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[OFFICIAL] The DBSK, THSK, TVXQ! (동방신기) 5 Thread

Guest Supernike911

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Guest agva

New thread arrived :D

It's gorgeous, thanks to everyone who have contributed for the hard work.

Junsu, get well soon and don't overwork yourself to that extent, please.

Jaejoong... ah, don't give up.

All 5, be strong and healthy.

I wonder how many songs composed by guys will be included into this new album... hmm the more the better! I just hope there will be not only "commercial" tracks but also more artistic or even experimental compositions. Looking forward to it!

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Guest oh`retro

Yay, the new thread is finally here. :)

It looks gorgeous, thanks to AOE for making it.

Hope we all continue to keep the faith.

And support the boys no matter what.

They're too precious to let go, so let's not.

I can't wait to see Yunho & Changmin at SM Town.

I've missed them so much.

And in honor of the new thread, here's one of my most fave pics of Xiah.

I hope he gets well very soon so he can do what he's born to do.


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Guest yeezer


A big THANKS to everyone that played a part in working on this new thread and getting it open. Hope to have lots of good memories with the boys on this thread.



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Guest hachiko park

Finally the 5th Thread!

I totally loved it!

is so beautiful! =)

and organized! <3

Thanks to AOE for the hard work!

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Guest jaejoong.ro02

Congratulations on the 5th thread! I love it! It's very neat and in order. Thank you AOE for the efforts of putting a great thread once again!

I hope we can fill this thread with so much happiness and hope that everything goes well for our 5ive boys.

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Guest kumiko88

Congratss for the new thread.. have been missing over here for ages due to connection problem...

Thanks for everyone who make this thread opened;)

TVXQ fighting!

Always in my ♥ ;p

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Yay! new thread! Thank you guys, it looks really nice and well organized. All the info's on the boys are very neat and clear.

Lets open up a new chapter in our fandom and start afresh with new hopes and happiness :D

Jae,chun,su,yun,min approve.kekeke


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Yippy, Congrat on the opening of the 5th thread. I've been waiting for a new thread to be open :rolleyes: . Hopefully good things can be share in this thread. Let's wait and hope for the best, let's hope for the continues of this thread too. LET'S KEEP THE FAITH until our last minutes . LET'S UNITED ..

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Guest TVXQ~Soul

NICE JOB GUYS!!! :w00t:

DBSK/TVXQ is an amazing group and their fans are no 'losers' either. kekeke~ ;)

I hope all five boys can take good care of themselves. Perhaps they should all take a break to rest physically and mentally. Go somewhere peaceful and just do nothing.

They really need a time-out now.

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Guest Hongki.love

Congratulations on the 5th thread!! Everything looks so nice. Thank you to everyone in charge. =]

Here's a video reminding us...Don't Say Goodbye.

The lyrics are so touching, and when the Cassies sing the chorus during the break to them it makes me want to cry. >< Just like here, it's our time to sing this song to them...

DBSK - Don't Say Goodbye @3rd ATM, Seoul P10 [subbed]

Credits: as tagged+farahmicky5 @youtube

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Guest Elizabeth9095

Yeah! The thread! New attitude! Be always positive and full with good energy!

I hope this new one will be full of good news

Thank you all who put a lot of effort, you did great!

And to commemorate, one EPIC performance:

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Guest yoyo_yoyo

Congratulations for 5th thread

Let's make full of Hope, Happiness, Faith and Support the boys in 5th thread :)

Thank you all

I just want to share some beautiful/lovely pics of them...I love them all

















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Guest minnielovemicky


a big thank you to the mods and congrats on the opening of our 5th thread!! ♥


DBSK hwaiting! ♥


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Guest koreamom

yeah! the new thread is here and it is awesome! i love the layout and organization of all their informations. so easy to find things and i loved reading through the bios and history again! whoever wrote all that bravo to you! well done. and thank you so much to all who worked on this new thread. :D

thanks also to those who have posted the fun gifs and pictures so far. i have already seen 2 pictures i love that i haven't ever seen before! lovely way to start a new thread for me. :wub:

lets all work together to make this the best thread yet. as someone said, we are represent them when they cannot for themselves so lets make them and us proud of this thread! no doubt it will be with all the awesome posters we have! AND, welcome to all new posters. enjoy and say your stuff too! its fun here to spazz about the guys and find out the latest stuff and always have lots of things to watch and pictures to share and keep! may this be the big re union thread. may they find peace and love and fulfillment in this next year, and we will be here to celebrate it with them. :)

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Guest ka_vie

wow, 5th thread !! congratulations !!!! :D

thank you for AOE team for making this 5th thread look absolutely great !!

i hope i'm going to post more often here, and yeah, i also wish that this thread will be delightful, cheerful, and joyful place for us to seek information about our 5 lovely guys....Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Shim Changmin, Jung Yunho, we'll be waiting for you always, we won't give up on you and will always be by your side !!

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Guest Kumeihina

Our 5th thread..New beginning for us fans as our Shinki 5 also begins to walk down their own paths following their dreams. As one door closes , another 5 opens. We'll be right behind our 5 boys watching them walk their own path and go toward their dreams wishing all of them the success and love they deserve. No matter the road they take, as long as they are happy, your fans will stand by you. We will be waiting with you guys to see the day when all 5 of you can stand on the same stage together, relaizing YOUR dreams, on YOUR terms, and seeing YOUR smiles. Always take care of yourselves, and do what makes YOU guys happy. Live your lives and never regret, don't look back and take everything you have experienced/learnt and walk foward.

Always keep the faith.

3+2 OR 1+1+1+1+1

No matter, they will ALWAYS equal 5. Our 5. The TVxFQ 5.


And also much thanks to everyone who worked so hard on opening thread. :wub:

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finally a new thread.. chukkae.. :)

i'm still n will always be a fan..

it's difficult time for now but it's worth to wait..

hope to the end..

(haven't post in soompi for awhile, log in just to post congrat msg for this new thread. lol)

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Guest lenale

Wow, this morning when i woke up, i didnt expect that we would have our new thread...

Finally its here, and its beautiful...thank you everyone who worked hard to make it the greatest thread starter all around soompi...if the boys have the chance to see it, they'll be very proud of it...

i had the chance to post on the very last page in part 4...but i am a bit too late for posting on page 1 here...

neway...this is a new start for all of us...so may this thread be filled with laughters and happiness...

lets continue to support our boys wholeheartedly and unconditionnally, as a group, unit or undividually...with unweavering love and faith...lets give them our whole, as they give us theirs...

Boys, stay happy and healthy...take good care of yourself...always...

Always keep the faith...


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