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Jo Kwon and Ga In are a virtual couple on MBC's reality show, We Got Married. The program follows the participating celebrities who are coupled as husband and wife as they portray the lives of newly weds. Although they were initially only supposed to feature for the Chuseok Special that aired on October 3rd, 2009 their appearance brought in the highest ratings yet for Season II, and they were announced a permanent couple.

Jo Kwon and Ga In were originally dubbed the "Adam-Eve Couple" due to both of their inexperience in love and relationships. Yet nowadays they are more commonly known as the "Adam Couple" or Adams because of their small stature and their young age. ("Adam" is pronounced the same as the Korean term for "little/small"). Variations of their couple name are the Petite Couple, Small Couple, The Kid Couple, the Jo In Couple or the GaKwon couple. The latter two being both combination of their names.

Son Ga In and Jo Kwon have a two year separation in age, with Ga In being the eldest of the two. Long-time viewers were reminiscent of the Lettuce Couple (HwangBo and HyunJoong of SS501) who also had a Nuna-Dongsaeng relationship.

  • Nuna is a term used by males to address older females.
    Dongsaeng is a term used by both male and female to address a person younger than them.

    The couple released a duet titled "
우리 사랑하게 됐어요" ("We Fell in Love") on December 16, 2009 which topped variety online music charts, winning 2 awards on Music Bank's K-Charts, "Most Popular Background Phone Music" on the Gaon Charts and Mnet Asian Music Awards for Best Collaboration. The song was composed by Jea (Brown Eyed Girls) and Lee MinSu and written by Kim Ina, Ga In and Jo Kwon. 50 million won from the profits of the song were donated to help out for Haiti's earthquake. For these efforts, Jo Kwon was given "대한민국나눔" award at the 3rd Korea Sharing Awards ceremony.

On February 2010, the couple was announced to be one of the Korean representatives of Chinese New Year Festival parade in Hongkong. This is one of the accomplishment that hasn't been achieved by any We Got Married couples before.

Jo Kwon also created a song for Ga In with the title "고백하던 날" ("The Day I Confessed") which became popular and the song is included in 2AM's first full album. The song that he partially composed during the We Got Married broadcast for Ga-in. The song reached #1 on Cyworld real time charts the day after its release. They won their first Rookie Variety Awards at MBC Entertainment Awards for their participation in We Got Married. The couple also won the "Best Couple Award" and beat many other popular couples.

Unfortunately, due to their busy schedules, the Adam Couple must end their virtual marriage.The longest running couple announced their separation on January 6, 2011 through Shim Shim Tapa radio program, and the last episode was aired 2 weeks after the announcement. However, the end of their virtual marriage marked the start of their relationship as twins in the new MBC sitcom "All My Love". This only proves that Adam Couple is indeed forever, as Gain said,
'Even though We Got Married ended, Adam Couple will always remain'.

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JoKwon's shocking statement, "I've thought about.." - January 2, 2010
Jo Kwon speaking to Ga In's mum and Ga In speaking to Jo Kwon's mum - January 1, 2010
Dec 28, 2009 - Jo Kwon and GaIn's duet "We Fell In Love' taking music chart by storm
Dec 27, 2009 - Gain's mom wants her to lead Jo Kwon in terms of skinship
Dec 26, 2009 - 2AM Jo Kwon confessed, "Skinship? I'm a "beast' too."
Jo Kwon in MBC "We got married' revealed he has actually exploded (with anger) in real life. (to Gain)
Dec 17, 2009 - Jo Kwon and Ga In are really dating?
Dec 16, 2009 - "We Got Married' Jo Kwon and GaIn for duet collaboration
Dec 04, 2009 - WGM couple Jo Kwon and GaIn strikes a lovey pose
Nov 28, 2009 - Jo Kwon and Gain go on their honeymoon
Nov 28, 2009 - Jo Kwon was really in pain
Nov 05, 2009 - 2AM Jo Kwon is a ghost
Oct 31, 2009 - Brown Eyed Girls GaIn visits "husband' Jo Kwon's dorm for the first time
Oct 29, 2009 - Jo Kwon leaves Ga-in
Oct 28, 2009 - Jo Kwon Diagnosed With Swine Flu
Oct 22, 2009 - JoKwon "Gain noona is my first woman"
Oct 16, 2009 - Ga-In and Jo Kwon become regulars for We Got Married
Sept 28, 2009 - GaIn and JoKwon to join "We Got Married' for ChuSeok special
Sept 27, 2009 - Ga-In's "Husband" Revealed
Sept 26, 2009 - Brown Eyed Girl's Ga-In Getting "Married" Credit to allkpop,kbites,2Oneday,newsen,nate
Special thanks to july31st for awesome headers! Also shout out to kaisen, xeth, BEG_is_LOVE, semi-fly, chewite, snejung and d00lie.

