer and therefore is solemn..

but basically.. they believe in the same God and Jesus..

they have the same Bible and preach the same basic teachings..

so it's the little things that differ..

but where it matters, we are all children of God.. :)

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Guest sojungiee~~**

i have a question

what is the difference between catholic and christian?

the biggest difference between catholics and protestant christians can be found in their

doctrine of salvation. being saved from going to hell, basically.

catholics believe that you need faith and good works, which includes the many rituals of the catholic church, to reach heaven.

protestant christians believe in "sole fide", which is salvation by faith alone. this faith being solely dependent on accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior. believing that JC, being the son of God, came and died as the ultimate sacrifice for the sinners, and resurrected 3 days later is "sole fide."

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Guest yodisbsteve

wow i read through about 5-6pages then stopped because people are SO RETARDED.

how many times must it be said.

catholics do not worship the virgin mary. we merely honour her. end of story. i hate seeing the word worhip and virgin mary even near each other cause people are so misinformed. seriously man...just listen to the words in the prayer. ...pray for us oh holy mother of God... the damn prayer is asking her to pray for us, just as you would ask your friend to pray for you if you were going through troubles.

but damn..son yejin and boa catholic..hot damn

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ppl have misconceptions b/c korean catholics are always seen kneeling before mary figurines.. but its actually praying to marry to pray to God.. i dont know the specifics b/c i dont go to church that much..but we are all christians. we have the same common beliefs. people just choose to worship different. there is no WRONG way.

on another note..i think this "religion" thread should be under one~

and oh......... i really dont like when pastors tell their congregations the so called unsensible, wrong practices of catholics. i think its immature and childish to lift their own position while downgrading another. ive had so many friends tell me their pastor told them this and that about catholism..when they were all misunderstood .

sad..and im sick and tired of having to reeducate them..i also dont like it when non catholic christians try to convert me. i wish they would leave me alone and accept that this is the path i am going to take. they make it seem like im following the misguided path. what path is misguided anyway?

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Guest Phoën¡x

Okay. *takes deep breath and pulls out a book and puts on glasses*

First I'd like to address the "no-religion" = "free-thinker" thing. I mean, it just means that you do not believe in a god. Which is, in a way, a free-thinker. You do not necessarily have to be atheist, which is the refusal to believe in a god. You could also be what is called, agnostic, where you are indifferent about the belief in a god. Which is, actually, what I am. But that's besides the point.

Also, Christians includes everybody who believes in God and Jesus. Different from the Jews, who don't believe Jesus was the Messiah and different from the Muslims, who also believe in Muhammed the Prophet. Christians include the group of Protestants and Catholics as well as a multitude of other religions, such as Eastern Orthodox Church, etc.

However, there is a VERY distinct difference between Protestants and Catholics.

Catholics also accept the leadership of the pope. In other words, they believe in this apostlic succession, where there is a pope. Protestants don't agree with that. Catholics believe that the authority is stated in the scripture and also from tradition. However, the Protestants do not believe that; they only believe authority is from the scripture. For Catholics, the Bible includes the apocrypha whereas for the Protestants, the apocrypha is excluded. Also, the Catholics put more emphasis on Church whereas Protestants believe that God saves anyone He chooses or anyone with proper faith regardless of church membership. Purgatory is affirmed by Catholics and denied by Protestants. Prayer to saints is accepted by Catholics while it is rejected by Protestants.

There are a lot of other distinctions. I won't go into detail with all of them.

Okay, if you're talking about Henry VIII, it's different. That was like a huge thing in English history because it symbolized that the king was also head of church because he could change the state church.

The huge schism for catholics and protestants was when Martin Luther pinned the 93 Theses on the Church walls. He started the Protestant branch. Henry VIII only took that religion.

kudos to XINGJING.. i think u gave a very detail explanation of both... we must be frens!! haha

as a matter of fact not many people know the details of martin luther's work in the past.. maybe ppl know about martin luther from America!

PPL go watch this movie :Luther played by Joseph Fienness (the guy from shakespears in love..sorry if wrong spelling)

ALEIA: bible between catholics and protestants are different if u read above quotes by xingjing.

i have a question / curiousity maybe: i can see that before the filming production starts, they actually have this ceremony to pray to the gods...(like the one i recently see the sunflower movie by kim rae won .. or normally the hong kong chinese would do)

i mean.. ok... i'm going to refer christians as protestants, catholics and etc..those who believe in Christ...

I thought all Christians are not allow to worship any god but God ,Jesus Christ(Holy Trinity).

So, aint that wrong to even burn papers or being involved in all those godly ceremony rituals??

Not only that.. this is a question dedicated to koreans .. (maybe i should ask my korean frens this tuesday then) but anyway..here it is

why people still burn incense to the dead if they are christians??(i mean whether it's in the drama or real life )

I thought we are not allow to do so..

I mean in what I have always known , christians are not allow to eat food offered to idolatry gods, burn incense, worship other gods..anything to do with non-christian rituals..

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