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[OFFICIAL] The DBSK, THSK, TVXQ! (동방신기) 5 Thread

Guest Supernike911

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Guest petiteange22

jaejoong ah... why...


one drop of tear


i won't tell you not to cry, because it's okay to cry.

it's okay to let it out...

but after the tears, all i want to see is your smile.

it will be alright... it will be alright.

i want to give him a big hug, and keep him in my pocket.

he needs to be protected...

cr: herobaidu

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Guest annne82

jaejoong ah... why...


one drop of tear


i won't tell you not to cry, because it's okay to cry.

it's okay to let it out...

but after the tears, all i want to see is your smile.

it will be alright... it will be alright.

i want to give him a big hug, and keep him in my pocket.

he needs to be protected...

cr: herobaidu

:o :o I didn't know he cried.. Can you post the link to be able to watch the performance ? Or, tell me for which perf he did so?

I know that he was teary but I didn't notice that he cried :(

Thanks everyone for sharing links/videos/ Fan accounts :)

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[HQSCAN] JYJ's Making book

wow the pictures look absolutely gorgeous and damn sexy.. I have the Making off book, but until now i still didnt dare to remove the paper around it.. so i discover the pictures online.. lolz..

thank you KimjaE for sharing them^^

jaejoong ah... why...

looking at this gif, seeing Jaejoong's tears break my heart.. my heart aches when he is sad :tears: .. i want to hug him, i want to protect him and let him know everything will be fine eventually..

the boys are going through so much hardships.. life is so unfair to them.. Jaejoong who never showed so much of his emotions before, cant hold back the tears anymore.. but he must know how much we love him, and we'll always be by his side.. the "saranghae" we chanted to them that day means a lot.. we'll walk this treacherous path together till the very end.. everything will be fine.. yeah..

thank you Petiteange for sharing this gif^^

Pics From Musical Goong In Jeon Ju

101204 Goong Musical in Jeonju

i hope Yunho doesnt overwork.. he must be working so much with the musical, Poseidon and soon the promotion of their new CD.. he looks very handsome, but still tired on those pictures i feel..

thank you Amara for posting them^^

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Guest MichyItaly

(DJ of radio21) Preventing JYJ from being broadcasted is an act of violence through media.

trans credit: misty1022@twitter

Finally! I've been waiting for this for so long! (cue Crazy Love intro)(lol I'm joking, sorry :lol: )

FINALLY somebody's stood up and taken a stance for JYJ, it was about time!! I hope and I'm confident that now that the ice's been broken, other media will follow Radio21's example.

Does anyone know anything about this radio? I'm curious to know what kind of media it is, if it's regional, or national, popular or not, stuff like this...I did a quick search on the net but I could find nothing. The broadcasters sure were brave, to go up against the powers that be of the music industry, kudos to them! They even publicly condemned the behaviour of Lee Shady businessoo Man :o

JYJ must be super happy, since they thanked the radio on Twitter (well, Junsu kinda failed at that at first, clumsy bb :lol: ). Guess it was a pleasant surprise for them :D

Praises are falling on the boys like rain these days uh? It gives me so much pride and happiness to see their talents recognized by so many respected artists of the showbiz. Of course we already knew how great the guys are at what they do, but hearing it again coming from different ppl doesn't hurt lol

one drop of tear


omo! nobody talked about Jae crying at the concert 0_o

Don't cry bb, it'll be alright ;_;

To be honest I'm a bit worried about the new court hearing that'll taken place next tuesday...but let's wait and see what happens, it's no use crossing the bridge before you come to it.

Goong Musical: wow Yunho looks dashing with his new short hairstyle *.*

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[EXCLUSIVE] DBSKnights Interviews JYJ Dancer Telisha Shaw

Interview by: Rachel (MrCKDexter)

Photos by: Anthony Cabaero


Touring with JYJ in America and performing in the JYJ Worldwide Showcase in Seoul has turned dancer Telisha Shaw into an enthusiastic new Cassie.