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admschsep10oct10.pngadmschnov10.pngadmschdec09.pngadmschjan10.pngadmschfeb10.pngadmschmac10.pngApril 2010

[10.04.03] [TV] MBC We Got Married - Canceled due to naval ship incident

[10.04.04] [Other] 2AM (without Kwon) & Brown Eyed Girls departure to Thailand

[10.04.06] [Other] Kwon's Twitter update

[10.04.07] [Other] Brown Eyed Girls coming back in the morning from Thailand

[10.04.07] 200th Day Anniversary

- Adam ME2DAY update

- Gain CY from Kwon - "I'm happy~~"

[10.04.07] [Recording] MBC We Got Married (BTS Come to Play)

[10.04.07] [Recording] MBC Come to Play WGM Special (Kwon & Gain)

[10.04.08] [Radio] Kwon calls in Park Myung Soo's radio show - ME2DAY update

[10.04.08] [Event] BEG HiMart 10 Anniversary Concert - Gain fell on stage

[10.04.08] [Recording] MBC We Got Married - Home Plus store, Flower shop

[10.04.09] [Recording] MBC We Got Married - Black room interview

[10.04.10] [TV] MBC We Got Married Specials - Reruns due to MBC labor union strike

[10.04.15] [Other] Cyworld update

- Kwon CY from Gain - "Its cold"

- Gain CY from Kwon - "come here, i will hug you"

[10.04.17] [TV] MBC We Got Married - Canceled due to naval ship incident

[10.04.20] [Radio] Kwon calls Narsha in KBS Narsha's Raise the Volume

[10.04.22] [TV] Mnet "Trend Report Feel - The Real" (Gain) Saying about Kwon

[10.04.22] [TV] SBS Happy Together Season 3 (Kwon) "Fortune telling Kwon & Gain"

[10.04.23] [Radio] Brown Eyed Girls in KBS Narsha's Raise the Volume - Gain "I miss him"

[10.04.24] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E25 - Jo Kwon and Gain arrive in Hong Kong and attend the rehearsal for the parade and Jo Kwon gave Gain a piggy back.

[10.04.27] [Recording] TAXI - Brown Eyed Girls

[10.04.28] [Recording] MBC We Got Married - Studio Recording with Jea BEG : Adam Couple Special Episode

[10.04.28] [Recording] MBC We Got Married - Gym Episode

[10.04.29] [Other] Cyworld update

- Kwon CY from Gain - "Take away my cold"

May 2010

[10.05.01] [TV] MBC We Got Married Specials - Adam Couple Special - Jokwon and Ga-in take part in a special behind the scenes episode where they revisit and watch several scenes of their marriage. Never before seen scenes are also shown in this episode. Guest commentators: JeA of Brown Eyed Girls

[10.05.01] [Other] Cyworld update

- Gain CY from Kwon - "Give me everything, don't be sick instead~ but I don't want to be sick too"

[10.05.02] [Recording] MBC We Got Married - Instyle Company

[10.05.05] [Recording] MBC We Got Married - Wedding Dress

[10.05.06] [Other] Kwon's Twitter update - Adam couple received ë€í•ë¯¼êµ¬ë‚˜ëˆ” awards

[10.05.06] [Recording] MBC We Got Married - Wedding Dress

[10.05.07] [Other] Cyworld update

- Kwon CY from Gain - "But I won't give it to you"

[10.05.08] [TV] MBC We Got Married Specials - Reruns due to MBC labor union strike

[10.05.10] [Recording] MBC We Got Married at Bali 4 nights, 5 days

[10.05.11] [Recording] MBC We Got Married at Bali

- Photoshoot at Tanah Lot, Bali

[10.05.13] [Other] Kwon & Gain having dinner at restaurant in Jimbaran Bali, Bali

[10.05.14] [Other] Kwon & Gain arriving at Incheon airport

[10.05.16] [Other] Cyworld update

- Gain CY from Kwon - "Looking forward to it"

[10.05.19] [Recording] MBC We Got Married - Black room interview

[10.05.22] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E26 - Jo Kwon and Ga-in successfully participate in the parade as well as the interview meeting with foreign reporters. Later that night, Ga-In gives Jo Kwon a Valentine's Day chocolate kiss on the cheek.

[10.05.28] [Other] Cyworld update

- Gain CY from Kwon - "You've come home? You said you would call (me), why haven't you!"

[10.05.29] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E27 - Jo Kwon and Ga-in wander around Hong Kong for a day as tourists.

[10.05.29] [Other] Cyworld update

- Kwon CY from Gain - "You sent me a text message saying (jeul)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(jeul) is internet slang and it was first used in a good context (abbreviation for (to be happy), (happily)) - later, it got used to make sarcastic remarks or to ignore someone - and it can be translated as "go away" or "leave me alone". but it really depends on the context

[10.05.31] [Recording] SBS Family Outing S2 (Gain, Kwon) at Damyang

June 2010

[10.06.01] [Recording] SBS Family Outing S2 (Gain, Kwon) at Damyang

[10.06.05] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E28 - Ga-in held a back hug event for Jo Kwon. Jo Kwon and Ga-in go on a date at the arcade and watch Hachiko: A Dog's Story together where Jo Kwon plans to give Ga-in the long waited couple ring.

