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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

thanks for the scans deNain!! i'm so excited for Jaejoong's movie acting debut XD He would be the hottest and sexiest postman ever! hahaha XD I can't wait tll this is released...the plot is exciting LOL. I think i'll have a feast too when i watch this hahaha!!

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Guest wing834

wonder whether he would sing the OST too :D if so, it would be great! read a bit abt heaven's postman, wonder whether jae will really die at the end.... hope not :'(

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Guest teeniebliss

Ooo, I didn't even realized Jae had his own acting thread. Congrats to Jae for his acting debut (well, in a major production that is...)

The previews look so sad. But Jae is looking mighty fine in it^^ It better be out by september cause I wanna see how the story plays out already.

Hope this acting will lead to more roles for him in the future =)

Also, I'm guessing there won't be any press conference with the actors to promote the telecinema? Or are they just going to release these teasers as part of the promoting?

here's my 1st (&lame><) attempt at making screen caps from the previews:







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Guest wing834

totally forgot about this thread lol~


source: 님과함께

credit: 초록꽃별@dnbn

shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

i guess jae would probs attend the showcase~ cant wait till oct when HP finally airs... XD

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Guest Q-Girl

Oh! finally i can find JJ theard

Heaven's Postman in Japanese Magazine







credit : herojjbar

Heaven’s Postman HUG Screen Shot


credit: heyjj

shared by: sharingyoochun.net

Pics from HP Book


















[Pic] Heaven’s Postman






















credit : baidutvxq / telecine7





credit : DNBN

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Guest Q-Girl



credit ; herojjbar

[Trans] 100524 Tohoshinki’s Jejung – Exclusive pictures from his Acting Debut Work



Exclusive pictures from the Japan-Korea collaborative drama “Heaven’s Postman”, which was Jejung’s acting debut, have been released! Jejung plays a postman who lies to those who have lost their loved ones, and providing whispers of happiness to them.

“Heaven’s Postman” Photo Gallery

This show was created by the famous Japanese scriptwriters, starring a popular Korean actors and actress, and is one of the Japan-Korea collaboration projects for “Telecinema 7.” Director of the popular “Halfway” (starring Kitano Kie and Okada Masaki) directs the screenplay written by Eriko Kitagawa, and co-stars Han Hyo Joo, who also starred in the hit drama “Brilliant Legacy”, which enjoyed ratings(in Korea) as high as 47.1%.

The story is about “Heaven’s Postman” Jae Joon, who has a strong link to the dead, yet cannot be seen, who meets Ha Na. Jae Joon’s work slowly helps to heal her broken heart , and the story describes a search for the route of rebirth. This time, the exclusive photos from Jejung express a situation where, while helping those who are grieving and need help using unconditional love, there is no one to heal yourself.

Telecinema 7 was aired in Korea in November last year. Aside from “Heaven’s Postman”, and popular group BIG BANG’s T.O.P and V.I.’s acting debut in “19”, Osaki Masaya’s ( Scriptwriter of “Hitoshi Tadano, the Extraordinary Undercover Detective”) “Triangle”, “A Dream Comes True”, “Paradise”, “After the Banquet” and “The Relation of Face, Mind & Love” make up the remaining 6 stories.

Telecinema 7’s collection of 7 stories (Including Heaven’s Postman) will be released by Toho Co. Ltd throughout Japan on the 29th of May.

source: [Eiga.com]

translation credits: Ssunsett@tohosomnia.net

shared by: tohosomnia.net

Do not remove/add on any credits










credit : herojjbar

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Guest wing834

im watching sunao atm, and i love jaejoong in it, hes just sooooooooo cute. really different from his character in HP, which shows that jae can act in different roles, and not just one type of role :D quite a lot of people is praising jae for his acting in sunao, and saying that they r impressed that jaejoong is acting in drama, and speaking fluent japanese :D

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Guest wing834

Jaejoong to star in upcoming blockbuster drama?


Is Hero Jaejoong about to debut in a new national blockbuster drama?

The inclusion of Jaejoong in the 20 episode long drama, Poseidon, which is set to air in the early half of next year, is currently being put in a positive light. An official contract for the drama is to be confirmed in the middle of September, but it feels as if Jaejoong has already been confirmed for the drama.

Jaejoong debuted earlier this year in a Japanese drama, Because I Could Not be Honest. Now the pro singer turned rookie actor will have the chance to debut in a blockbuster national drama!

The drama Poseidon is a production that is using the theme of maritime police for the first time in the history of Korean national dramas. H2O Production’s representative has commented that “The drama is produced with the theme of the wholehearted support of the maritime police. In the next few months, the writer of the drama plans to study the maritime police’s roles in saving lives through thorough on-site research to collect hard information for the drama. With the theme of tight bonds between individuals as a background of the plot, the drama will do more than simply pull the heartstrings of viewers with a character’s bravery and inclination to take challenges and risks to save lives while the maritime police members themselves deal with each of his or her own pains.”

Yoo Chul Yong, the PD of All In and Oh Sang Won, PD of The Sad Poem is collaborating to direct the drama. The writer for the drama will be the coauthor of IRIS, Jo Kyu Won.

The amazing staff, along with the possible added bonus of Jaejoong in it, has raised fans’ expectations for this drama.

S: Newsen

Credit: Allkpop

Jaejoong's nxt acting project? with the production, actors, and the word "blockbuster" in the title, this sounds really promising, i hope jaejoong does get the chance to star in this :D

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Guest adikkeluangman

Jang Dong Gun, Ha Ji Won, and Kim Jaejoong may come together for new drama

Jang Dong Gun, Ha Ji Won and JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong will most likely unite to star in an upcoming drama called “Peninsula.”

This drama is going to be a big production; it is already reported to have a budget of 10,000,000,000 WON, which equates to nearly $9 million dollars. The drama will feature a united Korea (no separation between South and North), the united nation’s president, and his National Intelligence Director.

The president’s role is most likely going to go to Jang Dong Gun and Ha Ji Won is slated to be the female lead. Jaejoong is supposed to be play the Director.

Jang Dong Gun has revealed recently that he is interested in starring in this drama. Additionally, Ha Ji Won has expressed that she would like to join this production as soon as filming for her new movie ends.

One reps for the drama said, “Jang Dong Gun, Ha Ji Won, and Jaejoong are all 90% confirmed.”

The filming will begin in June and July and it will start airing in October.


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Kim Jaejoong is learning to ride a horse for his upcoming role of Kim Kyung Tak in 'Time Slip Dr. Jin' and has participated in the script reading for the drama a couple days ago. Filming has already begun. :)

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Kim Myungsoo, Dr. Jin’s Cast, Talks About Jaejoong

Kim Myungsoo will play Kim Daegyun, Kim Kyungtak’s half brother in ‘Dr.Jin’. Kim Daegyun is the legitimate son while Kim Kyungtak is the son of a concubine.

Kim Myungsoo said, “I had the script reading with Kim Jaejoong. I think that he’s good in acting. I’m very excited (about acting with him/acting in this drama).”

(Parts unrelated to Jaejoong are omitted.)


TV Report | Translation by: Hannah for PrinceJJ

Shared by: JYJ3

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Kim Jaejoong is reported to begin the first shooting of the promotional drama poster for 'Time Slip Dr. Jin' on May 4th.

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