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Kim Soo Hyun 김수현

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Good morning!  Facing the sun, smiling like a flower,
The new day has begun again, and you must live with confidence! 
Life is short, but let the happy mood grow long













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Open your eyes every day, even if you have difficulty facing you, seeing your smile in the sun will be full of power











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Interview with Han Ji Eun (actress who played fake JTY's girlfriend in Real)


Only parts mentioning Soo Hyun translated


Q: Was it a pity that the role was quite small?
Compared to this, everyone involved in the movie hoped for good results. Starting with Kim Soo Hyun sunbae, he really endured a lot of hardship.  I felt it was really amazing, especially how sunbae acted in three roles. On the filming schedule, he had to become several different characters all in one day, whether it was appearance wise or acting wise.  He is really nice and did very well.  He maintained his stamina throughout which was astonishing.  Under such circumstances, he showed no traces of fatigue or tiredness.



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You are like a rainbow, revealing my heart. You are like a stream of warmth, flowing in my heart. You are like a human angel, bringing me joy. You are the rising sun, warming the earth. A new week fighting :)





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