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[OFFICIAL] The DBSK, THSK, TVXQ! (동방신기) 5 Thread

Guest Supernike911

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Guest oneheroo

Congrats on opening the 5th thread! Looks really amazing. Hope this thread will be filled with lots of laughs and happiness!

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Guest FiFFy_Min

5th Thread is opened now... 26_7.gif

Congratulation.. Finally a new thread.. Checking in into our new house of 东方神起/동방신기 together with Junsu and some beautiful pictures of TVXQ...





CHANGMIN :: I still remember the first time he captured my heart.. and he is still there.. He always be my cutie one.. ^,^




DONG BANG SHIN KI :: They are still the best in our heart... The perfect performer ever in this worlds..

I love all the photos of them... :wub: full of LOVE...






I love how MinMin play with his two hyungs...





sorry.. spamming too many pictures.. Gomen Gomen...

credits: as tagged, forgot where i got this.. hehehe...:sweatingbullets:

PS: do soompi will automatically resized the pictures??? <_<

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Guest Amu_JaeJoongie

I want to say something for the new thread Admins here they

are awesome as always CONGRATULATIONS U did well done job.

I'm so expected now about our 5 NEW THREAD THIS IS OUR NEW BEGINNING :)

AND HOPES HERE FOR THE BETTER FUTURE OUR DBSK/THSK/TVXQ Always keep the faith Hopes to the End~!!!



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Guest Sniffles

Congratulations on the 5th thread!

The first page looks awesome, but I have a bone to pick with Junsu's biography section. I have seen this information repeated in a number of places, including wikipedia, but I think it would be good if this thread would have the CORRECT information, unlike everywhere else.

Simple math is all it takes to know that this is wrong:

"In 2002, the 12 year old Junsu auditioned with Hyukjae, his best friend, for SM Entertainment. Earning HOT member Kangta’s praise of having potential to become lead singer, Junsu was accepted into the company."

Was Junsu 12 in 2002?


He was 15.

The show that Junsu was on in 2002 with Hyukjae and Sungmin WAS NOT HIS AUDITION. That audition was purely for that show. Junsu, and the two SuJu guys were already in SM at the time.

Recently, we got that super long document about the court's decision in regards to the JaeChunSu case. There is a very clear chart in there that specifies exactly when each of the guys signed their first contracts with SM.

Kim Junsu: 2-12-2000

He was 13.

It was probably closer to the age he was in that video we all know where he sang Greatest Love of All. I might even speculate that little clip was his original audition video, or something SM shot shortly after he entered the company, but we don't know that for sure.


If someone can see fault with any of my logic here, please say so!

Maybe it's silly to bring this up, but it's just been bothering me for a while. XD

According to the first page info, ssunsett and Supernike911 were the ones who compiled that section. What should I do? PM one of them?

I'm a long-time fan, but I mostly lurk, so I'm not sure how you guys communicate with each other in here.

I'm sending happy, positive, hopeful vibes into this new thread!

Be good Cassies! Much love to you all!

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OMG!!! Finally the 5th thread has come :D:D:D


can anybody post more desktop pictures???

or junsu pictures?? :P

AKTF Wallies anyone? ^^































Yunho in Marie Claire Wallies



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Guest sunny_dance


F-I-N-A-L-L-Y! However, I must say it's well worth the wait.

The first page looks amazing! No wonder it took so long!


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Guest Supernike911

LOL guys, we appreciate the thanks a lot, but please be careful not to spam with your congratulatory messages~ 8D

[TRANS] 100706 The "Kimura Takuya of Korea" - Stars Who Can Sing, Dance & Act Successively Land In Japan


There is a saying that all popular Korean actors are "good singers". In Korea, Yoon Sang-Hyun is also one of those stars, with his daily TV drama [My Wife Is Superwoman], that made a big hit, breaking records of over 30% viewership ratings.

