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Guest luvjunjin0819

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Guest PrincessBoa

Need to hear more ;) Great! ^_^ The vocals are great, though at some parts it kind of caught me offguard xD All Together, you have a wonderful voice; your high notes are great =D



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Guest luvjunjin0819

WOW....so many replies!! :D

orange&kiwie;: awww, hehe....thank you!!!!!!!!!! I'll have more songs for asianize eventually....but u can always check out my signature...my soundclick link is there!!!! ^____^

wompa : so, Ru gets a "you sound sexyy" and I get a "you sound nice"? Ur not getting a wub from me this time. :angry: ROFL. haha. seriously tho ... thanks for the comments, as always!!!! <3 ^____^

NAN: No NAN, I love you!!!! :wub: lol. Ohh...and thanks for that comment on my xanga...that was so sweet!!!!!!!! and of course, thanks for commenting here....ur too nice!!!!!! ^____^

animagelet: hehe....thank you. Altho, the harmonies(bg) are from the karaoke....but I'm hoping I still sound okay in the chorus too...I mean, I did kinda harmonize w/ the bg singers, right? LOL. I appreciate the comments! ^____^

fantasiimaker: hehe, thank you Lisa!!!! <3 The bg singing wasn't me tho. lol. woops, sorry if everyone thought that! If u listen closely, they dun even sound like me. lol. Perhaps I coulda "screamed" louder...but then there mighta been massive distortion??? haha. anyways, i appreciate the comments as always!! ^____^

JohnnyMoon: hehe, Yay...Johnny replied to one of my songs! :) The harmonies were only partly me...haha, but o well. At least I can harmonize w/ the bg singer??? lol. thanks for the comments, i appreciate it!!!! ^____^

`JAY LIHNO XD: hehheeh, awww....thank you!!! ur so nice!!!!! ^_____^

*nie_nie*: hehe, aw, thank you!!!!!!!!! I'm happy it's finally up ... it feels like i waited forever! ((jk Brian and amber, haha)). I appreciate the comments!! ^____^

coffee: awww, thank youuu!!!! ^_____^

conversebunny: awwww....wow..ur too nice, thank you!! yess, brian and amber did an awesome job w/ the site and layout!!! ^____^

babiixru: wow, Ru ... ur always sooo sweet to me. and ur like one of the only people that commented on my looks, lol. I luv u for that...even if ur juss being nice!!!! <3333 Thanks for the comments....I always like hearing from you!!!!!! ^_____^

juki_love: heheehe.....thank you !!!! u think the echoes are a lil much??? I guess I can see that, but nonetheless, Tommy did a fantastic job mixing ... he made it sound so professional IMO. I appreciate the comments, as always!!!! ^_____^

Rai-Rai: awww, hehe...ur always so nice!!!!! Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it!!!! ^___^

my_love_shy: o wow...hehe, thank you!!! wow!! ^____^

littlebabytina16: exactly like her?? haha, nah. lol. and yes, amber did an awesome awesome job!!!!! as did Brian!! hehe! thanks for the comments, I appreciate it!!!! ^____^

DREY.: awww, wow...thank you!!! ^____^

femme*fatale<3: hehe, aww...thank you!!!!!! ^_____^

MaJa: well, can we replace namie with you?????? :D thanks, hun. ur too sweet!!!! ^____^

alicee: aww, wow...ur too nice!!!! thank you!!!!!! ^____^

silveryaj: heh, awww, thanks!!!!!! ^____^

j1youngxj3: awwwww, thank you!!!!!!!!!! ^____^

PrincessBoa: woww, thanks so much!! ^____^

heavenly angel: hehe, aww, thank you!!!!! ^____^

ayame: thank you!!!!!! ^___^

bada: wow...are u serious??? ur too nice!!!! hehe!! thanks, I appreciate the comments!!!!! ^____^

Take care and Thanks again all of you!!!!

~Tab ;)

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Guest justjenn.

Wow, very nice. Your voice is nice for Kelly Clarkson songs. You have definitely improved from your previous songs, but still needs some refinement. Very lovely indeed.

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Tab! You sound absolutely amazing in this clip. I keep listening to it over and over. I can't get enough. You're getting me addicted to this! Keep it up, Tab! You know I was always your fan since SS :D

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Guest dori dori

good jobb

kinda shakey but lovely voice

oh yes and mad props on the high part

'same damn thing'

wut is this azianize website?

is it made by u and ur friends?

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Guest flycmagurl

yup. very beautiful and the site is so freakin awesome, lolx! Is this site of you and other soompi members? or do you all know each other personally? haha, jw. i don't know a lot of people here on soompi even though i come on often :) all of the songs sounded awesome! i'm envious of you all. hehe.

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Guest falling U P

Congrats Tab!

Whoo~ I'm such a fan of your voice and I gotta say, it was another great song! I like it when you sing and hit those high notes, they're just lovely<33 Great job, sweetie!

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