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Sandara Park In Return Of Iljimae

Guest Shiget^

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Guest babiiv214




There are quite a number of articles about Sandara's appearance in Iljimae, I'll post one up.

박산다라, 오늘(11일) '돌지매'서 정일우와 키스신 '신고식'

2009년 2월 11일(수) 9:53 [마이데일리]

[마이데일리 = 양지원 기자] '일지매' 정일우와 '여자 빅뱅' 멤버 박산다라가 일본 러브신으로 눈길을 끌 예정이다.

11일 방송되는 MBC 수목극 '돌아온 일지매(극본: 김광식 도영명, 연출: 황인뢰 김수영)'에 첫 등장하는 박산다라는 정일우와의 키스신으로 화려한 신고식을 한다.

박산다라가 분한 '리에'는 청나라 정혼녀 모란, 첫사랑 달이(윤진서), 일지매를 구해준 달이(윤진서)를 닮은 월희에 이은 일지매의 네 번째 여자로 일지매가 모진 풍랑을 만나 왜 나라에 표류하면서 만나는 닌자의 딸이며 이름모를 병에 걸려 생사를 오가던 터 일지매가 가지고 다니던 산삼으로 인해 회복하는 인물.

일지매는 리에를 구해준 답례로 닌자술을 배우게 되고, 리에는 일지매와 함께 지내며 그에게 사랑을 느끼게 된다.

한편 가수 데뷔에 앞서 연기자로 먼저 시청자들에 선보이는 박산다라는 캐릭터 소화를 위해 일본어를 따로 공부 할 정도의 열의를 보였다는 후문이다.

이날 방송되는 7회는 축구 생중계 관계로 밤 11시 15분에 방송된다.

[MBC '돌아온 일지매' 정일우, 박산다라. 사진 = 필름마케팅 비단]

(양지원 기자 jiwon@mydaily.co.kr)

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Guest tricia07_ann


i just saw this on youtube..

its ep 7 of the show The Return of IIjimae..

no subs..

havent watch the entire episode though,if i like wat i see,ill probably watch the enire drama..

here is the link for EP 7 Part 1-7Just click the link..

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5 -- not sure.. coz i couldnt see any part 5...maybe the uploader just made a mistake..im not sure if its on sequence..

Part 6

Part 7


i think the vidoes is not the enire thing..they were cuts i think.. im not sure..coz i didnt vene see how sandara park and the guy met,and now sandy is livin in the guy's roof.. but anyway i got to see sandy doing her thing! its weird to see her in kdrama,i used to see her in filipino dramas and movies.. but in a good way!

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Guest sandy_03

Sandara Park ninjas her way to TV

By ok-wecan + February 12th, 2009

Future Female Big Bang member Sandara Park made her acting debut on last night’s episode of MBC’s “Return of Iljimae” and netizens are giving her a thumbs-up for her debut.

Sandara played the role of Rie, a Japanese ninja trying to learn mad martial arts skills from Iljimae played by actor Jung Il Woo.

This is not Sandara’s first foray into acting. Before joining YG Entertainment, Sandara had a career back in the Philippines both as a “singer and actress”. However, her stint in “Iljimae” marks her formal debut as an actress in Korea.

The road to fame for Sandara wasn’t an easy one. She admitted in several interviews that she had difficulty getting acting projects in Korea. Thus she considers her small role in “Iljimae” as a lucky break.

“It’s different here because when I was in the Philippines, people know who I am so most of the time, I get the lead roles but right now I’m starting again. No one here in Korea knows me and my role is just small. But even if there’s no small role for an actor; it’s definitely different for me. It’s like starting from scratch again. [being part of this drama], I’m so happy to feel this excitement again after how many years. And I also learned that it’s not that important if you’re the lead or not. All the roles in the drama are important. The only sad thing is, no one in the set is asking for my autograph! Hahaha!”

Well, that might change soon. Netizens are giving her rave reviews for her performance in “Iljimae”. And with the new Female Big Bang debuting soon, Sandara might just find herself swarmed with a new set of fans asking for her autograph.

Would you want one?

credit: seoulbeats

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Guest sandy_03

Return of Iljimae: EP 7

This is the episode featuring rising star Sandara Park. I had known she was to be featured soon, but as I’m not familiar with her, it took me a minute to realize who she was.

My first thought before recognizing her was that she was super cute. (Her acting ranged from merely passable to pretty good; she has good screen presence. I can see why PD Hwang cast her to lead his installment of the telecinema project.)


another good review ^_^

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