Hailed as the "Kimura Takuya of Korea" because of his looks, Yoon Sang-Hyun, who was also an aspiring singer from the start, sang the song [Never Ending Story] in the same drama, charming viewers with his impressive vocal talent. On the day it was released in Korea, it became the number one topic on various music charts.

Following that, in March this year, he made his long-desired debut as a singer in Japan with the cover of Yasushi Nakanishi's song [最後の雨] (t/n: Saigo no Ame/LAST RAIN). He also released his second single [誓い] (t/n: Chikai/Oath) recently, gaining further momentum as a singer. Besides Sang-Hyun, a lot of actors sing OSTs for dramas, sing songs that they are proud of to the fans that attend fansign events in Japan, and it seems like being good at singing is becoming one of the prerequisites to become a popular actor.

Also, as opposed to "actors who are good at singing" like Sang-Hyun, the Korean entertainment industry is growing such that there is an increase in "singers who can act". Recently, KPOP artists have been advancing in Japan in succession and there have been many singers who pursue their acting careers concurrently with their singing careers. Tohoshinki's Jejung acted in the Japanese drama 「素直になれなくて」 (t/n: Sunao ni narenakute/Hard to say I love you) (Fuji TV) and the drama [No Limit~地面にヘディング~] (t/n: No Limit~Jimen ni hedingu~/No Limit~Heading to the ground), in which Yunho starred as the lead actor, achieved #1 on the Oricon DVD Ranking for dramas.

BIGBANG's T.O.P was also selected as the main cast for the drama [iRIS] (TBS) and the movie [into the fire], which is currently airing. Also, from FTIsland, who made their major debut in Japan in May, Lee Hongki's [You're Beautiful], SS501's Kim Hyunjoong's [花より男子~Boys Over Flowers] (t/n: Hana yori dango); from SNSD, who will make their Japanese debut in August, Yoona's [You're My Destiny] and [Cinderella Man]; all of these became hits.

They can sing, dance and even act. The advancement of such talented Korean stars is unstoppable. [Try Works]

Source: [Movie Walker]

Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net

Shared by: tohosomnia.net

Do not remove/add on any credits


[TRANS] 100702 Movie "Kimi Ga Odoru, Natsu" Opens In September!


[Tohoshinki Sings The Theme Song]

With activities currently suspended, Tohoshinki's latest song "With All My Heart ~Kimi Ga Odoru, Natsu" will be the theme song of the movie "Kimi Ga Odoru, Natsu", and will open nation-wide (in Japan) on 11 September.

Based on a true story about youthful hope, fresh actors like Junpei Mizobata, Kinami Haruka, Shunji Igarashi, Ayane Oomori and DAIGO have been casted as well as talented actors like Tatsuya Fujiwara, Takashima Masahiro, Miyagiki Yoshiko and Reiko Takashima, to create a deeply emotional piece of work.


Shinpei was part of the Yokosai team [ichimujin] (which means to do your best in the Tosa dialect). Although he had a lover, the company of friends and loving parents, for the sake of his dream to become a professional cameraman, he decided to leave his home town.

He spends his days aiming to become a professional cameraman. However, while being worked to death, Shinpei gradually loses his confidence. One day, his mother contacts him to say that she has been hospitalized, causing him to make his way back home for the first time in 5 years...

[Official homepage for the movie "The Summer You Danced"]


Source: [burokori + Official site]

Translation credits: mandasoh & ssunsett@tohosomnia.net

Shared by: tohosomnia.net

Do not remove/add on any credits

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Guest Hoodwinker

Oricon Weekly Album Chart

* 1 112 724 Nishino Cana

* 2 * 86,840 Bank Band


* 4 * 83,000 东方 神 起 (SINGLE B-SIDE COLLECTION)