[10.06.07] [TV] MBC Come to Play WGM Special (Gain, Kwon)

[10.06.12] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E29 - Right after watching the movie, Jo Kwon takes Ga-in to go bungee jumping together as a remembrance of the couple ring day.

[10.06.13] [TV] SBS Family Outing S2 Friends Special 2 (Gain, Kwon)

[10.06.19] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E30 - Jo Kwon and Ga-in briefly move into 2AM's dorm due to the expiry of their lease before they are given another mission card to their new house.

[10.06.26] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E31 - Jo Kwon performs a special song he composed for Ga-in in their new house.

[10.06.27] [TV] SBS Family Outing S2 Friends Special 2 (Gain, Kwon)

[10.06.28] [Recording] MBC We Got Married with VicKhun Couple - (Playing badminton)

Some infos about WGM recording on the 28th of June:

- Khun met Victoria at 5 AM and they were filming at Namsan.

- Kwon & Gain started filming at 9 AM in their apartment.

- Since Kwon and Khun are close friends and they had filming on the same day, they called each other and met up (both couples).

- The WGM production crew says that they filmed Khun and Kwon playing badminton but they are not sure if it will be shown or edited out. ㅋㅋㅋ Kwon was the driver on that day... ㅋㅋㅋㅋ..

- WGM producers say that it's possible that their episode will be shown in late August.

[10.06.28] [Other] Cyworld update

- Gain CY from Kwon - "Today is the day we moved~~~kekekeke keep the appointment..."

[Other] Kwon's Twitter update

- Jo Kwon & GaIn. In our house~>_<

- The photo we took just now hehe

[10.06.28] [Other] Kwon's Twitter update

- "uhh mmm~~ today was hot during the recording of WGM..that was the pic that I took with GaIn when the filming...you will know the reason I upload on twitter after you watch the show.... at times, people don't understand what we were doing on the show"

- [2010.07.01] finally, Jokwon's "Moving Song"="The Day I confessed" is going to be released^^ I produced it together with JYPE's new composer Shim Eunji noona!^^and the 1st of July is also the day I had my first audition^^~I'm going to be in the US on the day of the song release ㅠㅠ please show much love (for the song)~~^^

[10.06.30][Other] Kwon's Twitter update

- It's "The Day I Confessed" ^^ I don't know if it's because I'm so used to the "Moving Song" ㅠㅠ kekeke please show much love (for the song)~~! Right now, I'm off to Seattle!!

July 2010

[10.07.01] [Other] Kwon - The Day of Confessing My Love digital single release

[10.07.01] [Concert] Wonder Girls World Tour - guest 2AM (July 01-07)

[10.07.03] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E32 - Jo Kwon makes a love confession through Park Myungsoo's radio show to Ga-in on their 200th day anniversary.

[10.07.05][Other] Gain's Cyworld update

- Upload new photo "Yes I'm an angel hehehehehehehehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeee kk"

- change BGM cyworld Kwon's "The Day I Confessed" & new background "rabbit 'Please buy me food'"

[10.07.10] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E33 - Jo Kwon and Ga-in do a hand-holding mission while guesting on "Come To Play".

[10.07.14] [Recording] Kim Jung Eum Chocolate (2AM)

[10.07.17] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E34 - Jo Kwon and Ga-in go to a health club to prepare for their wedding photoshoot.

[10.07.21] [Recording] MBC We Got Married - at their apartment Sangamdong

There are no plans (yet) for a surprise appearance by Gain at Jokwon's performance on Music Core but to prepare for his first stage, Gain played the role of her husband's manager (that was filmed for WGM on the 21st of July)

it is planned to film everything for WGM on the day of the live performance - we will probably see Gain assisting her husband backstage

[10.07.21] [Other] Adam Couple Wedding Photoshoot InStyle Magazine

[10.07.23] [Other] BEG Interview - Dong-gang International Photo Festival Gain - "Jo Kwon, Jo Kwon is mine"

[10.07.24] [Recording] MBC We Got Married - Jokwon first performance stage for "The Day I Confessed"

[10.07.24] [TV LIVE] MBC Music Core - Jokwon his first stage for "The Day I Confessed"

[10.07.24] [Other] Kwon's Twitter update

- I really didn't know it... I got to know it when I came down (from the stage) and watched it again..!!!! *kung*!!!! At the end. The cheering got louder..keke I was happy and smiled brighter but it was Gain noona who came on the stage! keke

[10.07.24] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E35 - Jo Kwon watches as Gain tries on wedding dresses; and Gain makes him give her a proper proposal.

[10.07.31] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E36 - Gain and Jo Kwon arrive in Bali, and have finished designing the other wedding outfits for the photo shoot.

August 2010

[10.08.07] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E37 - Gain and Jo Kwon have their photo-shoot in Bali.

[10.08.14] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E38 - Gain and Jo Kwon have another photoshoot in Bali and Gain reveals her makeup-free face to Jo Kwon.

