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Bi with his lookalike :)

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Guest SOUL'd to:GD

haha, yea I remember him! He looks like he was crying!! OMG HE'S ONLY 15? whoaaaa... My best friend would totally dig him, since she's in love with Rain, and if she finds a Rain look alike her age.. O_O hahaha

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Guest MiNwOoZ_sOuLmAtE

omgosh he's so adorable. lol everyone probably said that already but wow he's so young. makes me feel like an old hag. gah he and bi are lost brothers. im so glad they finally found each other. lol i wonder if bi is freak out that someone else looks like him. hahaha i know i would be if someone looks like me *which i know there is*

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Guest johnnifer

he's only a year older than me.

oh well i can just marry him and make myself believe its bi. LOL

EWW. i sound like a freak.

-Jenn Ly

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Guest inadequate

DAmn the look so alike. Especially when they have the same facial expression..

Btw, he has a nice hairstyle on the last pics xD

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Guest chubzzy

YES!! his smile and his eyes look so similar to bi!

but then, he doesn't have bi's charm and sexiness...

who knows, he might have them when he grows older.

right now he looks too young still

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