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Bi with his lookalike :)

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Guest c3cilia

16 this year?! my god, how i wish my brother look like him

why brother?..i wish he's my not relate cousin *as in last name..^^*

anyway..when i first watch the show..i was SHOCKED to see ..and as time progress..

he resemblance RAIN alot more..you guys should watch the show..^^

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Guest karaoke

wowie<3 aha~ he really does look like him! ^^

thanks for sharingg!

( bi has sexier eyebrows, lips, eyes, & nose, &&! body<3) xP

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wow, they really do look alike. it must've been a bit awkward for bi. i saw this one show where a star and his look alike met and it was awkward for the star.

is Lee Jun Ho crying in the second picture? i think i see a tear near his mouth.

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