Only two days after her return to LA, still slightly jet-lagged, Telisha agreed to a phone interview with DBSKnights. She was excited to share about her experience with Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu (whom she called "JJ, Micky and Jun"). In the past, Telisha has also danced with artists such as Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, and Green Day. But her experience is not limited to dancing, her "first love". Telisha has also acted in television shows Weeds and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and in the Hollywood film Step Up 2; The Streets as Felicia.

DBSKnights: So how did you get involved with JYJ?

Telisha Shaw: I knew of an acquaintance out here in LA that I had worked with before and he randomly gave me a call and asked if I knew anyone that could choreograph for this new group that they were working with. I immediately thought of Jeri (Slaughter). Based on our friendship and his repertoire, I figured he’d be a perfect fit especially because it involved the artist dancing. ... I suggested him for the job and everything worked out. ... [JYJ's management] fell in love with him. And after Jeri came aboard, he brought me on as a dancer. ... Pretty quick process! (laughs)


As the JYJ trio were busy in Korea, Jeri Slaughter sent them footage of the choreography to learn. At the same time, the dancers started rehearsals in LA. A few days before the New York concert on November 12th, they finally all met in a studio in New York.

Telisha: That’s when we learned the power of their work ethic. '.Cause usually when you send an artist material, 9 times out of 10 they really don’t go over it or they come in and you can tell they have no idea what’s going on. [JYJ] knew things better than we did. They were correcting us. I remember one day Jun came in and started going like, “No, that part goes here” and we were like “Are you kidding?” (laughs)


From the getgo, Telisha Shaw knew this experience would be extraordinary. "It was just like an establishment of a little family – the JYJ family. We had heard how amazing they are to work for ... but instantaneously when they walked in the room, it all set in." On November 15th, she tweeted "Thank you God/Universe...thus far this is the best gig I've ever had." DBSKnights asked her what made it one of the best gigs:

Telisha: It’s really rare that you get a total package from the artist where a) they act real in front of you, B) they’re not afraid for you to shine around them and just other variables that you really just don’t encounter.

As a whole, from top to bottom, I’ve never worked on a job where there was so much good energy. There was not one negative person or a weak link. Even when people were tired or even, you know, having one of those days where you’re just messing up, there was always this camaraderie, this support.

I’ve danced with Janet (Jackson) in the past, and in all honesty, that was a very high bar. Because of her work ethic and her just being an amazingly nice person. And surprisingly, it got topped. I never thought it would get topped and it did by this experience.


Telisha explained that before October, she didn't know anything about of K-pop and didn't realize how deeply rooted the K-pop fandom is. When the the US tour began, Telisha and the other dancers were shocked by the turnout. 'When we were in New York, we all had friends and family coming to the show and [they] were just like, “Um, the line is a couple of avenues long.” I was like, “No way, you’re exaggerating.”'

Thus followed the whirlwind tour through New York, Vegas and Los Angeles. Directly after the show at the Galen Center in LA, Telisha and the JYJ dancers hopped on a plane for Seoul. (We showered in the USC locker room and then got on the plane. I was like “Whoa, this is so rockstar!” (laughs). Then in Seoul, they began rehearsals for the two day finale on November 27th and 28th.


Telisha: On our first day, JJ lost his voice so everybody was kind of nervous about that. Everybody was getting sick cause you just get so run down. I don’t know if people understood this but the show that Jeri put on in Seoul with his team at Slaughterhouse - usually a show like that takes two months to rehearse. We had nine days to do it together. We knew some of the material just from the US shows but we had brought in additional cast members so that’s teaching them, learning the (new) material and we did all of it in nine days.

In addition to the time crunch, the production was plagued by bad weather. Although the Jamsil Olympic Stadium was covered by a canvas roof for the JYJ concert, the roof was torn and had to be taken down because of snow and hail early in the morning on the 27th. Both the performers and the fans were exposed to the elements.

