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Guest luvjunjin0819

wow, more replies??? thanks so much, guys!! :D

justjenn.: ya, I know ... I need to work on some stuff .... it's a process, but i'll get there. Thanks so much for the comments!!!!!! ^______^

n!kk!: Hi Nikki!! <3 awwww, ur toooo sweet!! But I thank you for listening and commenting, it means a lot!!!!!! ^_____^

hanaxkim: awww, thank you!!!!!!! ^_____^

dori dori: awww, thanks....ya, people tell me it's shakey here and there..i'll work on it...that song's kinda emotional for me, that's why I guess. AND...asianize is a soompi entertainment group put together by brian. we just sing for fun. ^_____^

flycmagurl: awww, thank you. like i explained above...asianize is a soompi entertainment group...we signed up and auditioned and brian decided who was in. and thanks for the comment about all of us, we all appreciate it! ^____^

sherry: awww, hehe...thanks soo much!!!!!!! ^_____^

aYu09: aw, thank you!! ^______^

NEVERland: really?? I sound lower and older?? ahaha, she's older than me. LOL. thanks soooo much for the comments. and here's the link in case u didn't see it ((thanks rai rai ^_^)) : http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=363693 !! ^_____^

AznMonkee: awww, hehe, thank you!!!!!! ^_____^

voice_of_a_dream: wow, thank you!!! ^______^

ma_mel03: awwww, wow, thank you!! ^______^

` c h a 0 t i c: Hey Brenda!! <3 aww, thanks hun. I appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!! ^______^

urusai*: awwwww, thank you! ^_____^

rosa: thank you, I appreciate it!!!!!!!!! ^______^

Take care,

tab ;)

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