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Bi with his lookalike :)

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Guest ufobaby

Are they related or something?Coz they definitely look alike!Especially those cute little tiny eyes!Hehehe....thank's for sharing the pics!!

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Guest lilxtiffstah

i thin khe's 18.

he's not a 1990..

he was 17 and then they celebrated his bday on the show

so he's 18.

he is a 90! his birthday is january something 1990. i saw it on the official site for the show. & they didn't change his age after his birthday, it stayed 17 so i think they just put it as 17 because they knew he was gonna turn 17. and 17 = korean age. he's really 16.

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Guest cbxjenn

i'm so glad i was born in the 80's... even though i was only born in '89.


as soon as i saw '1990' an image of some 12 year old boy came to mind and then i figured he's only one year younger than me.

HAHA i thought the exact same thing with the 1990 year. i dont know.. but anything '90 and higher makes me think of little kids.

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