Telisha: When we rehearsed outside, I had on three pairs of leggings, some tights, three shirts and a down vest. ... To go from that to literally a bustier, leggings, a small skirt and some boots (for the show) and to stand there during the intro - I was like “Oh my God!” There’s ice on the steps, there’s snow on the ground.

When we came off stage, you know, you try to find a portable heater just to warm up a little bit. It came to a point where I couldn't feel my fingers one time. But you just keep going and try to do the best show ever.


Telisha and the JYJ dancers were very impressed by the fans who attended the showcase in Seoul.“This is really fandom right here. Because the fans were like, 'I'm freezing and I'm sitting here watching this entire show.' They were definitely troopers."

DBSKnights: Was there a difference between fans in America and fans in Korea?

Telisha: No, not really. As a whole, their fans are consistent. Whether it’s two thousand or twenty thousand, you’re still going to get that intensity regardless of if it’s in America (or Korea). ... As far as the intensity, and the pride of being a Cassie, there was no difference to me. Across the board, it's a strong support system and I know [the fans] traveled and came from all walks of life. It was amazing to see.


DBSKnights: What was Thanksgiving like in Seoul?

Telisha: It was kind of unexpected. We just walked in. … It was one of those days where we were like, “Is it Thanksgiving here or back home?” We couldn’t figure it out. And finally I was like, “Oh no, it’s Thanksgiving here.” They had taken care of us, getting a turkey – I have no idea where they got this turkey from! We had a pretty nice Thanksgiving dinner.

Jun was teaching us magic tricks backstage. He’s really good with cards and sleight of hand! We were just cracking up, like, “Oh my god!” We couldn’t figure it out. (laughs)


DBSKnights: From your tweets, it sounded like Junsu hung out with the dancers more. Was that the case?

Telisha: JJ and Jun hung out with us the most. ... Micky is amazing at disappearing. Like literally, you could be in a full on conversation and see him across the room and you look again and “Where’d Micky go? Did you see Micky? Where’d he go?” (laughs) He’s so good at vanishing! It’s like he evaporates. I remember at the after party, he did it again. We were just like, “Have you seen Micky? Okay. Wow. He’s gone.”

Definitely Jun hung out with us and so did JJ. JJ was super playful, getting on the aerialist ring and goofing off. It was super funny! (laughs) ... They were just amazing people, amazing guys to work with. Really deserving of everything that they get.


One of Telisha's favorite foods is kimchi, and when the JYJ boys discovered this, they teased her. "They thought I was kidding. But no, I really love this stuff! So every time they came out, they were like, “Teli!” – which cracks me up that they call me by my nickname – and they were like “I see you! Stop eating everybody’s food!” (laughs)"

Telisha talked briefly about the JYJ boys learning English and I was struck by her great respect from them as artists. "I think it’s an extension of them communicating with their fans and having their music come across more clearly to a wider audience," she told DBSKnights. "I think it has to have been hard. … When it comes to verbalizing and expressing yourself, to not be able to – I know sometimes they were getting, you know, a little frustrated because they couldn’t express themselves. That’s what they are, they’re vocalists. But I can definitely see them learning English even better because it will give them another channel for them to reach people with their music.


DBSKnights: Any final words for the fans of JYJ?

Telisha: For JYJ fans, I want to thank them for welcoming me and being such an amazing support group for the boys. They’re really amazing people and really amazing artists to work with. I can’t wait to do it again. I can’t to see everybody’s faces again. … I’m so overwhelmed and so overjoyed by the support that they get. And I think it’s really amazing. I loved it, I really did. And I can’t wait to experience it again.


Telisha says, "I’m super geeked to be a newfound Cassie now and so excited that everybody accepted me so well!" Please welcome her at @telishashaw. This December, Telisha will be going in to the recording studio to record with Justin Timberlake's artist Free Sol. We look forward to seeing much more from you, Telisha!

