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[OFFICIAL] The DBSK, THSK, TVXQ! (동방신기) 5 Thread

Guest Supernike911

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Guest Aoenao

Wiiiiii!!! Finally the 5th Tread!! Congratulations for your hard work AOE Team, and to all the TVXQ's fans who in spite of the difficulties are keep supporting the boys. Greetings and love from CHILE ^^ ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH

I topped the page?? o.o

Someting to share ^^

Here they could not stop of laughing xD we want to see them laughing of that way again ^o^

Credits: onlyumnho

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Guest AnimeAddict31

Arigatou for the new thread!

It's been a while since I last posted on soompi.

Always had that "Okay, I'll quit as a lurker and be an active poster!" thought but still went back to as a lurker..

I hope this thread will be full of happiness!

Cassiopeia hwaiting!

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Guest evilgary

finally we are onto a new thread which is really great as it shows we are active in discussing about them

any news of junsu's condition ever since he was sent to the hospital?

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Guest hjj1326


sharing some young DBSK pics,..





i miss the old times,..

and NOW,..



look at how they grow up into these fine specimens~<33333

*sniff sniff*

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Guest Shaneira

Woohoo!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who made the effort of creating this new thread! I agree with Mod, the first few posts made me go w00t.gif:w00t:w00t.gif !!! You've done a really great job, guys! ^^

I just woke up and saw this picture. LOL


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Guest Kumeihina

Any news on Junsu being hospitalized? =[ I've been feeling so anxious lately with all this news and its irritating me that I don't know how our boys are doing. :ph34r: Hope JaeChun kept Su company in the ER while getting themselves checked out as well. You can never be too safe and it looked like Jaejoong also didn't feel well when he arrived in LA. :tears: These boys all need to have like a 3 month vacation...just to themselves and friends/family if they want. To relieve their stress both physically, mentally, and emotionally. I'm sure any longer and the boys would be itching to work again, :P

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Guest -ILoveJae-

OMG finally! thread # 5!!! yay! you guys are awesome.

and since I don't want to spam here I'll share this!

I was watching old videos of the boys cuz u know.. I miss them so much ( t.t)And seriously ! they never fail to make me laugh xd. It doesnt matter how many times I watch this It's still funny

old clips FTW!! :D


junsu's so cute wanting to eat the "cake" LOL ^^.

ohh I almost forgot ...does anyone has the original pic for this, you know without the "happy Birthday" part?? :sweatingbullets: !!


thanks in advance.

Oh and srry for my english, I'm not a native speaker : l

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Guest Honey_KizZ

Letter #223 Right now, I am...... - Posted on 04/07/10

Almost a year has passed since the lawsuit began...

So much time has passed, that I

find myself saying

'It's already been a year since this all began?'


To them, the people who I believed would always be together as five

At first, I said that we will be eternal,

Last year, I said that I believed in them

And now, as the world changes every day,

I can't say anything...


Is it that I'm scared?


Is it that I've become numb?

I will probably become numb one day,

but that day has not come yet.

Because when I see them

My heart still races like it always has


I am scared.

My disappointment was temporary,

My slight hatred was temporary,


My fear comes from the thought

that we may not be together eternally

as I had once thought we would be.


The more time that passes,

The farther I feel from them.

The posts I wrote like crazy,

The photos I cherish as much as myself,

The videos I've collected over the years...

Instead of increasing,

they are slowly becoming forgotten.


But that doesn't mean I will forget them.


It's too hard for me

to look back at what we used to be.

I, filled with sorrow and emptiness,

don't have the courage to do that.


Dreaming a dream,

and making that dream come true.

I have finally realized what hardships

the difference between those two things bring.

I miss them so much,

but I can't see them,

I want to hear them so much,

but I don't know when that day will come

Like how spring always comes after winter,

That day will one day surely come

Am I ready to face the cold winter till then?

by. 혼다

Source: [Naver Blog]

Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net

Shared by: tohosomnia.net

Do not remove/add on any credits

i just wanted to share this letter by a cassie.

thanks jee for the translations.

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Guest raikko9

yay!!! Finally on the 5th thread.

Kudos to the thread starters~ it was awesome!

Hope Junsu is well rested and in better condition than the other day.

Hope the 5 boys are doing well at the moment.







credit as tagged

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Guest lili_dbskfan

Woo... I wanna join the celebration here too :)

Congratulations on the opening of the 5th DBSK thread!!!

