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  1. Jiseok eonniiiieeeeee!!! Hahahaha. Missing him tooo much these days. PM is not enough to quench my KJS thirst. Lol Seriously love the PM squad. Hopefully, the cast members stay the same even tho the show will undergo some changes.
  2. Hehe. He seems to be a hopeless romantic also. Buuuut Yoo inyoung and KJS look sooo good together too. Hehe. They always talk about each other whenever they are on variety shows. He's going to be a special dj! And it's bora! Who knows where we can watch live? TSYB japanese version preview!!!!
  3. Insta update from his bro!!! He's so handsome im cryiiiiiiinngg
  4. Waaaah, it will be harder to see him once PM undergoes revamp. We will have to wait for his dramas or movies.
  5. Why do i feel different now whenever I see these two in one frame?! Hahahaha. Hmmm. BOTH. Hahaha. Just his mere existence is heart fluttering. Haha. And can we talk about that purple suit?! He loooks sooo fine plus the hairstyle. Oppaaaaaa lol Even if we don't get season 2, i'm crossing my fingers for another project for our YB and KS.
  6. IKR!! Maybe he took it seriously. Lol. Knowing JSM, its for fun and variety only. I wish they could've met and talked about it tho. Haha. What's up with the random guesting!!! Anyway its a winwin for the both of them. Hahaha. But the shippers have gone wilder than before, his insta is full of JSM's mentions. Also, judging by his comments on his fanmeeting and RM's jenga game (JSM's reasons for picking HSJ were on point, also her, choosing KJS on that two shot question for business purposes lol) I agree with you on them being platonic. *still crosses my finger for these two, coz they look toooo cute*
  7. I missed you gurl!! Where were you?!!!!! Hahahaha. But they are both on it though! The moment the drama ended, they were practically friendzoning each other on every interviews. Too savage. Haha. That's why I got too confused during the RM ep. They were so sweeeet and all over each other esp during the tango dance.
  8. GAAALSSS!! NEXT WEEK WE'LL BE SEEING HIM IN MY UGLY DUCKLIIING!!!! Yaaaas to more variety shows!!!
  9. Problematic men! Maybe it's an annual tradition for them to attend each other's fanmeeting. Haha.
  10. @triplem thanks for the update!! Hopefully we'll get video updates soon. It's so hard to stan actors huhuhu He's wearing a purple suit!!!
  11. Such a sweet sweet man. ~~~ and he looks extra cool and handsome with casual clothes on. I love him in his hoodies. Hihihi Kang haneul will be taking the lead role. So he's the second lead. Hmmm. Why thooooo. Reading comments on naver, they are also asking why is he taking the sublead. Maybe he likes the story and the role fits him perfectly? Let's wait and see. Cant wait for the fanmeettt!!!!! I guess we'll be seeing the problematic men again tomorrow. Haha. Edit HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR HANDSOME OPPPAAAA!!
  12. Did you guys watch the rm ep already? I know its just for variety's sake. But he was sooooo jealous the entire ep. Loooool. What a cutiiieeee One of my fave scenes. Hahaha. He was still chasing seokjin and somin and acting all jealous even after the race. 4 days to gooooo! Hope we can get updates during his fanmeet. A livestrean will do, hahahaha.
  13. I think the question was, who does look better with somin in the two shot (?) GERL THE BACKHUG WAS EVERYTHING. IT WAS SO NATURAL. SUCH A FLIRT. HAHA. And somin asked the staff to take a picture of her and Jiseok and send it to sechan and kwangsoo. Hahahaha. This giiiiiirrrrrlll
  14. Haa. Dont you think guys we need to see these kisses? Hahahah I watched the livestream. It was a riot!!! Hahahaha. I was laughing so hard esp when KJS is getting jealous.
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