* 5 * 55,919 the HIATUS

* 6 * 51,533 Girls Dead Monster

* 7 * 30,140 Acid Black Cherry

Let * 8 * 28 600 Yuko

* 9 * 24 901 Kou Shibasaki

Let 10 * 21695 Markey Noriyuki

credits: Poplez.net

Edit: sorry, the hotlinkers got me T_T But here is one gif:


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Guest +*-ilovese7en-*+

wow.. finally the 5th thread has opened!!!! Congratulatios !!! :lol:

hope all the good things will come with our new thread ^^


^ does anyone have a video of that? LOL he was so into it.

credits: as tagged

it's from their "hahaha song" ^^

and here's the clip ^_^ junsu with drum is around 1.53

ETN UCC Hahaha song Making by TVXQ

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Guest lenale

it feels so nice in our new thread...so many pages already...so many pages filled with pictures and videos of our boys...it feels like home...

thank you everyone for sharing all those goodies...its a delight to enjoy...

now at the moment, i wish we could have more news about Junsu's health...as well as Jae...and all of them...as nowadays, life is so hard on them...but of course, i understand its better if they're not disturbed at all...i just hope they're alright at least...


[TRANS] 100706 The "Kimura Takuya of Korea" - Stars Who Can Sing, Dance & Act Successively Land In Japan

proud of our boys for being such versatile artists...even though i love it the best when they're performing songs onstage, i still enjoy very much their acting projects...and they proved they have a lot of potential in acting...


[TRANS] 100702 Movie "Kimi Ga Odoru, Natsu" Opens In September!

wow, glad this movie is opening soon in theatre...i would love to watch it just to listen "with all my heart" playing during the emotional scenes...it will certainly give even more depth to this beautiful song...

thank you Supernike for those articles translations^^

Oricon Weekly Album Chart

thank you hoodwinker for the info^^

Congrats Tohoshinki!!..once again, their album are selling greatly...if we count A+B, they are n°1!!!

[Fancam] 100626 Yunho HTTG'No Limit' Premium Event

wowow, i dont doubt it was hot in there when Yunho danced the moonwalk...its great fans could record some fancams, so we can enjoy moments like this...

thank you Amu chan for uploading it^^

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Guest petiteange22

it's about time and your time's up!



finally!!! our 5th thread!! :)

kudos to the people who contributed to the first post ^^

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Guest lalalaLynn

I'm gone for the night and when i wake up,

the 5th thread is already open vov

Thank you to the AOE team!

Everything looks so neat *o*

Our 5th thread..New beginning for us fans as our Shinki 5 also begins to walk down their own paths following their dreams. As one door closes ,  another 5 opens. We'll be right behind our 5 boys watching them walk their own path and go toward their dreams wishing all of them the success and love they deserve. No matter the road they take, as long as they are happy, your fans will stand by you. We will be waiting with you guys to see the day when all 5 of you can stand on the same stage together, relaizing  YOUR dreams, on YOUR terms, and seeing YOUR smiles. Always take care of yourselves, and do what makes YOU guys happy. Live your lives and never regret, don't look back and take everything you have experienced/learnt and walk foward.

Always keep the faith.

3+2  OR  1+1+1+1+1

No matter, they will ALWAYS equal 5. Our 5. The TVxFQ 5.

Well said vov

Your post made my eyes tearyㅋㅋ

@juliaa Thank you for the wallies *o*

I was looking for a new one

Btw is there any news on Junsu's condition?

I hope he's okㅠㅠ

When JYJ left for LA,

people told me they would get more time to rest,

that they wouldn't be overworked, but i guess notㅠㅠ

American artists work just as hard

I wonder_ i heard JYJ en HoMin aren't allowed to contact each other?

Is that true? oo'

In times like these they really need each other for support

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Congratulations on the start of the 5th thread and a new beginning for us fans and our precious boys.