[10.08.20] [Concert] Brand New Concert - Burning Day 7PM @ Gymnasium at Seoul Jamsil (2AM, BEG)

[10.08.20] [Recording] MBC We Got Married - With 2AM & BEG - not aired

[10.08.21] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E39 - Gain and Jo Kwon have their last photo-shoot in Bali and have their first kiss there.

[10.08.28] [birthday] Jo Kwon's Birthday

[10.08.28] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E40 - The KhunToria couple have finished off their date where they have previously started and decided to share the rest of the day with the Adam (Jo Kwon and GaIn) couple who have returned from the Bali trip.

September 2010

[10.09.04] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E41 - Jo Kwon and Gain spend time with Nichkhun and Victoria.

[10.09.11] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E42 - Gain helps Jo Kwon prepare for his first solo performance and surprises him by being part of his dance crew without him knowing.

[10.09.18] [TV] MBC We Got Married Chuseok Horror Special WGM E43 - Nichkhun, Victoria, GaIn, Jo Kwon, Yonghwa and Seohyun all make a trip to an abandoned school for a Chuseok special, where they must battle it out in a couple competition. A Special MC for this episode, Lee Jungshin, the bassist of CN Blue, assists them together to the school.

[10.09.20] [birthday] Son Gain's Birthday

[10.09.20] [Anniversary]♥ 1 Year Anniversary Adam Couple ♥

[10.09.25] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E44 - Jo Kwon performed his first solo performance live and realized that Gain was part of the dance crew after the performance ended.

October 2010

[10.10.02] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E45 - Jo Kwon and Gain go to a buffet, and try to pick what each other wants to eat.

[10.10.08] [Other] Gain's 1st Solo Album released

[10.10.09] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E46 - Jo Kwon and Gain went to record a remake version of "We Fell in Love".

[10.10.16] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E47 - Gain decides to celebrate Jo Kwon's birthday in her special and cute way and distracts him with kimbap.

[10.10.17] [Recording] MBC We Got Married - Appartment (Kwon, Gain, & Doojoon (B2ST)

[10.10.23] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E48 - Jo Kwon and Gain go for their one-year anniversary trip in Jeju Island. They go on separate routes (boat and direct flight) and are accompanied by Jea and Seulong respectively.

[10.10.24] [Other] KBS Chocolate Gain Performance "I Have a Man" - Dedicate to Kwon

[10.10.30] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E49 - Jo Kwon goes to Jeju Island by plane with Jea and Gain goes to Jeju Island by ship with Seulong. Jo Kwon and Jea make a biscuit house as an anniversary gift for Gain.

[10.10.31] [Other] Gain won 1st SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award - Irreversible

November 2010

[10.11.07] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E50 - Jo Kwon, Gain, Jea and Seulong have buffet dinner at Jeju Island. After dinner, Jo Kwon and Gain go for a duck-boat ride while Jea and Seulong prepares a surprise event for Gain in their hotel room.

[10.11.20] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E51 - Jo Kwon surprises Gain with the biscuit house and a letter for their one-year anniversary. They make their way to Seongsan Sunrise Peak to watch the sunrise.

[10.11.27] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E52 - Jo Kwon and Gain fail to reach the Peak before the sun rises. Next, they decide to go fishing and Gain read her one-year anniversary letter to Jo Kwon. Back in their apartment, Jo Kwon gives Gain her designer pouch, due to her winning on music chart, and bracelet for a one-year anniversary gift.

December 2010

[10.12.04] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E53 - Jo Kwon and Gain are visited by BEAST member, Doojoon.

[10.12.08] [Recording] MBC We Got Married - appartment in Sangamdong, Ddeokbokki-house in Eedae, ice rink at Hyatt Hotel.

[10.12.09] [Recording] MBC We Got Married - Jokwon, Gain came by to eat the "Stormy, Wild Ddeokbokki"

[10.12.11] [Concert] BEG Hot Winter Party Concert

- Gain said that 2AM will hold a concert on Christmas and that she'd attend it since she received flowers from her husband.

- Received flowers from Kwon "2AM ♡ Jokwon - Congratulations on BEG's concert."

[10.12.11] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E54 - Gain and Jokwon received a mission to visit a nursery. They are supposed to interact with the five-year-old kids, which they found trouble in as none of them recognizes them.

[10.12.18] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E55 - Gain and Jokwon spent time helping out in the nursery, teaching them and feeding them, having troubles when the kid throw tantrums.

[10.12.22] [Recording] MBC We Got Married - at their apartment Sangamdong

[10.12.25] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E56 - Jokwon and Nichkhun decide to record a loving duet for their wives as a Christmas event. Jokwon and Gain as a couple do not appear in this episode.

