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  1. Nope it's a water purifier ad like a mini movie. They have a 2nd part but not uploaded yet. I'll notify u if they upload t ya
  2. I dun know if this is appropriate to post here but to me she cute! It’s been such along time that I actually like an actress. She’s not like super pretty but she’s likeable like the girl next door. I’ve to admit that I give S1 a try bcos I saw her in the poster and I thgt she looks passable to give it a try. I was not XZl’s fan even when he was in Princess Agents. The main leads presence were too strong then. Even yu hao as the villain was very good in princess agent. And S1 both of them were still rookies n their kisses compared to S2 were really not up to expectations but their chemistry was ok n although she’s not too good at acting, I find her quite cute. But in S2 XZl is really looking at her with those loving gaze n her obvious ease with him is what I like abt this drama. It’s just like they were made to be MLC n QXT. Let’s wait patiently for the good news then. Better still if they do another drama with another storyline! I wish!!!
  3. Me too me too! Any other female lead next to him can’t sparks interest in me in that particular drama/show. Not especially when in reality releases EL BT’s they are so close! It’s so foolish of me to even come to a point if he’s like that in other dramas BTs like the one he’s with LJ I’ll felt betrayed! No one is LJ replaceable when standing next to him. LJ might not be the prettiest but their chemistry is no whr found in his other dramas. Hahahaha. I’d really gone nutz on the other hand I’m ok to see other male leads with LJ;) and she’s way more comfortable w him than anybody cos LJ is all shunning away when CYW tried to re-act the sandwich kiss scene w her at the entertainment show. I’m so biased! Hope they can have another drama together!
  4. @golinda27 fans at then Weibo of EL are wondering why too. Some asked if tis is bidding him goodby but the official EL rep answered do not think too much of the msg. Hmmm I think he might be somewhr of saying yes and no. But I’d rather he cud just gave an answer rather than keeping us all in suspense! And just to thank him alone is a bit too obvious the scale is weighing 1 side..
  5. BTS compilation. Some scenes weren't shown before! http://t.cn/EyIHsNy
  6. Gen Wei surrounded the palace, so by the word of mouth, he surrendered and was captured. No last glimpse of him though .
  7. @crazyoverkdramaAre they referring to that show where LJ and CYW was invited as guests? (The beauty show programme with Big S and Lil S)
  8. Just read the comment from his agency a while ago. Was complaining the official EL rep that XZL wasn't informed that Chen you wei went to the same entertainment with Liang Jie. I couldn't click in and see what the official EL rep sed as I'm not the registered user. But I guess the chances of having XZL in S3 is a bit below 50% unless they really have a good offer to him. As we can all see, he didn't response or promote S2 anymore since the show begins. Many speculating that he was not in good terms with the EL's side. To me he's the 8th prince MLC and LJ is QXT. Nobody can ever replace these 2 main character. Anyone who slips into this shoe will sure get bashes. 1 thg for sure is LJ will remain as QXT in S3. Let's hope there'll be no replacement for MLC and if there's one, let him be really really good!!! After all MLC is a very good male lead character whom anyone can easily like and love. XZL is good but it's also the character was beautifully and perfectly written. It's good of him trying other characters as well since he's too young but just wished that he'll finished off the story of MLC beautifully. Idk about others but i saw the upcoming drama teasers of his show, and i found myself being so biased. Any lady leads beside him who isn't LJ, i find myself not interested at all in that drama. it's just like they are being bound by the contract!!!! Hahahahaha
  9. U read chinese? By the way just now saw the msg posted by XZL's agency. 情深难几许,聚散多两依。 今朝此为别,他处还相遇。 不知不觉到了#双世宠妃2# 的大结局,感谢八王爷在这个冬天带给我们的甜蜜和温暖,今晚最后的告别,让我们把这段最美好的时光封存,做为心底最珍贵的回忆 Basically the poetry says: It's hard to be deeply in love. Parting is of the inevitable. Today we bid our goodbyes, till we meet gain next time. S@ has come to an end. Thanks 8th prince for bringing warmth and sweetness to us in this winter season. Tonight is our last goodbye. Let us captured this beautiful moment and be our most cherished memories in our heart. does that means ?????~~~
  10. Season 2 has everyone improved in their acting. Especially MYH. He got me teary eyed for the scene him and the king and the last one when he gone mad. Just wished the next script will give him a better ending. In the original novel, I read from somewhere that XT found the way where she can travel back and forth future and past. Curious abt the S3 storyline. And during the wedding night, XT asked for Liu shang's mask. Is she insinuating that LS will be also in S3???
  11. Liang Jie also posted at weibo the same msg. 大结局了,但今晚就是不说再见,连载.....我要放图了. It's finale but tonight I'll not say goodbye. Continuity ...Pics uploaded. This msg by XZL " 这一季,不说再见;在路上,就等再相见" means Tis season we will not say goodbye. Still on the way, til we meet again. Both of them posted the same msg of 不说再见. Not saying goodbye. Praying hard!! for the same cast for Season 3. This is really a cliff hanger!! And General Wei is really the Villain!!!!! So he was in the position for something to come!!! Unanswered riddles. 1. The 2 partners realises the new master of the Orb was born and will go back to report to the master. 2. General Wei is the vessel for the Devil. 3. Liu has gone back to Xuen Ling to inform the others. 4. XT said she just hoped they will not returned to XUen Ling. 5. MLC was worried that the whole incident will happened again! MLC did mentioned at the ending clip that however she chg and where she was, he'll e able to find her and they shall fall in love again. Hoping and cross our hearts they will not change the main leads and tell the audiences their outlooks changed. So will have to wait till they officially announced S3 casts before we can rest in peace! I'll defnitely not going to watch if they chg either one. Pulling my hair now!!!
  12. https://m.weibo.cn/s/video/index?object_id=1042151%3A4313106151594739&segment_id=4313106151594739 CUTE!!
  13. This drama is just so epic in the dramaland. It's basically overcoated with all the sweetness a woman will want in the whole wide world!!! But the best part is watching them and all the other characters is like being part of their journey. All the confessions is so endearing and u just feel happy for the couple for overcoming everything and living in the fairytale land happily ever after! I really wish for S3 to see the story continues between them!
  14. She is using the antiques and did the Sailormoon slogan!!!!! ARghhhhhhh~~~~~~ He restated whenever whichever however wherever, space or time they are destined to fall in love. From consort to queen status, the place will only be for QXT. Squealing
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