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  1. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av84482316?from=search&seid=5474425337422746465 If ONLY they can starred in another modern day drama! This MV actually nails it so well!
  2. http://t.cn/A6PqFzjr Fans speculated it was cut out and 13th probably remembered by the time when XW came back after the fake death time. Squealing crazy!!!!~~~~
  3. @RealityDream there’s one writing abt story of their daily romantic story but her her skill in describing is fantastic, one’s writing about present day of how he was leading back to her while another is writing fiction of the couple in real life. Their story telling writing is truly great whether in flow and grammar! If I have time I’ll do some translation to share out ya. Many of us dun wan the story to end just like that.
  4. @RealityDream do u read Chinese? If yes, few fans did a really good storytelling in Weibo. It’s really better scripted than what we experienced fr the drama!
  5. ya ya they really looks perfect together! Happy Chinese New Year! @RealityDream there’s quite a sound analysis abt all the qualms we have fr a fan. It’s exactly the same as per taeun’s analysis regarding the tele-transporting. The present 13 is just time travelling in another way thus the medium (red stone) glowing. Therefore he is the 13. He knows her and there’s no memory loss, just as he has promised, he’ll find her no matter in time and space! And the fan sed the the old lady might have been Qi Xiang’s descendants who’ll pass the msg fr year to yr till XW’s appearance. When XW found the lantern the red stone no longer hanging over there as 13 might have known it’s the only way back to XW. And it was speculated that if XW didn’t find the way out the first time she got lost within the forbidden city, she wud have been transported back directly to 13 instead of back as MW. And the clip I mentioned i can’t find any more;( the other pic I’ll try upload for u ya.
  6. I am missing the couple so much!! The ending is just too too brief to quench my thirst to see them living happily ever after! Hope they can still post more bts of this 2!! below is the recent bts to share! https://v.qq.com/x/cover/mzc00200chankdx/r003375rqaq.html https://v.qq.com/x/cover/mzc00200chankdx/m003322v35h.html https://wx4.sinaimg.cn/large/006E12vqgy1gb6tdd1k2lj30gx0j8h3y.jpg https://wx4.sinaimg.cn/large/8fa0bca7ly1gb4gwqu39nj20mi0u01kx.jpg https://wx3.sinaimg.cn/large/8fa0bca7ly1gb4gwri38rj20mi0u01kx.jpg @RealityDream This is the first couple in many many years whom I really truly adored! They are both so cute and sweet together! Have you watched the 3mins interview of Truth or Dare? I dunno about his other partners in other dramas but love the way he looks at her off screen and during these interviews. From these interviews, I believe he does like her but not to the extend to develop into something else at the moment as both of them are just too young while vast opportunities await them. At a magazine interview, he was asked what sort of interesting thing happened during filming? His answer was becos LD was playing in most scenes, she was very tired at all time and sometimes sleep at the site. So he will always take selfie of them together while she was asleep. Then he went on saying, I will not let other sees these photos, so LD, u dun have to worry. Yes, at the interview when he mentioned he likes cheerful girl, I was like ; R u actually indicating LD? She was everything he sed! And I enjoy watching their BTS at numerous time. Their interaction seems so at ease with each other and he will go along with her silly acts. For eg, she will led him into doing silly stuff EG: looking up at the sun with eyes closed, practicing voicing out loud at the balcony, etc. I'm sure there're a lot we didn't manage to peek into.:) I mean u have to be really comfortable and close enuh with another person to have jest with and simple gesture like patting head or shaking her arms. She didnt ask XYL to carry her to proof that she's not that heavy. All these are natural reflexes which they might not have notice. And I notice, he or she was always leaning towards each other's side during interviews or photo shoots when there are a third person in the picture. How I wish they can leaked out some off screen thingy of their recent UNO men's photo shoot! I watched DBTQD bcos of LLD. I watched her stage performance at one of the reality show and i like her instantly cos she's really good! And her personality always joking abt her own weight makes me wonder how bright and cheerful this young lady is! We all know how malicious comments can destroy one's self esteem. All I hope now is for another drama of these two. If only drama god can make my dreams come true!
  7. The ending is consider a HE buttttttt.. to little screen time for the main leads. Everyone is complaining that the main leads are actually cameos for the last 20 episodes!
  8. Just Watched their last farewell under the tree n cry my eyes out! pls drama god, gimme another drama with this cute couple! Pleeeaaaasssseeee~~~
  9. Look What i found!!! https://m.weibo.cn/status/4463473256051816
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