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[OFFICIAL] The DBSK, THSK, TVXQ! (동방신기) 5 Thread

Guest Supernike911

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Guest noelle12kim_1

Have we heard anything about how the boys are doing now? I'm so worried about them especially yunjaesu. Why is it so quiet?

I believe they're doing fine. My unnie saw them at a Korean bar in Ktown couple nights ago.

I wish I was 21 already. UGH!

I can't wait for the concert! Yunho's going to be so tired :(

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Guest Hoodwinker


credits: Yesasia.com

Saw this over at Yesasia a few days ago. So this is going to be the official cover for the 3HREE Voices? They wore the exact same outfit when they came to Australia. Avex really needs to work on their DVD covers T_T

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Guest Supernike911

Once again, thanks for all the congratulatory messages! AOE really appreciates all your warm comments :)

[TRANS] 100706 BIGLOBE MUSIC Japan - Tohoshinki Center Of Interest


BIGLOBE MUSIC News Article Access Ranking (Survey Period 100101-100630):

#6. Tohoshinki Junsu/Jejung/Yuchun's rush of viewers to live feed!

#7. Tohoshinki's Jejunuiku! (Jejung Week)

BIGLOBE MUSIC Keyword Search Ranking (Survey Period 100101-100630):

#1. Tohoshinki

During the first half of the year, the main center of interest was Honey L Days (television drama effects) and Tohoshinki. At BIGLOBE MUSIC, the rankings for the first half of 2010 were released.

Not only did the theme song for the television drama "Sunao Ni Narenakute" earn second place, it made it to three other positions. On the other hand, the ranking for the keyword search shows that the visitors of BIGLOBE MUSIC chose Tohohshinki as first.

The selling of the Best Selection Album during February and people who wanted to see their Lives have appeared on BIGLOBE MUSIC many times before, in addition to news relating to their suspension of activities. Recently, with Jejung being involved with his television drama, the amount of searches for Tohoshinki have dramatically increased.

(unrelated materials omitted)

Source : [xiahking + biglobe.jp]

Translation Credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net

Shared by: tohosomnia.net

Please do not add on/remove credits

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Guest Elizabeth9095

Luna here!

Wooow a new thread?

Awesome! *O*

Thanks for your comments the other time! jeje

This time I´m here again to share with you a new drawing!

Hope you like it!


Cred: LunaLove Hero@My Destiny


you are so talented!!!!!!!! Amazin, I love the hair, and the eyes

@ lalalaLynn

Yeah, people go back, but is the trust I’m talking about is so hard to gain trust again once it had be broken. You always have the thought they can do it again, even if people change, you will have a nagging voice that make you think they are “betraying you” or that they will.

And is not only JCS who has to trust SM, is also SM who has to trust JCS too.

Is ok, we are all a bit selfish, and we are all a bit in denial.

SM, I hope they have some changes, some major changes because there is more than a few things wrong in their contracts. Now that all people have their eyes on them, including the Korean Fair Trade Commission, they have to acknowledge they have a problem.

Other companies are changing their contracts too, and if things go really well, it will benefit many artist.

I… won’t comment if I want or not them back in SM because after all, it doesn’t matter what I want, but what they want. If they want back, go for it ^^

Yeah, SM made them the way they are, they are good at making amazing groups, that is what makes the story so sad because they really have amazing people there who deserve so much more than unfair contracts, and their statistics aren’t promising. Have you heard about a “5 years curse”?

I think they already did a lot for SM, the amount of money they have brought to SM is huge, they were one, if not the biggest idol group, and a huge source of income for SM. I think they already pay SM what SM did for them.

@ Kumeihina

Yeah, that is a possibility, but I don’t see that happening. Yunho and Changmin make it clear for me they want to stay in SM, I don’t think they will leave.

The other option is to have JCS in other company HM in SM and both work as dbsk but I don’t see that happening either.

I have faith in them, in every single one of them. In yunho doing great in his musical, in changmin doing amazing in his drama, both performing with their souls in SMtown, JYJ doing the best album they can do, performing again. There is where my faith lays on.

@ raikko9

Yeah, they obviously don’t want to go back. I’m sure they will try to pay if they lose the lawsuit just to get out of that contract.

OK, last replay on the matter at least for me.

Nothing is written in stone; many things can happen and let’s just wish for good things to happen eh?

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Guest rabbit83lee

i just noticed that what's missing in the first info page is their drama related threads.

I think this is what YH's performance scheduel looks like in September so far...pretty busy!:

September 4, SM Town in LA

September 9, Goong

September 11, SM Town in Shanghai

September 14, Goong

September 16, Goong

September 19, Goong

thanks for the info, sheilapiglet! really appreciate that - i plan to go korea for goong during above period, but any idea how to get musical ticket? ^_^

anywayz, congrats on out new thread! soompi has been my home for the past 4 years!

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Guest lunasea

yay, congratulations on the new thread! thank you for all your hard work :)

I believe they're doing fine. My unnie saw them at a Korean bar in Ktown couple nights ago.