[10.12.26] [Concert] 2AM Concert - Fans saw Ga-in at VIP seats

[10.12.29] [Other] 2010 MBC Entertainment Award - Ga In and Jo Kwon, each won two Awards:

- Best Male in Variety Show (We Got Married)

- Female Artists in Variety Show (We Got Married)

- Best Couple (We Got Married)

Gain's Speech

“Thank you to all the staffs and the PD-nim for letting me and Kwon meet like this and come all the way here. And to the studio family that worked hard together, Misun Unnie, Jungmin Oppa, Seulong-ie, Jinwoon-ie and Nayoung Unnie really thank you very much. Also, thank you to all the fans for their neverchanging love for Adam couple during this 1 year. Lastly, Kwon ah, thank you very very much for being my strength and staying by my side although you’re having a hard time and is tired because of your schedule. It would be nice if you can continue staying with me and become my strength in the future. I’ll work harder to receive more love in 2011, thank you.”

January 2011

[11.01.06] [Other] Kwon's Cyworld update

The place that catches his eyes is the place where she is... The place that he look for is the place where her heart remains with his...
[11.01.06] [Recording] SBS Strong Heart - Kwon had a recording session for "Strong Heart" today. They told him to leave a video message for Gain.
“Ga In noona, even though our marriage is over… the 1 year and 3 months of memories with you as my wife is unforgettable. I’m thankful to WGM for letting me experience(?) marriage life with you for that long. Now, let’s do well in the sitcom, in our music careers(?) and stay healthy. Ga In noona fighting!”
[11.01.01] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E57 - Jokwon invites Gain out on a date to a coffee design shop in order to surprise her with an event similar to Nichkhuns', however, things don't go as planned and they end up at an outdoor skating rink instead where Jokwon gets much more then he ever hoped for; tears and a kiss.

[11.01.08] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E58 - Adam Couple do not appear in this episode.

[11.01.05] [Other] Adam Couple on Shim Shim Tapa - The Last Recording of Adam Couple at Shim Shim Tapa

[11.01.06] [Recording] MBC We Got Married - The Last Recording of Adam Couple at Shim Shim Tapa and at their apartment Samgamdong. (1 Year 3 Months 2 Weeks 3 Days)

[11.01.07] [Other] Jo Kwon and Gain taken part in the photoshoot as couple at Studio Won Kyu

-It's been confirmed that they were filming something for WGM at the Wonkyu Studio on the 7th. The session didn't last long.

[11.01.12] [Other] Kim Jung Min's Twitter Update:

"I just got done recording WGM...It was Adam couple's last time together...The studio was in tears today..ㅠㅠ..Yongseo couple's seagull attack...Khuntoria's last episode in Thailand...Watch it on Saturday!!...V587!!!

[11.01.15] [Other] Kwon twitter & me2day update:

- Although it’s regretful that today is the last episode for the Adam Couple that has been on WGM2 for a year,we will leave in Adam Couple-style~^^ Writer nunas, PD-nims, and the fans who’ve loved us~and Gain nuna that has really become my sister!

- Thank you~~^^* I’m scared to watch the last episode too.. As sad as Secret Garden.. keke Everyone have a good day~^^

[11.01.15] [Event] Shinhan Bank Event - BEG & 2AM

[11.01.15] [TV] MBC We Got Married WGM E59 - (The Last Episode of Adam Couple)

[11.01.15] [Other] Adam Couple me2day update:

Just like this, this fairytale-like Adam Couple lived happily ever after..^^ -The End-

[11.01.20] [Other] Adam Couple's Apartment is Officially Empty

It was verified today that MBC moved all their furniture and appliances out of the apartment today.

It has been notified that Kwon took all the pictures on the chalkboard.

Other belongings not shown in the picture were not verified. T_T

February 2011

March 2011

[11.03.09] [Other] Jo Kwon's Twitter Update:

Geumji and Ok Yeob after a while~ When we go to Thailand, we are going to sing "We Fell In Love" as Adam...!
[11.03.11] [Other] 2AM & Brown Eyed Girls departure to Thailand - Spotted Adam are using Passport cases (Gain) & Sunglasses (Kwon) that Adanes gave. Gain wears the crown ring (couple ring?).

[11.03.12] [Concert] Adam Couple perform in MBC’s “50th Anniversary Korean Music Wave Concert in Bangkok”

April 2011

May 2011

[11.05.17] [TV] MBC Korean Music Wave in “50th Anniversary Korean Music Wave Concert in Bangkok”

Sept 2011

[11.09.25] [TV] SBS Inkigayo - B.E.G Comeback - Sixth Sense (Adam Couple Reunion)

Credit to BEG Forum, ONEDAY, DCMarried, Wikipedia & 2ONEDAY


Opening Theme WGM S2

Episode 01

(When Jo Kwon dancing in mongoose costume)

Episode 02

(Scene playing piano)

Episode 03

(Gain cooking scene)

Episode 04

(When Kwon, Seulong and Jiwoon sings to Gain)

Episode 05

(When Kwon showed Gain 3 tier shelf plant)

Episode 06

Episode 07

(When Jo Kwon sings in subway train)

Episode 08

Babs Fletcher - Agony

(when Jo kwon and Gain read their leaves letters)

(Jo kwon and Gain dance together at the lobby)

(Preview next week episode)

Episode 09

(Kwon & Seulong sang at the sports event episode)

Minyo - Baetnori

(Kwon sang this song at the sports event episode)

