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♥ Uee & JaeJung ♥ Couple Thread

Guest Crystal392

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Guest Crystal392

The JjaJan/Caramel Couple~!! [We Got Married season 2]Park Jae Jung ( 박재정) ♥♥♥♥♥♥ UEE ( 유이 )

They were the second couple who joined the second season of "We Got Married".
Their first episode aired on August 2nd 2009.
They both appeared in the drama "Queen Seon Duk" as a couple: UEE was young Mishil and JaeJung was Lord Sadaham;
but they never met on set because they filmed their scenes separately.

♥ Episode 1 (Aug 2 2009):

(Subbed by wahx2)

♥ Episode 2 (Aug 9 2009):

♥ Episode 3 (Aug 15 2009):

♥ Episode 4 (Aug 22 2009):

♥ Episode 5 (Aug 29 2009):

♥ Episode 6 (Sept 5 2009):

♥ Episode 7 (Sept 12 2009):

♥ Episode 8 (Sept 19 2009):

♥ Episode 9 (Sept 26 2009):
Partially subbed by 1317faith1990

♥ Episode 10 (Oct 3 2009):

♥ Episode 11 (Oct 24 2009):

♥ Episode 12 (Oct 31 2009):

♥ Episode 13 (Nov 7 2009):

♥ Episode 14 (Nov 14 2009):
*Subbed by time2sub3, begins at 02:07 Part 1 Part 2

♥ Episode 15 (Nov 21 2009):
*Subbed by 2odsubs1: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

♥ Episode 16 (Nov 28 2009):

♥ Episode 17 (Dec 05 2009):

*Song that JJ sings: Gajil Su Eomna by Lee Hyun Woo. MV:
. Lyrics: http://www.videouncovered.com/lyrics/24943...l-su-eomna.html .
*Couple sports event subbed by 2odsubs1: Part 4 begins at 9:33 Part 5 Part 6

♥ Episode 18 (Dec 12 2009):
*Subbed by 2odsubs1: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

♥ Episode 19 (Dec 19 2009):
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Guest choberry


I was a fan of Jaejung's from I Am Sam with TOP but then I didn't watch My Destiny because

it was just too long. And then I was him again in Queen SeonDuk as Lord Sadaham

and man was he fine with that clean shave... lol

Uee and JaeJung make a cute couple though.

I would've liked to see more of them in Queen SeonDuk...

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It took me a while to realize he's actually very handsome... anyone seen this MV where he was kissing with some girl in the beginning.. *sigh*

And a lot of people don't like UEE for whatever reason, but I don't think she's that bad... she lacks in expression but she's a damn good actress to have me hate her so much in that series... haha

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Guest usagimanny

Yay, finally a thread for this couple, I love them!!

Hope more people show them some love ^-^

Here there are some subbed parts, not a lot but better than nothing viikii we got married 2

and part one of the first ep subbed :

I was so happy when couples got together cos we got the entire ep subbed xD

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At first I thought this will be an ordinary couple but I was wrong..I really like them now..I'm watching some of their vids but unfortunately I couldn't understand them..I tried looking for their subbed vids but I only saw Ep1 and that was only part 1 of 3..:( I hope someone will sub their cuts..

I really hate UEE in You're Beautiful..she's such a great antagonist that I wanna slap her face..haha lol! but I know it was just an acting but she's sooooo different in WGM..I can see her true beauty..she even looks more beautiful when she smiles..:) she and Park Jaejung makes a cute couple even though they have 8 yrs gap..Jaejung is also handsome, caring and sweet!

PS: if you find eng subbed of their vids pls send me a message or just post it here..btw thanks crystal for making this thread :D

their 100th day wedding photo!


very pretty ~

wow thanks for sharing!! UEE is very pretty!! and Jaejung is so handsome!! They really look good together! :wub: When this episode will be aired? Is it on saturday? gosh really hope someone will sub their cuts!

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Thanks for making this thread! ^^ I hope this thread will grow bigger and receive more love from fans <333

Oh, is the dubbed name for this couple jjajan/caramel couple? i know jjajan means something like Uee always said to surprise her hubby but why caramel??

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Guest Crystal392

@natokajun If you watch the first episode (the link is on the first post) you will see the first thing he gives her is a caramel. After that they dubbed themselves the caramel couple, there is an episode where she made a cake for him and it had written on it "Caramel". Also I remember she once said "Caramel couple hwaiting!" in the third episode I think, when there is a competition between the two husbands. :D

@ilessthan3pho I found this video where he kisses a girl at 6:53

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Guest dl_anno

excuse me but can anyone here tell me how to download the subbed one (youtube version)?

it was said to click the CC at the bottom right to watch the subbed on

but how to download it?

i am sorry but i dont understand

thanks in advance

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Guest Crystal392

@semi-fly Thanks so much for those caps! Aww their 100th wedding shot (: I can't wait to watch that episode!

@dl_anno I think you can't download it with subs because the subs are kind of part of youtube or something like that... I'm not sure :/

Awww I wish more people would sub their episodes. Btw, the second part of ep 1 is subbed now thanks to wahx2 :D

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