A Big 'THANK YOU' to the AOE team who worked hard for this... The Graphics are awesome and the details/info are very organized! GREAT JOB!!

Let's start this with a New Resolution for everyone and DBSK members!

Wish them SUCCESS in ALL their future activities! Be it Solo, Sub-Unit or DBSK group!

I will Always Keep the FAITH & will WAIT for their Comeback.

What is most important now is for the 5 members to stay healthy, happy and optimistic. I won't ask for more :)

I would like to share some TVXQ quotes I've got from '#TVXQquotes' tweets:

"Today I want to tell you this:It is because of your love that we are able to fight off the agitation of our career." YH to fans -->DBSK has inspired fans too! :)

"Standing on stage, feeling all your support & love...is the most precious thing to us." CM to fans -->Yes, Changmin. We are waiting to see you on stage again :)

"Nothing can be done if you’re sick, so I will work hard to make my life more cheery." JS -->Get well soon Junsu!

"It's feels lonely if one of us isn't around." JJ -->Hope you will become even stronger at this tiring time!

"I will get breathless or tired while climbing mountains but I will be stronger than before after I have endured those times." YH -->Yes, please stay strong leader-shii

"Everytime i feel the love from the members. I don't wish to forget the most important thing in my life." YC -->the most important thing in your life... fight for it & stay strong!

"Although Junsu might be just joking around in saying something, but from that i get encouraged to my self." CM

"I was afraid if our happiness might gone someday but Yunho always comforted my mind to be strong.He is really a good leader." JJ

"I hope TVQ would always continue. Our friendship is very strong and it will keep grow in the future." YH

"Without TVXQ, I would not be myself like I am today, Xiah Junsu." JS

"We, TVXQ always in the same heart." JS

"Inside our heart, wait. please wait for us." JJ

"Dont ever forget DBSK and TVXQ will always cassiopeia too." JJ

"The reason why i want to singing is because of TVXQ. I love the voices of 5 of us, the voices of the other four members." JJ

"If our friendship could last forever, I don't need anything else." YC

"The contents of the lyrics (Kiss the Baby Sky) completed are a love song but I always think of the bond between the 5 members & the fans." YC

"I always bring the photos with members along, Those photos are leaving a deep impression on me." CM

"What I feel is cool are people who don’t forget their dreams and ideal even as they grow old." YH

"Just by looking each other's eyes. we know what's the feeling inside." KISS couple

"We will continue to work harder and will become a group that doesn't loose our original intention and never change." DBSK

"We are a group with team work that cares about a member's future instead of comeback's magnificence." DBSK

These were mentioned by the members when they first stood on Tokyo Dome stage last year, tweeted on July 4th,2010 #THSK5inTokyoDome:

"Tohoshinki is the first Korean group to stand on the stage at the Tokyo Dome."

"We felt really happy as we united our heart as one."

"To be able to achieve our dreams was not just our own hard work but also because we have our ever-supportive fans."

"To be able to dance together as the 5 of us is really precious." JJ

"We accomplished our dream. Together as 5, stood on the stage of Tokyo Dome."

"With tohoshinki in tokyo dome, I feel the joy that I've never felt before." YC

---> My New Resolution: To be ONE with them at Tokyo Dome one day in future! better make at least 2 days... haha :)

May DBSK continue to set more Records in History! All DBSK members are really PRECIOUS...

Lastly, hope all DBSK & Fans' WISHES may come true in this thread!

Uknow Yunho HWAITING! Choikang Changmin HWAITING! YoongWoong Jaejoong HWAITING! Micky Yoochun HWAITING!...

...Xiah Junsu HWAITING! :D


Cassiopeia HWAITING! Bigeast HWAITING! International Cassies HWAITING!

“Even if it’s only for a second, I hope to make all the tears stop in the world and change them into smiles" JJ


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Guest miar815

finallllllllllllly new thread launched

congratssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss :D:w00t:

hopefully things will start better off with this new thread........

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Guest oriental_blossom

5th thread already?! WOOHOO~

I've been a silent stalker, popping here and there on the other threads but now, I'll be more active!

It's just so hard to back track since those thread were so fast!!! lol

I was in a complete lost... :tears:

Anywho~ Congrats!

I hope this new thread brings many good news for us and of course, them~ :D

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