Thanks to the AOE team for thier fabulous work in starting the thread and in their detailed summaries of the things that have happened since our boys debuted. Though I've been following the lawsuit since the day it started, seeing a summary of the number of articles posted about it - I am shocked! There are so many! LOL

Anticipating for more spazz moments when our boys smash records and perform as kings on stage again, for new TVXQ! albums and singles to be released and for our boys to be happy again. A new thread heralds in a fresh beginning and also the opportunity for new directions and paths to be taken. Let's support our boys forever and keep this thread exciting, positive and happy :)

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Mkay, this news isn't 100% DBSK, but it is related to the lawsuit, so I'm posting it X/

btw, yay for 5th thread. Kudos to my buddies for suffering making it through, that was.....fun (?) lol I'm kidding. I enjoyed it.. in a way ;) It looks awesome sauce <3

[TRANS] 100706 SM-Congressman Jo Moon Hwan Vow To 'Protect Celebrities' Rights And Interests'

Entertainment agency SM Entertainment and Congressman Jo Moon Hwan of the Grand National Party have joined hands to protect celebrities' rights and interests.

On the 6th at 9am KST, a 'Proclamation Ceremony for the Establishment of a Developing Contract Relationship in the Entertainment Industry' was held in Room 128 in the National Assembly Congressional Hall. This ceremony was attended by Congressman Jo Moon Hwan (State Affairs Committee), SM CEO Kim Young Min, and Girls Generation in order to protect the rights and interests of celebrities as well as to ensure that a mutual trust exists between entertainment agencies and celebrities.

This proclamation ceremony was attended by Congressman Jo Moon Hwan, SM Entertainment and Girls Generation in the hopes of creating a sound environment to create and maintain an expanding contract relationship in the entertainment industry.

Congressman Jo Moon Hwan has been criticizing the contract relationships between celebrities and entertainment agencies since the last parliamentary inspection of the administration till now, and through rigorous inspections of small and large entertainment agencies, demanded that unlawful clauses, such as those which violate personal privacy, be removed.

SM stated, "Over the past months, SM has been holding numerous discussions with Congressman Jo Moon Hwan to protect the rights and interests of celebrities as well as aid in the development of the entertainment industry," and "A conclusion was made that SM has developed a contract that reflects the reality of the entertainment industry and focuses on the protection of the celebrities' rights and interest, and this contract has been implemented with SM's celebrities and trainees."

SM and Congressman Jo Moon Hwan will continue to converse on the matters of contract relationships between celebrities and entertainment agencies in the future.

Source: [


Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net

Shared by: tohosomnia.net

Do not remove/add on any credits

[TRANS] 100706 Kangta "Celebrities Must Be Held Responsible For Their Contracts As Well"

"If they have signed a contract, celebrities must keep that promise"

Singer Kangta has stressed that celebrities, not only entertainment agencies, must be held responsible for problems in contract relationships in the entertainment industry.

Kangta attended the meeting held at 10 am KST at Room 128 in the National Assembly Congressional Hall. The meeting, named 'The Results and Measures to Develop the Celebrity Standard Contract After One Year of Implementation', was held to talk of the use and problems of the stand celebrity contract as well as ways to improve the situation in the entertainment industry.

Kangta stated his opinions on the development of the standard contract based on his own experiences as a celebrity.

Kangta stated, "Because the mentality of 'A celebrity who has broken a promise once, will probably do it again.' exists, I hope that people reflect deeply on the consequences before they sign a contract. And when they do sign a contract, they must keep that promise."

Regarding the relationship between celebrities and entertainment agencies, Kangta stated, "I don't think that celebrities and agencies are in an employer-employee relationship or a 'master an servant' relationship. I personally think that from the moment a contract is signed, the two become partners who complement each other."

He also said, "No matter how many clauses are in a contract, if there is no trust as partners between the two sides, that contract will not benefit either side," and "I hope that agencies lead celebrities to the right path, not only as celebrities but as a partner in business. And when these celebrities fall for temptation is goes astray, I urge agencies to become advisers and lead celebrities back to the right path."