Welcome to the fandom! We're happy to have you!

credits: DBSKnights

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Guest SolTOHO

Jaejoong ><

Don´t cry please T__T

What can i do for you? T__T

[Trans] Actor Kim Jung Kyoon: Yoochun acted very well and is very kind


“Yoochun really is capable. In the beginning, I found him non-energetic. However in the end when he transformed from singer to actor, his acting ability unexpectedly impressed me. He really acted well and kind. ‘The talented four’ not only has kindness but impressive acting skills. I believe they will do well in  acting (laugh).”

credit: baidu

trans+shared by: sharingyoochun.net

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Guest sheilapiglet

I think they used Homin's pic because they did mention that THSK will be returning next year with only 2 members...but I agree it wasn't right...just like how I don't think it was right whenever only JCS were acknowledged for the 5 members' Guiness Book Record achievements....the media/"professionals" need to get their facts straight.

stuff to share:

[Trans] Yunho’s congratulatory signature for Yoonhostar

To: Yoonhostar

Congratulations on the site’s 3 year anniversary

Like stars, if not seen it will still shine in the same place

Always being strongly supported, thank you fans, thank you everyone

The road in of us let’s walk through it together inseparably

source: yoohostar

credit: cheersyoonho

trans+shared by: sharingyoochun.net

YH's words are always so full of meaning=) Even if we can't see them together as 5 right now, they're still the same guys we fell in love with=)

101204 Yunho said he's "Dong Bang Shin Ki U-know Yunho"

I heard that after he said that, many fans broke down and cried at their seats...cassies really miss the group...not necessarily the name, but what the name represents...for now, only Homin will keep it alive, but I look forward to the day that they'll all be together again...they can call themselves Jaechunsuhomin for all I care=P

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I feel a strong urge to say it:

ALL professionals JYJ are working with give high praise to the boys. People all over the world love them. Them sailing single-handed, mind you.

Now it’s time for general public in Korea. I hope Korean media would eventually find their long lost conscience and do JYJ justice. I’m not asking for some special treatment. Just look directly at them not at their reflection in the SM distorting mirror. I bet you can’t help respecting them. Love may be subjective&irrational but respect is objective&reasonable. They deserve it fully.

They are true Korean pride. I grew interested in Korea thanks to them. They did a lot for their country&would do even more, I’m sure of it. Just let them glorify you, Korea.

*get my breath back*

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[Trans] 101205 CH[V] Thailand Asian No.1 Pop Artist of December – JYJ


Please look forward to the greatness of 3 hottest boys ‘JYJ’

Let’s celebrate the end of the year with the come back of JYJ with their 1st English album! The hottest trio ‘JYJ’ will come back as CH[V] Thailand Asian No.1 Pop Artist of December 2010!

You don’t have to wait for them any longer Cassiopeia, please welcome the come back of 3 hottest guys Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu under the new group artists ‘JYJ’ which came from thier initial name. JYJ come back with the 1st English album ‘The Beginning’.They have worked with the popular producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins who also produced the music for Lady GaGa and Britney Spears. The trio got a chance to compose the song in this album too.

Do not miss this Cassiopeia! JYJ will keep you company til the end of this year as Asian No.1 Pop artist for the whole month a CH[V] Thailand “To Ma Duay Kan Tow Pra Taed” by True Vision on D84, A31

source: CH[V] Thailand

trans by: sharingyoochun.net

[Trans] 101206 VOGUE GIRL December comments on Yoochun’s acting


Micky Yoochun is the perfect example of idol borned actor. When he appeared in the Sungkyunkwan Scandal press conference, many people already have preconceptions about him for his idol status. They felt he would be like Hyunjoong from ‘Boys Over Flower’.

Looking from the end, his acting was a lot better than expected. For those that had preconception that idol born actors acting are rigid with the view “let’s see how well you can act”, made them look at him with admiration.