Episode 10

(Flashback previous episode)

(When Gain playing swing)

(Piggy back scene)

Mariah Carey - All I want is Christmas

(When they decorating christmas tree)

(When they decorating christmas tree)

(Jo Kwon playing piano to Gain)

Episode 11

Episode 12

(When Shin Young make Jo Kwon and Gain hug each other)

(Jo Kwon and Gain sings in Radio Show Shim Shim Tapa)

(Jo Kwon sings in Radio Show Shim Shim Tapa)

(When riding the scooter)

Episode 13

Hanon NO.1

(Jo Kwon serenade in the morning)

Episode 14

(At the market (when Kwon set up the canopy))

Episode 15

Episode 16

(When Gain sings to JYP)

(When JYP give approval to Jo Kwon to date as long its Gain)

(When Jo Kwon sings proposal event to Gain in JYP concert)

(After the proposal event continued until Gain's interview room)

(Gain baking cake)

Episode 17

(Flashback previous episode)

(MV Making)

(Preview for next episode)

Episode 18

U2 - Elevation

(Scene from clothes store - Fahim change clothes)

Episode 19

(Scene from clothes store)

(Scene from clothes store)

(Scene at sticker photo)

(Preview for next episode)

Episode 20

(When Jo Kwon and Gain wearing the couple jacket)

(When Jo Kwon and Gain drink their couple tumbler)

(When Jo Kwon and Gain start cleaning the house)

(Cooking scene)

(Cooking scene)

Episode 21

(Flashback previous episode)

(Gain tasting Changmin's cooking)

(Scene Seulong and Miryo playing Wii)

(When Gain take Changmin's picture)

(Preview for next episode)

Episode 22

(Scene Jo Kwon & Gain wearing couple sweater)

Episode 23

Park Jonghoon - The Round Sun Has Come Out

(when Kwon was waiting for Gain, when he was lying in the bed)

(Jo Kwon start making breakfast)

(When Kwon feeding Gain)

(Preview for next episode)

Episode 24

(Nickhun playing piano)

(Preview for next episode)

Episode 25

(Kwon piggyback Gain moment)

Special Episode

(Kwon sing to Ga In in their house)

Rerun Episode

Episode 26

(Jo Kwon sings to reporters at luncheon)

(Preparation before parade starts / Before Kwon backhug Gain)

(Preview for next episode)

Episode 27

(The chocolate kiss flashback, when they were in the restaurant)

(When they got on the bus)

(When they found the Egg Tart Shop)

(When they selca at flower shop)

(Preview next episode)

Episode 28

(Flashback previous episode)

(When they entered the VIP zone to watch the fireworks )

(The Fireworks scene)

(The backhug scene)

(The chocolate kiss and black room interview)

Episode 29

(The bungee jump scene)

Episode 30

(When they hanging polaroid)

Episode 31

(Jo Kwon sings to Gain)

Episode 32

Episode 33

Episode 34

(When Adams couple see the pictures at magazine office)

(Preview next episode)

Episode 35

Episode 36

Episode 37

Episode 38

Episode 39

(Gain wearing the wedding dress that designed by Kwon)

(Song at Kwon's last interview scene)

Episode 40

(The song for the serenade)

(when they shoot the wedding picture)

Episode 41

Episode 42

Episode 43

(Kwon running with straw sack in track competition)

Episode 44

Episode 45

Episode 46

Episode 47

Episode 48

Episode 49

Episode 50

Episode 51

Episode 52

Episode 53

(minute 07:55)

Seohoo - A Lovely Girl

(Song at Gain's interview)

Gavy Queens - My Love

(Song at scene where Kwon gave her the pouch)

Episode 54

Episode 55

(minute 16:20)

(minute 19:00)

Episode 56

(minute 03:35)

Episode 57

(At the studio)

(Gain's birthday event for Kwon)

(Cafe scene when Kwon gaze at Gain)

(Song Kwon sang for Gain at ice rink)

라이언 (Ryan) - 참 좋은 사람 (Really good person)

(Song during the interviews at the end, after the kiss event)

Episode 58

(At the ice rink)

(Ski Event, Kwon sang for GaIn)

(Preview next episode)

Episode 59

(Song playing at History Room)

(Song at Kwon's Event)

(Song at the end scene)

Shim Shim Tapa Radio Interviews (06 January 2011)

(Song Gain sang for Kwon)

Park Jinyoung - I'm going back

(Song Kwon sang for Gain)

Credit to Kaisen,jjj06,Xeth,kanasai,tinkerbell1188

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Guest yanouchi


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Wedding Photoshoot

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Fan Account 01 - Star King Recording - January 04, 2010 : Post #748

Fan Account 02 - In the plane with Kwon and Gain - February 13, 2010 : Post #2268

Fan Account 03 - Arrival Hong Kong Airport - February 13, 2010

Fan Account 04 - CNY Parade - February 14, 2010 : Post #2314

Fan Account 05 - CNY Parade & Soho Streets - February 14-15, 2010 : Post #2344

Fan Account 06 - Hong Kong, Hae-Kang-Sung - February 15, 2010 : Post #2441

Fan Account 07 - Hong Kong, Central, Harbour City, Hotel Lobby - February 15, 2010 : Post #7546