Kangta stated, "Contracts should be signed and created based on each individual's situation and plans," and pointed out that contracts need to become more detailed to match each person.

He also said, "It is not sensible to choose a set contract period and ignore each person's situation. It would be better for all if each individual was given a contract that fitted their individual circumstances and situations."

Kangta first entered the entertainment industry as a member of HOT in 1996 and has since worked with SM Entertainment without changing entertainment agencies for the past 15 years.

Source: [

edaily SPN+Yuaerubi]

Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net

Shared by: tohosomnia.net

Do not remove/add on any credits

[TRANS] 100706 SM CEO Kim Young Min States, "We Will Become The Forerunners In Solving Contract Issues"

Kim Young Min, CEO of SM Entertainment, stated, "It's unfortunate that because of a certain chain of events and several reports, the relationship between agencies and celebrities is becoming distorted," and "We will become the forerunners in solving contract issues."

CEO Kim stated this when he attended the 'Proclamation Ceremony for the Establishment of a Developing Contract Relationship in the Entertainment Industry' that was held on the 6th.

CEO Kim stated, "All entertainment agencies will have celebrities who rise to fame or die out. All of them tried to make their dreams come true and it was and is the entertainment agency who provides the celebrities an environment to do so."

He continued to say, "We are stuck in a frame that forces us to choose between personal interests and business, human rights and the economy," and "In order to achieve a dream, a promise is made between agencies and celebrities in the form of a contract. We should not have to choose between personal rights and business. We are participating in this project in order to find ways to help the Hallyu Wave, and create an economy that protects the rights of celebrities as much as possible."

Source: [

edaily SPN]

Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net

Shared by: tohosomnia.net

Do not remove/add on any credits

[TRANS] 100706 Kim Tae Hyung "Seven Years For Celebrity Contracts Is Too Short"

Former singer Kim Tae Hyung, director of the Korean Entertainment Production Committee, criticized that a seven year limit on celebrity contracts is not realistic.

Director Kim Tae Hyung attended the 'The Results and Measures to Develop the Celebrity Standard Contract After One Year of Implementation' meeting as part of the panel and stated, "It is not realistic to set a limit of seven years on celebrity contracts."

He stated, "If the standard contract is followed, a trainee has to pay back the investment made to them by the entertainment agency in 2~3 years," and "But this is impossible. Putting overseas expansion into consideration, the limited number of years for a contract should be lengthened."

He also explained that, "Of course, the Fair Trade Committee has stated that a renewal of a contract is possible after seven years but this too is unrealistic," and "When seven years pass, celebrities do not think about the past or their beginning, they only think about the present. That is why the worth that they demand for their work increases dramatically."

He continued to say, "Not all singers can produce hit songs, so will all celebrities really be able to repay their agencies for all the investments put into them?"

Director Kim then continued to criticize each and every ambiguous expression in the standard contract.

Source: [

star money today]

Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net

Shared by: tohosomnia.net

Do not remove/add on any credits

Notice, the lawsuit timeline will be updated whenever news comes out regarding the lawsuit. So if you will be gone for a bit and need to catch up, consult the timeline first instead of just asking around, it'll save you a lot of time :)

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Guest Amu_JaeJoongie

Sorry guys if i disturb here again

But i want to re-post that becoz today i get so quickly Avex Strike

for that Yoochun Dram i decide re-upload again for the people don't was

able see that with FULL ne?

I'm so sorry for the disturb but i hope U Enjoy it ok? :)

Beautiful Love Ep 5 Part 1


credit:parkyuchun.kr + Uploader.Source:youku

Beautiful Love Ep 5 Part 2


credit:parkyuchun.kr Uploader.Source:youku

Credits:parkyuchun.kr + Uploader.Source:youku

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Guest minhchau

Hello~ ^^ First, congratulation a new thread ^^ Work hard and be happy~

Request ^^ anyone have more pictures of Jaejung from this?



Cre: photobucket

Thanks~ ^^

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