The producer of the drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal praised Park Yoochun in an interview saying “You can see the expression in his eyes were more and more in place. Even when there were long lines, he didnot need much NG. In the middle of filming the drama he cried after remembering the lines, making me surprised.”

Truthfully, the role Park Yoochun had as Lee Sun Joon, the emotional change in character is not very obvious, so for a new actor it would be really easy to magnify their weakness.

After watching a drama CP would you praise a good looking actor’s acting in his first drama to this extent?

Even if you don’t know singer Micky Yoochun you can recognize actor Park Yoochun. Through the drama, Yoochun has captured more and more hearts of female audiences.

It looks like comments such as “new actor with amazing concentration and emotional appeal” are not from companies trying to promote their artists.

U-know Yunho should feel a little provoked because of this.

source: VOGUE GIRL

credit: baidutvxq

trans+shared by: sharingyoochun.net

A better translation of the last sentence would be: U-know Yunho should get inspiration/competitive feeling [from Yoochun's acting] - Jimmie

@sheila I posted here because I don't think all the fans want to read what antis are saying in SYC. its better to avoid reading all those comments its unnecesary.

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Guest sheilapiglet

senyae: Bitterlemon already posted that article under a link (which is a good idea in my opinion) right above yours...don't need to re-post it again...thanks=)


ah, I see...thanks for your thoughtfulness then...there are indeed alot of homin antis at SYC.

I personally think that article is great except for the fact that they had to put down other artists in order to make YC look better, which is completely unnecessary in my opinion...YC deserves to be recognized for his acting because he's good at it, not because others are worse than him.....the dig at Yunho and Hyunjoong was insulting and will only cause YC to have antis without him even doing anything...I'm sure YC would be more mad than happy if he ever reads the article himself too..they're both his good friends, not enemies.....comparison is inevitable, but no need to make others look bad in order to make others look good.

stuff to share:


I want one!!=D

[spazz] Back To School With Shim Changmin

hehe...aww, he looked so young back then...sort of like the typical "smart and shy" type of student=P

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Guest BitterLemon

The result of High Cut Drama Award

Something from the SKKS thread.

Can you spot our Yoochun in the picture :w00t: ?

Look at the percentage that he got - 48.90%..netizens love Yoochun!

Go Yoochun!

fr dc



the poll result from High Cut magazine was out. any kind soul cares to brief us on the result? :)



a korean friend translated the results for us...

credit to ysses@koreanwind.net

2010 year high cut drama awards~~

jang hyeok and gong hyo jin were chosen as the greatest actor who brighten the korea drama of 2010~

the drama of 제빵왕 김탁구 was chosen as the best drama of 2010~~

the life is beatiful register its name " the good drama of 2010 ~~

on the other hand ,the drama the man called the god 신불사 and 장난스런 kiss were chosen as the worst drama of 2010 ㅡㅡ~~신불사 왜?

an expert in acting(연기달인상)~~

1. jang hyeok

2.yun si yun

3.song chang ui and sang u~~

the exper in acting(연기 달인상 ) woman

1. gong hyo jin

2.go hyeon jeong

3.mun geun yeong

netizen estimation賞

1.park yu cheon

2.jang hyeok

3.Lee seung gi


1 park min yeong

2.go hyeon jeong

3. gang hyeo jeong~~

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Jaejoong on a chinese exam paper



I probably would fail this exam because I would be distracted looking at his picture 


credit: dc

 shared by: sharingyoochun.net

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Guest SolTOHO

Since some of you  are expressing their thoughts. I wanna express myself too ^^

Well, I  will start with my story XD (What a dramatic girl XD)

I´m a student of 17 years old and i fell in love with TVXQ  just at the beginning of this year.

I live in a country where only few people know about  the kpop (A friend introduce me to TVXQ). At first i was like "WTF?! An Asian group? Oo" (I´m so sorry about it XD but I never was fan of any artists in the past . 

