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[Drama 2010] Home Sweet Home/My Happy Home 즐거운 나의 집

Guest CricketVK

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Guest CricketVK

[MBC] Kim Hye Soo, Hwang Shin Hye, Shin Sung Woo, Lee Sang Yoon

Home Sweet Home / My Happy Home

즐거운 나의 집




Main Cast:


Kim Hye Soo as Jin Seo


Hwang Shin Hye as Yoon Hee


Shin Sung Woo as Sang Hyun


Lee Sang Yoon as Detective Shin Woo


Jin Seo and Yoon Hee are high school classmates and rivals whose different family backgrounds shaped their characters and their paths towards love and success in adulthood. Jin Seo develops a warm and cheerful personality as well as superior intellectual ability, while Yoon Hee becomes a beautiful woman with fatal charm. However, Jin Seo later finds herself a divorced single mother who is being investigated, along with her ex-husband, for their involvement in murder cases. The process is complicated when the young homicide detective becomes romantically interested in her.


Mystery, Melodrama



Broadcast Network:


Broadcast Period:

October 27, 2010 - TBA (replaces Playful Kiss)

Air days:

Wednesday & Thursday (21:55 Korea time)


Oh Kyun Hoon (오경훈)

Sources: Official Site & Wiki.d-addicts

Download raws:

Aja-Aja, Am-Addiction




Home Sweet Home OST Part.1

Artist: Monday Kiz

Genre(s): OST

Release Date: 2010.10.26



01. 사랑이 슬프다


Home Sweet Home OST Part.2

Artist: Bobby Kim

Genre(s): OST

Release Date: 2010.11.03



01. 그래도


NOTE: I just wanted to start this topic since I haven't seen it here. Anyone else interested in maintaining this thread, let me know & I'll be more than happy to transfer. Thanks.

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October 24, 2010

Melo-thriller My Happy Home premieres this week on MBC

by javabeans Via Sports Chosun l dramabeans.com


My Happy Home, aka the “Korean Desperate Housewives,” is MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday show that premieres this week in the former Playful Kiss timeslot.

The show stars Kim Hye-soo (Style) and Hwang Shin-hye (The Queen Returns) as leads and rivals. Kim’s character is kind and intelligent, although deep down she harbors the stirrings of “an instinct for hatred.” Hwang, on the other hand, sports an elegant outer appearance that covers an inferiority complex as the resident femme fatale harboring deep pain. Buckle up and get ready for the catfighting seems to be the message of the drama’s promotions.

The two frenemies battle it out over a man (of course!), played by Shin Sung-woo (Secret of Keu Keu Island). He’s Hwang’s first love, but Kim’s husband, and complicating matters is the death of Hwang’s husband. Kim sets off to uncover the secret behind it, while Hwang tries to cover it up. Lee Sang-yoon (Life Is Beautiful) also stars.

Sounds like makjang heaven! It appears that My Happy Home is taking an aggressive approach to its story and genre, which means it may be deliciously watchable, or really cheesy.

It’ll have an uphill battle in the ratings, but perhaps it’ll be aided by the fact that it’s a different genre from most midweek drama series, as it tackles the thriller-melodrama genre with its murder-mystery plot. It airs opposite SBS’s big hitter Daemul, which is increasing its ratings with every episode despite all the hullaballoo surrounding its behind-the-scenes drama. If things continue in its current trajectory, Daemul is likely to break 30% in the coming week or two, as it is already resting comfortably in the mid- to upper-20% range. KBS’s action-comedy Runaway Plan B may be less of a threat, but it has halted its ratings dive at 10%, and My Happy Home has a ways to climb if it wants to improve upon Playful Kiss, which wrapped last week with a 5.8%.

Will My Happy Home be able to crack the “MBC curse”? We’ll see come October 27 when it airs its first episode.

The drama held its prayer ceremony last week, on October 18, at its Yangju set location. The following are from the ceremony:




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Guest ChiSoju

I see Yoon Yeojung is in this. She is one of my favorite veteran actors.

WITHS2 has this listed as a "Possible future project" for subbing.

Here's the character relationships, from MBC's site:


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Just finished the first episode. It was good! I didn't think I would get into it but loving the battle between the Jin Seo and Yoon Hee and the acting is soo excellent. I don't think YH's husband is really dead. I hope he makes a come back and brings YH down! :P

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Guest mandalaywith

My Happy Home OST Part 1 320Kb


upload by mandalaywith

01 Monday Kiz 사랑이 슬프다.mp3

Download link

OST Part 2 is today 3.11.2010 Release.Part 2 will update.^.^


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