Fan Account 08 - Hong Kong, Soho Streets - February 14-15, 2010: Post #3794

Fan Account 09 - Performance of We fell in Love in Music Core - February 20, 2010 : Post #2569

Fan Account 10 - Performance of We fell in Love in Music Core - February 20, 2010 : Post #4815

Fan Account 11 - CGV Cinema - March 03, 2010 : Post #3794

Fan Account 12 - Bungee Jump - March 03, 2010 : Post #3794 : Post #6683

Fan Account 13 - Adam couple moving into a new apartment - March 31, 2010 : Post #4760

Fan Account 14 - Come to Play Recording MBC Building (200th Day Anniversary) - April 07, 2010 : Post #5049

Fan Account 15 - Come to Play Recording MBC Building (200th Day Anniversary) - April 07, 2010 : Post #5213

Fan Account 16 - Gain Fell on Stage (The day shes listening Kwon's Confession at PMS Radio) - April 08, 2010 : Post #5208

Fan Account 17 - Home Plus Store in Sangamdong - April 08, 2010 : Post #5209

Fan Account 18 - Home Plus Store in Sangamdong - April 08, 2010 : Post #5752

Fan Account 19 - 2AM (Kwon) Fansigning on Bestiz - April 10, 2010 : Post #5318

Fan Account 20 - 2AM Mini Concert in Sogang University - April 17, 2010 : Post #5743

Fan Account 21 - Gain at Anam Tower (Gym) - April 28, 2010 : Post #6326

Fan Account 22 - Adam Couple at Gym - April 28, 2010 : Post #6628

Fan Account 23 - Adam Couple at Instyle Company - May 01, 2010 : Post #6700

Fan Account 24 - Brown Eyed Girls at Gwangyang Jecheol High School - May 06, 2010 : Post #7111

Fan Account 25 - Wedding dress shop in Cheongdam-dong - May 09, 2010 : Post #7129

Fan Account 26 - Wedding dress shop in Cheongdam-dong - May 09, 2010 : Post #7145

Fan Account 27 - Kwon & Gain to Bali - May 10, 2010 : Post #7237

Fan Account 28 - Kwon & Gain to Bali - May 10, 2010 : Post #7271

Fan Account 29 - Adam Couple Wedding Photoshoot at Tanah Lot, Bali - May 11, 2010 : Post #7413

Fan Account 30 - Adam couple having dinner restaurant in Jimbaran Bali, Bali - May 13, 2010 : Post #7402

Fan Account 31 - Kwon & Gain playing at the pool - Between May 11-13, 2010 : Post #8163

Fan Account 32 - Honeymooners meet Kwon and Gain in flight from Bali - May 14, 2010 : Post #12363

Fan Account 33 - Kwon & Gain arriving at Incheon airport from Bali - May 14, 2010 : Post #7434

Fan Account 34 - BEG's fan signing event - May 18, 2010 : Post #7727

Fan Account 35 - Kwon and Gain Recording SBS Family Outing S2 - May 31, 2010 : Post #8659

Fan Account 36 - Fans saw Adam Couple & VicKhun Couple in same car for WGM recording - June 28, 2010 : Post #11054

Fan Account 37 - Adam Couple Fans gets a call from Gain after send foods to manager and staff - June 28, 2010 : Post #11070

Fan Account 38 - 2AM Singapore Showcase - July 10, 2010 : Post #12112

Fan Account 39 - Jo Kwon 1st Solo Performance "The Day I Confessed" Music Core - July 24, 2010 : Post #13209

Fan Account 40 - Fans from dcmarried went to the dubbing session for the WGM Horror Special - Sept 18, 2010

Fan Account 41 - 2AM “Chocolate” recording - Nov 10, 2010

Fan Account 42 - Fan signing events (Gain, 2AM) - Nov 12, 2010

Fan Account 43 - House in Sangamdong, Ddeokbokki-house in Eedae, ice rink at Hyatt Hotel - Dec 08, 2010

Fan Account 44 - Jokwon, Gain came by to eat the “Stormy, Wild Ddeokbokki” - Dec 09, 2010

Fan Account 45 - At their apartment - Dec 22, 2010

Fan Account 46 - Adam Couple Shim Shim Tapa - Jan 5, 2011 : Post #22275

Fan Account 47 - Kwon Event at their apartment - Jan 06, 2011

Fan Account 48 - Strong Heart: Jo Kwon’s Missing Message to Ga In - Jan 06, 2011

Fan Account 49 - The last gifts for the Adams by DC Woogal Adam Fans

Fan Account 50 - Fans from dcmarried went to the dubbing session for final episode - Jan 15, 2011

Fan Account 51 - Adam Couple Appartment Officially Empty - Jan 20, 2011

Fan Account 52 - Kwon mentioned Ga-in at 2AM Daegu concert - Jan 22, 2011

Fan Account 53 - Adam Rehearsal WFIL in Rajchamangkala Stadium, Bangkok - March 11, 2011

