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Kim Ji Suk 김지석 - Variety : The Romance ( JTBC) Variety : Problematic Men

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It's so lovely to see them all out together!   I speak really basic, kindergarten-level Korean only, but I'll try to translate a few more of the hashtags, because a couple of them are really f

Ya'll....this makes me so happy!  <-------happiness tears. I sooo hope for season 2! Google translate caption:  Our drama is over, Our meeting began. # Top star milkshirts # Beauty girls # Ear

Yeah @triplem I think that’s Oppa’s official fan club account on IG. I’m currently stalking all his fan clubs in the region so that I will know if he ever comes to my country for a fan meet. I would d

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@triplem Oppa looks like he's going to be such a good daddy in the future! :wub: Anyway a quick translation of Oppa's HK fanclub's post. They were debating between sending a rice wreath for the press con or a coffee truck, but in the end decided on the rice wreath as they didn't want Oppa to have fewer rice wreaths than the other actors in the drama. :D They had the help of Oppa's official fan club in Korea, as well as the company which provided the rice wreaths. Oppa even specially took a picture in front of the rice wreath to show his thanks! How sweet is he! :wub:

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Hello everyone! I'm a new fan of Kim Ji Seok. i just recently started When The Camellia Blooms because I am curious about Gong Hyo Jin's new drama and also the comeback of Kang Haneul after military service. I wasn't even aware of Kim Ji Seok when I started the drama but he caught my interest. "Who is this guy? Why I like it when he's on screen?" I know he portrays an unlikeable character but when I watch dramas, I admire how the actors do their craft. They just give colors to the characters that's why I liked how he colored Kang Jong Ryeol's character.


Now I found myself binge watching some of his recent dramas including Another Miss Oh, 20th Century Boy and Girl, and Top Star Yoo Baek. I fell in love with this person and now here I am following his fan sites, reading forums about him, watching his variety show appearances (Problematic Men, Running Man, My Ugly Duckling). He is the reason of my smiles and laughter these past few days. 


Then I went back to watching the new episode of WTCB today, I can't help but feel sad for his character and how the fans of the drama bash his character. I suddenly felt a bit of hate between the leads and root for KJS's character hahaha.  I want to see him in another drama with lovely storyline (bonus if its TSYB2) but I miss his cheerful smile, I can only wait for the new season of Problematic Men coming back this November.


All I can do for now is rewatch Top Star-ssi and Jin Sang. I want to finish watching Problematic Men too. I hope all the best for Kim Ji Seok.

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He’s ready to be a father ! :wub:

When asked the daunting question of whether he would pick Kang Ha Neul or Kim Ji Suk as Pil Gu’s father, Kim Kang Hoon answered, “In reality, I would pick Kim Ji Suk, but if I were Pil Gu then I think Kang Ha Neul. On set, [Kim Ji Suk] would do nonsense quizzes with me and took care of me like a real father.”


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  • Jillia changed the title to Kim Ji Suk 김지석 Variety : Problematic Men

Ooo new sort of variety programme 

From Soompi 

ONE and Kang Han Na will also appear on JTBC’s new variety program “The Romance” in addition to Kim Ji Suk and Yoo In Young!


Read more about the show in the original article below.

Source (1)

Original Article:

Kim Ji Suk and Yoo In Young are going to appear together in JTBC’s new variety program “The Romance.”

On December 4, a media outlet reported that Kim Ji Suk and Yoo In Young will participate in JTBC’s “The Romance” as web drama writers, creating a new type of variety show. Kim Ji Suk and Yoo In Young are known to have been close friends for over 10 years and they are expected to showcase a different type of chemistry through this program. It was reported that they recently finished filming at Muui Island in Incheon.

Most recently, Kim Ji Suk appeared in KBS2’s “When the Camellia Blooms” as Kim Jong Ryul, while Yoo In Young was confirmed to star in SBS’s new drama “Good Casting,” which is expected to premiere next year in March.

Following the reports, a source from JTBC revealed, “Actor Kim Ji Suk and Yoo In Young have been confirmed to appear on ‘The Romance.'”

“The Romance” is set to premiere on January 9.

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  • Jillia changed the title to Kim Ji Suk 김지석 - Variety : The Romance ( JTBC) Variety : Problematic Men

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