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[drama 2010] ++ Je Jung Won ++ 제중원 ++

Guest kangki

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Guest kdramafanusa

Daily TV Rating - Monday 2009/01/04

* TNS *

Nationwide Ranking / Show / Network / Nationwide Rating / Seoul Rating / Seoul Ranking {if different from Nationwide}

5. Master Of Study (KBS2) - 15.1%, 15.8%

6. Jejungwon (SBS) - 14.9%, 15.2%

13. Pasta (MBC) - 12.2%, 13.4% (#9)

* AGB *

Nationwide Ranking / Show / Network / Nationwide Rating / Seoul Rating / Seoul Ranking {if different from Nationwide}

5. Jejungwon (SBS) - 15.1%, 17.0% (#4)

11. Master Of Study (KBS2) - 13.4%, 14.0% (#12)

12. Pasta (MBC) - 13.3%, 14.8% (#9)

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Guest Francesca

OMG, it's up already. You guys are so quick. Thanks so much. (Downloading now. :D ) I wonder how they did with the rating. I really hope they did well.

just read on the news site, Mon rating- 15.1% (AGB) :)

thanks guys, downloading now ^^

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Guest Masaya

Thanks for the rating info and the 720 version link. I'm downloading both versions. I already watched ep 1 and I like it so far (even though I really don't understand what they said.)

As for the rating, I hope they will maintain and do better. It so reminds me of Hur Jun.

Since this thread is so dead, I will try to spam it with some caps. (And because I'm so lazy, I only did a few.)

Ep 1 captions Part 1 (note: I'm a Park Yong Woo fan so my caps can be PYW inclined. Also, I don't know Korean so I have no idea what they heck they were saying.)

The ep started with some people entering a hut. Apparently they were doing some kind of ritual with a cow. (Windpipe celtic like instrumental played in the background.)


They covered the cow with a red piece of cloth. Geun Gae (PYW) the butcher proceeded to strike its head with a hammer. (It better be a fake cow.)


Meanwhile, the cops I mean some officials were gathering outside. (Could it be that these are members of the SPCA of ancient Korea?)


Geun Gae was about to cut the cow but


the possible old Korea SPCA squad entered the hut and started beating on those people and dragged them outside. They beat the people some more outside of the hut. (Okay I was wrong. Those faces weren't very animal loving I concluded.)


Geun Gae talked some lengthy stuff to the official.


But some time later he got his @$$ whipped (literally) nevertheless


A wealthy merchant met him afterward


and gave him some gold coins


So Geun Gae the butcher (PYW) lived with his sick sister


and his abusive father (who beat him again after his cow killing ritual which could very well be illegal or something.)


He met with someone from the neighborhood and talked something Western related. (That was the only word I could understand.)


Meanwhile, Do Yang the rich guy was having lessons at some prestigious school. (He must be ogling at body parts I mean anatomy illustrations.)


The teacher caught him in the act and they went outside and talked. I have no idea what they were talking about but in summary it must have been something like this:

Teacher: How dare you ogle at hot shtuff during my class?

Student: Because I'm l33t and badass.

Teacher: Oh yeah?


Next thing, Geun Gae delivered meat to somewhere and saw


Suk Ran giving candies to the kids.


He looked dumb-founded for obvious reason


Oh pretty woman walking the street, pretty woman, the one I like to meet, pretty woman


She turned and smiled...


at him? (Could it be love at first sight?)


no such luck. Not with that outfit.


Geun Gae proceeded to the back door to deliver the meat


for the party


Umma and co were happy with the meat


The Western maid used it to cook steak (seasoned with pepper and salt. mmmm)


Appa is giving a lengthy speech in English before the toast. (I have to say his accent is kind of smexy.)


Shortly after, some guy got drunk and fell over.


A Japanese doc was called in and he checked his eyes movement with the lighted matches.


Geun Gae was observing all this with fascination.



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Guest lime_juice

masaya, thank you so muchhhh.

so the drama starts with the adults unlike the norm whereby

the first 2 episodes would concentrate on the leading casts


your screen caps and captions are so good. any more coming?

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Guest perfect

at him? (Could it be love at first sight?)

no such luck. Not with that outfit.


sorry for cutting your post short but LOL.

I really liked the first episode. I'm not sure though, if DH is a good guy... or a bad guy...

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Guest Masaya

My connection is so damn slow especially when I'm downloading something. Uploading at the same time is a pain (even for these little pics.)

Ep 1 part 2

Next, the doc stuck the needle into this dude's hand.


No kidding...


Then he poured some alcohol (I think) on his head to sanitize...


Then stitched it back Western style...


(No way...)


Do Yang and doc found a connection.


Geun Gae came back and told his older sister about the event.


Then he found out his father planned to hire a witch.


His dad went to get money to pay for her. Geun Gae was against it because


She looked kind of evil. Okay she looked really evil.


Indeed, I even see the word on her forehead. I'm not sure I know what his dad was thinking.


Then he went and met up with this mysterious man


who showed him a Western style stitched hand.


In the meantime, doc and Do Yang spent some quality together talking about stuff. (I kind of like this doc. He mixed JP with Korean.)


And they talked about some more stuff over a dead body.


At this time, Geun Gae and mysterious man had a heated argument and Geun Gae left fuming.


Flashback. He was being bullied in his youth.


Another boy saved him.


Ah... how I miss the good old days...


Next day, he came back to find his older sister unconscious...


Unni... unni...


He grabbed the coins...


and took her on his back...


running to some Western clinic/hospital.



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Guest mira92

thanks guys for the caption and everything.. :D

good start for jejungwon with 15% rating..

i hope it remains or be better..

its quite a competition since there are other new drama..

an extract taken from a news.

