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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]

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Joowon cries... I cry too~ All the hardships and happiness that we went through together the past couple of years... It has been a roller-coaster ride being in this fandom. Joowon has had to work so h

Hai girls! Sorry I've been out of it for the past couple of days. I didnt have time to go to soompi, hadnt even back-tracked the pages since Saturday and my phone takes the longest time ever to upload

The reason why JW was bending down and looking at the man. Cr as tagged. Many asked me why I like JW and why I like him for so long?  THIS. Plus his acting. 

padme said:

i think age doesn't matter as he finds the right person who will love and respect him and his career and well time will be give us if he finds that girl =)

Now I remenber  when he talk about his ex girlfriend *win win* he said something like he was too affectionate with her and then she just broke up with him via cel¿? uhmm i know here we ALL love Joo won but he is a guy after all, he is human and he is a person who has flaws so mabe this girl have her reasons for leave him and take his affectionate side like the big reason to broke up with him *some girls must hate affectionate boyfriends    :-?   * and that's something we never know,and mabe now  he is looking for someone who can understand that side of him i think! =/  someone who can share with him happiness&love and bring their flaws and virtues together; i don't care if she is a girl from the same industry or just a normal girl,  but someone who can bring the best of him on their relationship would be great! ^^

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 said:This is the article about Cutie's fanmeet in Taiwan but its in Chinese. 


韓國新生代花美男周元 5月首度訪台會粉絲

Yahoo!奇摩娛樂訊息作者: 全通網傳播 | Yahoo!奇摩娛樂訊息 – 2013年4月16日週二 台北標準時間下午3:57韓國新生代花美男周元 5月首度訪台會粉絲

圖/全通網傳播 提供 

韓 國備受矚目的新生代人氣男星周元,2010年在韓國憑藉著KBS電視劇「麵包王金卓求」出道並一炮而紅,接著三年多來戲約不斷,並加入實境綜藝節目「兩天 一夜第二季」的主持陣容,成功展現綜藝搞笑方面實力,在台灣也越來越受到眾多觀眾喜愛的周元,開心宣布即將於5月中首度訪台會粉絲。


周元外型出眾身高185公分、五官立體、微笑迷人,讓他出道後迅速受到影迷關注,周元一躍成名後,馬不停蹄地投入戲劇拍攝,接連演出了「愛在烏鵲 橋」、「面具情人」、「七級公務員」等人氣韓劇,周元在每部劇中角色相當活潑多變,與崔江熙、陳世妍等前輩女星對戲都毫不遜色,因而在新生代男星中演技備 受肯定。


在電視、電影螢幕出道前,周元在音樂劇界已有出色表現,演出過多部知名音樂劇,讓他早已擁有一大票死忠粉絲,接著他參與主演的幾部人氣韓劇,接連創 下收視佳績,讓周元的人氣和聲勢都更加扶搖直上,去年周元應KBS電視台邀約,挑戰該台招牌綜藝節目「兩天一夜」第二季,與車太鉉、成時景、金承佑等男星 一同成為加入該節目的新成員,24歲的周元在主持群中最年輕,自然成為老么成員,加上他聰明機伶、運動身手矯健,輕鬆贏得其他幾位前輩男星喜愛,經常受到 哥哥們格外照顧、疼愛。

周元演出的幾部韓劇「麵包王金卓求」、「愛在烏鵲橋」、「面具情人」,已陸續在台播出,收視成績也都相當出色,讓越來越多台灣觀眾認識並注意到這位 韓國電視界的新人氣偶像,台灣的全通網傳播公司也很早就注意到周元的戲劇表現及眾多人氣現象,積極向他提出訪台邀約,雖然周元剛演完「七級公務員」,緊接 著電影、電視劇演出的邀約眾多,他還是決定特別忙中抽空於5月18日來台舉辦一場活動,與台灣的粉絲近距離相聚,周元對這次首度與海外粉絲的見面會相當期 待,將帶來別開生面的精采豪華活動內容,請粉絲們再稍等他一下下,而且一定要來與他相見喔!周元訪台相關新訊息,請密切注意全通網官網

 from Yahoo Taiwan

...lets see if our translators will be able to give us some enlightenment. :D

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Oh yes, this is a great news! Joo Won prefer a woman older than him? Very good, i'm perfect! I'm MUCH older, i adore him, i'm italian (our food and cities are sublime), and i can defend him with my little bazooka by the fool netizen... my precioussss! *evil laugh* B-)

*ok, too much work today*  :P

PS:  :x

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mrdimples said:

Can someone uplad yesterday's SINA interview onto YT or DM?

The YT version I saw earlier wasn't complete. Here's the website again.



I think I am nuts, I get such a kick hearing him speak in Chinese, LOL

@mrdimples : The greetings given by Cutie was in Mandarin or Cantonese? I am asking because I find it very difficult to differentiate between both the languages. In mainland China what is the most commonly spoken language? Is it the same spoken in Taiwanese dramas?

Cutie was speaking in Mandarin (你们好 ni men hao). To speak in Cantonese it will be 大家好 (dai ga hou). Both phrase mean the same thing - how are you? / hello.

好 (hao in Mandarin / hou in Cantonese) = good, well

你们 ni men / 大家 (da jia in Mandarin / dai ga in Cantonese) = you in plural form

In the past, many western movies when there were Chinese characters they always speak in Cantonese probably bcoz HK movies like those of Jackie Chan and Chow Yun Fatt had been very popular back then. Later in 1990s, we see more of chinese dialogues in Mandarin. Maybe becoz of Ang Lee (to us Chinese hez Lee An 李安) who broke into the Hollywood scene with "The Wedding Banquet" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon". Hez a Chinese director fr Taiwan where they speak Mandarin and the local dialect Min Nan Yu (闽南语) which is almost similar to my dialect Hokkien (福建) in the South East Asia.

Sorry if I hav bored u all and for going off topic. Back to my lurker mode :)


Mandarin is the universal language for the Chinese speaking communities like mainland C□□□□ and Taiwan as well as here in S'pore. Cantonese like my mother tongue Hokkien is one of the many Chinese dialects. Ppl in HK speak Cantonese and itz quite commonly spoken in West Malaysia maybe bcoz there r many HK ppl migrated there prior to 1997. In Taiwan, Mandarin is mainly spoken while the older generation speak their dialects which commonly is Min Nan Yu and I think Khek (aka Hakka) too (I might be wrong). Mandarin spoken by ppl in the mainland might differ in the accent and usage of words though. Likewise in SGP, our Mandarin and English r sometimes mashed up with the other Chinese dialects and local languages like Tamil and Malay. Localised alrdy. @mhelbenito wld know :D Time to go eat bfast liao, doc :)

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Guest Mishiellie

I have no clue how many pages I have to back track now....  but won't have time
anyhow... made 20 GIFs today!!!!
Its a record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
first the beautiful ghost audition tape 
gawwwdddddd  took me the longest time to make.. since his scene is so short... and I kinda attempted to make the gif pretty w. all the lightening and blur effect lol!!butie3_zpsf2cdd001.gif


I purposely left this one w.o any retouching because of the namja veiny hands hahaha


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