I listened to the music that was on the radio ...  and I never had interest in k-dramas or japanese-anime XD) 

But TVXQ got me under their spell XD (Changmin was my  favorite at first sight.. i found him the most handsome at that time). The time passed and after watching their lives. I fell in love with other members and i fell CRAZY IN LOVE WITH JAEJOONG :D . (his voice is so beautiful <3 and he is gorgeous and adorable = perfect guy !! <3) and he is my favorite member right now (and forever XD).

I work at times in a middle-time work .. so the money i get is not that much, but when I like something (that is really difficult) I really involve myself in what i like . So just after 3 months of starting to be a fan,  i bought the first CD in my whole life : "The Best Selection 2010".and then "Xiahtic" - [The ...]  and the very first DVD in my whole life : the "Thanksgiving Live"  DVD . I have "The Beginning" ver. A too! :D


During this time I followed all the situation about the lawsuit (I was impressed and so sad when i learned about it).

I can not stand the injustice . I actually strongly reject the injustice.

So, imagine how I am. A fighter who fell in love with this awesome group and i can do anything to defend them

i got involved that much in this situation that i cried a lot of times. I was (I am) so frustrated.

I know That HoMin had their own reasons to stay in SM. 

I don´t share their thoughts but i respect them.

but, there is something that i can not stand and they are the awful actions of SM against  JYJ .. 

I just can´t believe this kind of situtation is hapening and that nobody(aside fans) cares to do something about it.

And the worst of all:  a federation that should take care of the wellness of the artists (KFPCAI) has colluded with SM and .. it´s blocking JYJ´s activities too.

This situation doesn´t look real to me. If something like this would be hapening in my country ... it would be a scandal.

Altough JYJ show us their beautiful smiles I know they are  suffering because of this.


However, there is something good that this give to my life. Like someone said before... i fell in love again with the same boys. I´m a very proud fan of JYJ :D

The concert in Seoul was AMAZIIIING! 

The best thing? They composed the new songs!! and i love them all :D

Mission , IDS, Pierrot, Nine, Fallen Leaves

I love them! and THIS (Who said KJJ can´t dance??) Mister Improve has improved his dance again! :D

I dont know if the pain has open my heart XD, but i feel they are inserting more and more in it.

And it feels so good. I decided to welcome my love for JYJ and forget my hate for SM and AVEX.

BUT! there is something that is still worring me

I want to support HoMin too. But I can not support SM (it´s not about HoMin <3) it´s just that I don´t want to do something that benefits JYJ´s butcher.

It´s like SM would be feeding HoMin with a hand and it would be killing JYJ with the other hand.

What to do? V-V 

Tell me if you have an answer, please.

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Guest sheilapiglet

SolTOHO: I understand how you feel...i think the only way you'll be able to support Homin tho is to go to their events and buy their merchandise....don't see it as: "if I help HM, I end up hurting JCS" like some fans do...in my opinion, this is a wrong way of thinking and not fair to the members....because when it comes down to it, SM is not going to be in shortage of money and power to hurt JCS and continue the lawsuit with OR without your money...unfortunately, they're a much more powerful and well-off company than people give them credit for....so boycotting SM will only end up hurting HM in the end and won't even benefit JCS at all..it's a lose-lose situation in my eyes....I completely understand your hatred for SM since I feel the exact same way...but because i love all the members, I'm not going to let SM win and make me choose a side...SM doesn't care about the fans OR the members, but I do...I would never hurt Homin just because I can't hurt SM..doing this would only mean my hatred would be targetted at the wrong people...I fell in love with the members, and not the company they work for...therefore, I choose to be there for them when they need us the most...I'm not going to let my negative feelings towards SM hinder my support for Homin...I hope that as a DBSK fan of all 5 members first and foremost, you'll be able to do the same=)