I wish I was 21 already. UGH!

I can't wait for the concert! Yunho's going to be so tired :(

man are you serious?!?! gah i wish i were a ktown native T_T

do you think your sister could call me or something next time she sees them?! XD;;; i would totally drive over... and not bother!, just look and... be surprised at how small they are in real life. XD;;;;;

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Guest BrisingerButterfly



excited xD

the info for them is absolutely adorable!



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Guest toomuchsmiling











credits to all the lovelies who have shared these and more with us over the years. :):):) I'd share even more but i'd make the page lag. xD

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congrats on the 5th thread :wub:

by the way any one can tell me from which show this pic

from :unsure:

Hi ^^ It's from the show "Ya Shim Man Man" with guest Yunho

Someone correct me if I'm wrong >_<

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Guest icedevil0289

congrats on the new thread. Woohoo!

and I love that gif of yunho and junjin hugging. Two people from my two favorite groups.

so heard the news about junsu. I can't believe he only rested for 2 days. Boy needs more rest than that. All of them probably do. Glad he is doing okay though. I don't want them to overwork themselves just for us.

I also hope yunho is doing well. Heard he has some kind of stomach problem and also may his grandmother RIP.

anyways, some cute and sweet dbsk moments showing the bond between the members:

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Guest lenale

wow, there was a long time we havent written so many pages in only one day...

Lunatika_xhero, you choose the perfect model and the beauty of your drawing is impressing...his eyes, his hair, his everything looks exactly like the true picture...thank you so much for sharing your talent with us^^

I believe they're doing fine. My unnie saw them at a Korean bar in Ktown couple nights ago.

couple nights ago? if so, it was probably before Junsu was hospitalized...i think...

hopefully they're still taking some rest, relaxing and getting better...

3hree voices

they also have the same picture on cdjapan, so it seems it will be the official cover for "3hree voices" DVD...definitely it would have been nice if they did a photoshoot for the cover, but they're so busy nowadays, probably they wont have time for this...

thank you hoodwinker for posting it^^

[TRANS] 100706 BIGLOBE MUSIC Japan - Tohoshinki Center Of Interest

Congrats Tohoshinki!! i knew they were my center of interest, and i am glad i share the same crazyness with a great amount of people indeed...lolz...its not surprising at all, but its always such a delight to see our boys n°1 in everything ^_^

thank you Supernike for the translation^^

thank you toomuchsmiling for sharing those gifs^^...they're cute and hilarious...so love their laughters :wub:

thank you also icedevil for sharing those videos^^ off to watch them!!

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Guest sheilapiglet

[Cut] Junsu Embarasses Himself on Stage^^


YH's like: "Hmm...should I tell him to stop?..but he's so into it!"...so JJ puts him into a headlock and drags him away!..haha..what in the world was he wearing anyways?...lol...and sorry, but YH panting at the end with his shirt open was majorly HOOTTT!!=P***

vvvicedevil0289: You're welcome!...if you go search for user "saikluay2" in Youtube, she has quite a few great Hosu clips for you to enjoy=) I agree that their relationship is unique...YH has a special soft spot for him..maybe cuz he stayed at JS's house during trainee days?...they're my 3rd fave couple after Yunjae and Yoosu=P

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Guest Yane1210



credits to all the lovelies who have shared these and more with us over the years. :):):) I'd share even more but i'd make the page lag. xD




can you tell me where is the 1st pic from?

please ><

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Guest ^L4uRa^

still no further new about JYJ in US..

just wanna share another clips...

Junsu the Duck? kkk


Adorable Chunjae, teasing on Junsu


credit : wickedinutopia@yt

OMG, LUNA... you're so talented,girl..

the Jae one is awesome.. and i can guess, that he's your favorite.. kkkk

Hoodwinker.. am might be a minority to think that it was a classy cover :)

Yunho's started his rehearsal for his upcoming musical


cr : astagged + ^L4uRa^@soompi.com

Yunho's GOONG schedulles, wow, it's arround the sm town rite?

i hope he wont push himself too hard, please we dont wanna hear any news abt them getting sick... T^T

Junsu from KANON





cr : Posaruxya + ^L4uRa^@soompi.com

thank you for sharing cute gifs and pics... and ofcourse an updates.. :wub:

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Guest icedevil0289

sheilapiglet thanks for sharing. I never saw that video. Lol, junsu is so special and I mean that in the best way possible. He's like a kid in a man's body. Wish we saw changmin's reaction. He probably wanted to hit him. and lol@ yunho wondering he should stop him or not.

so I was watching dbsk in paris and I started to really like Hosu. I know they are not that popular, but they are so cute together. I feel like yunho is the only one who doesn't exactly treat junsu like he's a kid. I mean we all know changmin and yoochun bully him, and jae is a dork with him, but yunho seems to be the only one who is gentle and caring with him. Could be because of those leader like qualities. I don't know, their relationship is cute and different. There beginning to be my second fav pairing after minsu (miss those two bickering btw)

and does anyone know what's the status on min's drama? I miss that boy sfm. They've been teasing us with pics for god knows how long.

btw I'm really wired and can't sleep so I felt like sharing again something :

Fan: Oppa do you like girls who fart loudly and smell? Would you like girls with bad breath?