In an interview at the set, Park Yong-Woo praised Han Hye-Jin as amazing in her role. He also adds that she is too ‘pretty’.

So far, most of the production stills and interviews are of Park Yong-Woo, not much of the other male lead,Yeon Jeong-Hoon, yet.

In another interview, Han Hye-Jin voiced out her trepidation for her upcoming drama. Due to the monster succcess of Jumong, she is afraid she will not do as well as Sosuhno in Jumong.

In Jejungwon, she plays Yoo Seok-Ran, an interpreter who later becomes the first woman doctor.

Expectations are high for this drama to do well what with the stellar casts and writers.

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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: The Korea Times 01-05-2010 16:15

Heroines Line Up for Dramas in 2010

By Han Sang-hee

Staff Reporter

Korean dramas may be famous for their catchy storylines and handsome characters, but there is no doubt that heroines also play a big part in terms of popularity and content.

This year's drama lineup boasts various female characters, following last year's femme fatale Mi-shil from "The Great Queen Seondeok'' and secret agent Choi Seung-hee from "Iris.''


Lee Da-hae in "The Slave Hunters"

Lee Da-hae stars in the new drama "The Slave Hunters'' as the captive Eon-nyeun who receives a new name, Kim Hae-won, upon rising in social status to the high-rank of "yangban.''

She falls for fellow yangban-turned-slave-hunter Dae-gil, played by actor Jang Hyuk, but things take a turn when she befriends Song Tae-ha, played by Oh Ji-ho, the slave Dae-gil is pursuing.

The 25-year-old actress, along with the cast and producers, has a lot of weight on her shoulders, as the new drama follows the trail of the successful "Iris.''

"I do hope that we will be able to continue the popularity and interest 'Iris' enjoyed,'' Lee said during a press conference last year.

Lee has been in a number of successful dramas, but only time will tell whether the drama will succeed. She dropped out of "East of Eden,'' the drama that aired in 2008, leaving after a couple of episodes, saying that she did not understand her character. "The Slave Hunters'' will air every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m on KBS.


Actress Han Go-eun, 34, will journey back in time as the partner of Choi Guk-sun, a member of one of the noblest families in Korea, played by Cha In-pyo, in the drama "The Reputable Family.''

Han's character, Han Dan-yi, teaches Cha's character about the world of business. Although the two have feelings for each other, they hide them and work together to bring the Choi family back to its glory days.

"I was drawn to the fact that she was a woman who worked her way through the difficult time when there were so many social restrictions for women,'' Han said at a press conference last year.

The 16-episode soap airs every weekend at 9:40 p.m. on KBS.


Meanwhile, model-turned-actress Bae Doo-na will appear as a high school English teacher in the new soap "Master of Study'' airing every Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:55 p.m.

The 30-year-old will portray Han Soo-jeong, a warm and na?ve character initially bullied by the headstrong students.

"I was given English phrases and I had to come up with a lecture myself,'' Bae said during a press conference last year, adding that her favorite subject during high school was in fact English.

"I think we will be able to get 30 percent in ratings,'' Bae said, smiling. "We're dreaming big.''

Bae, one of the most successful model-turned-actresses in the business, recently won an award for best actress for her role in the Japanese film "Air Doll'' at the Japan Academy Awards last year.


Meanwhile, fellow actress Kong Hyo-jin returns as an aspiring chef, Seo Yoo-gyeong, in the television series "Pasta.''

"Seo is cute and adorable, someone you could find in real life,'' she said during an interview with the broadcaster MBC. This is Kong's first drama in three years.

Kong is famous for her strong-willed characters who endure hardships and finally reach their goals, and this time, she will move into the busy kitchen as an aspiring chef.

"Pasta'' airs every Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:55 p.m., competing with fellow dramas "Jejungwon The Hospital'' and "Master of Study.''

"It's not common to have such anticipated works from different networks airing on the same day, but I hope we will be able to continue the successful streak of culinary dramas,'' she said.


Last but not least, Han Hye-jin appears in the medical drama "Jejungwon The Hospital'' on SBS. The actress shot to stardom thanks to the period drama "Prince of the Legend'' (MBC), but failed to garner fans with more modern works, including her most recent television series "Terroir'' (SBS).

"To be honest, I'm actually scared of period dramas and I know I'm not very good at them. I was given many roles in such dramas, but my fear stopped me. But now as I get older and especially after I failed with 'Terroir,' I started to tell myself to be confident and just go for it,'' she said.

The drama started airing Monday, and although it was hard to grasp her character's persona through one airing, the actress seemed comfortable and confident acting as the smart and passionate doctor-to-be. The soap airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:55 p.m.


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Guest n3llvr22

Now someone gotta tell me if that is his sister or his mom. My ear may have been wrong for not hearing umma out. =_=

it's his mother that is ill

-i watched all 3 of the new dramas that started today and this one caught my interest the most and i don't usually even like medical dramas! it's just very interesting how they are incorporating history with medicine! i love how they show how koreans were when first exposed to western technology including medicine! im excited for this one ^_^

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Guest sonnet85

i have a feeling that i'm going to really love this drama. :)

anyway, i had a hard time searching for jejoongwon thread. maybe if there's 'jejoongwoon' on the title's name, it'll be easier for anyone to see. just an idea

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Guest lucky_moon

I have a good feeling about this drama, Ep1 was good mostly focused on the Hwang Jung hard life, anticipating Ep2 tonight :)

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hmm it seems to me that YJH's character may turn into the dark side as the drama progresses???? I dont know for sure but I have a hunch he'll turn evil.. I really hoped he does not......

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