Sungkyunkwan Scandal 성균관 스캔들 - Fanmade 18

this is a SKKS fanvid with "Don't Say Goodbye" as the BG music..the lyrics do match the storyline..it's beautiful=)

101205 Musical 'Goong' - Curtain Call

anyone know what the fans were saying to YH?..it's so nice of him to respond=D

[Pic] SungKyunKwan Scandal 2011 Calendar

*click title link* Nice!...if I had a calendar like this, I'd always be late for everything cuz I'd be too busy staring at it and forget the time=P

[spazz] JYJ and SungKyunKwan Scandal on an exam paper

*click title link* this must be recent since JYJ is a pretty new group=)

[spazz] Junsu on chinese exam paper

*click title link* looks like Jae wasn't the only one featured in the exam...I'd totally fail it cuz I'd be too shocked and busy staring at their pictures to focus..haha..what are the teachers thinking?!=P

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[EXCLUSIVE] DBSKnights Interviews JYJ Dancer Telisha Shaw

such a nice interview.. such a nice girl indeed.. i am glad she got along so well with the boys and she has only praises for them, their professionnal attitude, as well as their humble and down-to-earth personality.. we know our boys are like this, but still its great to read it and hear it again.. it feels good and makes me so proud of them.. like many of us, i would love if they could release some backstage and BTS of the rehearsal for the concert.. i would love this.. i absolutely want to see Jae goofing around on the aerial ring.. lolz..

[Trans] 101205 CH[V] Thailand Asian No.1 Pop Artist of December – JYJ

The boys are n°1 not only in december, but every month of the year.. lolz.. i am glad they're considered as Asian n°1 pop artist anyway, because its totally deserved.. Thailand is lucky, they'll get to see them a lot on TV this month..

thank you Senyae for sharing this interview^^

[Trans] Actor Kim Jung Kyoon: Yoochun acted very well and is very kind

then again, its so sweet to read praises for our boys.. its impossible to not love Yoochun after all.. and everyone is agree to say his acting from day one to the end improved a looooot.. totally different.. he was really impressing as Lee Seun Joon..

thank you SolTOHO for posting^^

[Trans] Yunho’s congratulatory signature for Yoonhostar

Such a beautiful and meaningful message.. no matter what, our boys are still shining at the same place.. when our faith starts wavering, lets remember this..

101204 Yunho said he's "Dong Bang Shin Ki U-know Yunho"

i love to hear those words.. but some things in my heart, its hard to explain those feelings..


its really beautiful.. i'll never lose faith in my boys..

[spazz] Back To School With Shim Changmin

aaww he was still so young then.. he is still our baby now, he didnt change at all.. still as adorable as before.. and i am willing to go back to school if its with Changmin.. lolz

thank you sheilapiglet for sharing Yunho's message, the video, as well as the links^^

sadly i cant watch the other video, as i am at the office now :(


so proud of Yoochun.. his acting talent is recognized and its totally deserved.. we knew how talented our Yoochun is, we had no doubt he would do well, but his acting was really impressive, definitely above any expectations.. he surprised everyone.. even those who had prejudices against idol turned actors..

2010 high cut drama awards

It would be awesome if our Yoochun could win the award.. but with his performance as Lee Seun Joon, i have no doubt he'll win many times this year.. Yoochun hwaiting!!

thank you BitterLemon for sharing this link and article^^

Jaejoong on a chinese exam paper

[spazz] Junsu on chinese exam paper

[spazz] JYJ and SungKyunKwan Scandal on an exam paper

oh my.. i would fail miserably if i had the boys on my exam paper.. how can you concentrate in those conditions.. lolz.. its simply impossible, i would only focuse on the pictures and would daydream all along..

thank you ti404 and sheilapigle for sharing^^

Tune into Seoul FM

OMG, i want to be home now!! but i am glad other radio are following radio 21 example.. its a great beginning!! and i hope TV channel will follow too!!

thank you Karina for sharing^^

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