Min: Would you like emissions of carbon dioxide? Nuclear weapons?

It's from the ufo replies. this is why he's my bias. Ngl, some of these fans are just asking for it.

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Guest icedevil0289

Just reading back on some of the pages and I feel like I'm the only one who is not on the "I hate SME and SME is pure evil" bandwagon. I don't agree with everything they've done and I do think their contracts are shady, but I also believe that when it comes to the lawsuit all the parties involved had, in someway something to do with it and should share the blame. (hides from stones being thrown)

if SM feels they need to provide a better environment then I applaud them. If they truly mean it, then why not. It sucks that it took the dbsk case and hangeng case for them to see that they needed to change, but better late than never.

and I really can't stand conspiracy theories, so I don't buy the whole homin are not allowed to talk to jaechunsu. If someone could provide actually proof, that would be nice. As harsh as this may sound, sometimes I feel like people will blame the company for almost everything because they don't like pointing fingers at the actual artist they love and will find reason to justify the actions as well.

*hides in the corner*

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Guest chdairkld

I would like to say that no one, no one in our fandom should feel guilty over wanting the boys together again, as the five members of DongBangShinGi. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it once again, the boys as DBSG is the purest reason why were able to have such precious memories together as a fandom alongside our boys. I like to think that we and the boys were both happy these past years.

I’m not talking about Yoochun, Junsu and Jaejoong returning to SM or Changmin and Yunho leaving SM, I’m simply hoping that if there was a way for them to be together as a group again at their own will, in my heart of hearts, I believe they would be happiest and in return, I’d be happiest too. As I’ve posted before, letting go is not necessary in order to also support each of the boys as we move forward. It is not so hard of a concept to grasp. Wanting this is not so crazy, is it?

It isn’t some great secret that DBSG is an idol group or is categorized as an idol group. That is who they are and that is how they were marketed regardless of their actual talent or any other factor. We fell so hard in love with DBSG and guess what? They happened to be idols.

I think that for most of us, their idol category status did not hinder us from immediately becoming fans (as for myself, I fell too fast head over heels to even think of the term idol).

I find it mind boggling to regard their ‘idol’ status as a negative attribute. If anything, DBSG has blaringly sent the message loud and clear that the term ‘idol group’ was forever changed with their debut. We as fans are the ones who know this fact the best. We know how capable our boys are and that their level of actual skill is incredible. Real talent is a stain you can’t wipe off. And in their case, even being labeled idol could not hide their abilities as singers and performers to fans as well as the general public.

However, there seems to be a need to disassociate DBSG from idol status because for some reason DBSG as an idol group brings so many bad things and there is this need to shed this image. Let’s not forget nor lie to ourselves girls, DBSG is an idol group, an idol group we fell in love with, DBSG remains an idol group, an idol group we are still fans of. There is no need to rid of this image. It is who they are.

It’s easy to say now that being an idol group supposedly has robbed our boys of being able to grow as artists. But I think our boys have had tremendous and numerous and I dare say, endless opportunities since their debut. They have gallantly performed whole heartedly, giving us all that have got and outshined everyone in their league. I wonder how many of us were thinking while we watched and listened to them over the past years, “If only they weren’t DBSG, the idol group, then their true hidden talents would just come sprouting out” Or "Oh, they would feel so much more gratified with their music if they weren’t idols!” ??? I firmly believe that our boys were truly happy with their accomplishments and opportunities and just like any other person in the world, there were times where they probably did feel like they wanted to try other things but had to follow the given agenda---but it’s undeniable that they were also doing what they loved.

Being an idol group has allowed our boys to bring that sort of fan-fever to create this great fandom of Cassiopeia. The concepts, the hair, the clothes, the accessories, the make-up, the songs on their albums that we hold so dear to our hearts and even down to their supposed personas, all are a part of the package of DBSG. And if this means that they have to be categorized as an idol group, then so be it! Because that’s what it took girls, that’s what it took to grab our attention. That’s what it took, the prettily packaged DBSG idol group to set fervor to hundreds of thousands of fans. This is simply true.

I am aware that the boys themselves have expressed their need to prove that they weren’t just an idol group and that it had hurt them to have the general public view them as just idol group. But to be frank, I think our boys would agree that being idols is a large part of the reason for their popularity and they wouldn’t change that part of them. Popularity is an essential factor for any musical artist to thrive in the way that our boys dreamt of (if I remember correctly, when asked about how they got to be so successful, they answered that they dreamt really, really big). As I have said, they have already proven themselves to be much more than just idols looking pretty on stage. Everything they have done as DBSG is not separate from being an idol group. We have always embraced our boys as the idol group. We squealed each time they came out with a new song or concept because they again blew us away with the next level of their talents.

I look forward to better days soon.

Always keep the faith.

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