Credit to Xeth,princess-kazumi,jungkuri38@youtube,blue_jus7



Nike's collaboration with Dutch artist Parra (Couple Jackets in JYP Concert)

Gain's Sweater - Nike x Cassette Playa Fear No Evil Jacket

Couple Sweater (JeA's Present)

Gain's C1RCA Fangs Zip Up Hood Jacket in Episode 30

Kwon's Sweater in Black Room Interview in Episode 12

Adam's Apparel in WGM


Converse Chuck Taylor Shoes

Nike AF1 Couple Valentine Shoes [Low Cut] [High Cut]

Adidas Trefoil Hi (Couple Shoes in Episode 28-29)


Lie Detector

Polaroid Camera

Digital Camera

Kwon's 'Paul Frank Beanie Skurvy Iphone Silicone Case'

Atree LED Stand CUBE-Dock [Lamp Speaker in Episode 31]

Accessories and Others

General Culture in Korea Regarding Couple Rings

Jo Kwon's Album "Thanks to"

Couple Tumbler [1]

DIY Couple Ring (Art Clay silver ring set) [1]

Couple Ring

Hand Cream L'Occitane

Body Lotion L'Occitane

Chocolate Ferrero Rondnoir

Sponsored interior item in Adam New Apartment


Adam Couple Shopping Item in Episode 31

Kwon & Gain wearing the 'Love Hairclip' in Episode 31

The Bride and Groom Teddy Bear

Wine in Episode 32

Gain wearing sexy leopard-print nightie underneath her jacket in Episode 32


Adams Second Apartment

Adams New Apartment in Episode 30

Inside Adam Apartment [01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06] [07] [08] [09]

Wedding Dress Photoshoot location - Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bali

Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bali - Main pavilion/cabana "Say I Do"

The bathroom they used to take the photo, Bali


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Guest Kiss Me

They are officially a couple now! Yay (: Can't wait to see their episodes. I'm not a big fan of Ga-In, but her & Jo Kwon was really fun to watch for their pilot episode so I'm happy that they're officially on the show!

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haha. really? are they really going to be on? LOL!!!

omg ep 1 was funny. how ga in was like "boom oppa" and then jo kwon does his dance XD

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Guest Yuyu<3

I'm happy they're going to be on the show.

Before them I wasn't really into it anymore but now

I'm going to watch them

I wonder what their nickname is going to be

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Guest baby_shzzy22

im actually really curious about how ga-in looks without makeup!

She actually looks quite different without makeup:

But still.. shes adorable! =)

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Guest xi_luv_u

OMG! this was adorable and cute and how he was giving her nickname. hahaha

lub ep 1!

so cuteee

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Guest `Niiie

i love their first meeting, their unnies are wonderful as well (:

i can't wait till the second ep.

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Guest myherox3

I watched the first episode today and they were so cute! I loved how awkward they were in the beginning but gradually they got more comfortable with each other. Their reaction to their house was a 'LOL' moment.

I can't wait for the next episode!

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Guest _escape.reality*

yayyy ! they're finally a couple . <333

my two fav together . ^^

they're so cuteee . (L)

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Guest TOPforever

OMFGG. no way a topic XD

Cutest couple ever hhaa. I loved the first ep it was so adorable.

Kwon dancing in his bear suit thing ROFL

and Ga-in kept falling down.

can't wait for next ep xD

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Guest jessilicious

aww the two of them are so cute together!

thank god they're regulars! now I have a reason to watch WGM :D

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Guest icollectstraws

yay i was really hoping they would become regulars and now that they are confirmed for the show, it just made my weekend! i can't wait to see more of these 2 together... bring on the fighting and funny moments! i wonder who is going to win in the end lol they both have pretty strong personalities. i also wonder what their nicknames for each other are going to be. kwon seems set on "yeobo" (honey?) for ga in but we have yet to hear about what names she is going to come up with for kwon. i'm so excited i'll even watch the raw videos because i'm sure they will be funny regardless of lack of subs!

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They're finally a regular couple. I look forward to what happens with this couple, I thinks it's gonna be so much fun!

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Guest adaytodiefor


So looking forward to watch!

Glad they're a regular now~

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they're official now???

I dun watch WGM after they ended the 1st season.....

but this couple really will make me watch wgm again......

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Guest nad_donad

I am so happy they become a regular couple.... ^ ^

I have stopped watching WGM for a long time ago, but I'll definitely watch this couple...

I laughed so hard watching the first episode, their first meeting is definitely the best first meeting ever in the history of WGM...

Kwon looking really cute, he's younger but I think he can take the lead as the husband...

Gain is the perfect wife for him, love how they are both already comfortable with each other...

So can't wait for the next episode.... I hope they'll move to a chic apartment since not they become regular couple....

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Guest bobobee92

soooooooooo excited for the next episodes!!!!!!

hope their marriage will be better than their 1st meeting!

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