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[THE OFFICIAL] IU 아이유 Thread


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Schedule for next week ^^

081001 - Channel V [Recording]

081002 - MCountdown [broadcasting] · PBC Radio Live [broadcasting]

081004 - MBC Music Core [broadcasting]

081005 - MBC Shimshimtapa [broadcasting]

081006 - Nationwide Paralympic [Performance]

081019 - Busan TV Road (CATV) [Event]

Also, theres 2 pics of a CD signed by her ^^ For an oppa hahahaha

can be found @ http://z10.invisionfree.com/IUworld/

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Guest ventura

btw, i wanted to ask, hoping that there is anyone here who's knows korean. during the mnet performance, some girls were screaming things near the end of the song... does anyone know what were they screaming? i read the comments on youtube and it seems those weren't best luck wishes... i don't want her to get antis at the very beginning of her career because she's not that bad so i hope they didn't yell anything bad at her :ph34r:

Dont worry shes not getting antis. That was the stereo system. Mnet has really bad sound equipment so the quality isnt always good. Nobody was screaming 'you suck' or anything, the speakers just screwed up. ^^ People apply, pay, and wait for a very long time to get tickets to sit in the audience at music shows like Mnet so if they did yell (which is a big no and koreans are big on politeness) theyd get kicked out.

IU (although i wish theyd romanize it Ayu because that just makes more sense and sounds prettier IMO) is so amazing i was immediately impressed by not just her vocals but the actual song. I love those classical instruments <3

And the netizen comments on her Mnet profile are really really nice ^^ about how her voice is really nice and thats shes pretty.

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Guest Hitorijime

Wow, thanks for sharing.

I like the concept, it's very Victorian.


I just realised that there's some lady lying on the floor. That's just creepy...

I don't know why, but the lady on the floor reminds me of BoA. rofl.

Anyways, thanks for the pictures juhi.

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Guest blissfully_unaware13x

She's pretty good. I like her song 미아. But LOL when I downloaded the song it was 'IU' and 'Miya' and I thought the SONG was called IU and her name was Miya. Hahahahahaha.

She's pretty.

Can't believe she's only 15!!!! Argh. These young new stars, stop making me feel old!!!! LOL

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Guest cliche <3

I heard her album like a few weeks ago and I instantly became obsessed xD

she has such a cute yet strong voice, and she's only 15! I hope she goes very far. I really like her music style. Her voice and music is very mature-ish ^^ it's not like those cute dance songs even though she's really young. she has a great talent!

I have a question

she is singing with BIG BANG "forever love" and "we belong together"?

wow !!!!!!!!!!! she has a lot of talent

No, that wasn't IU. That was Park Bom, who's from JYP. ^^

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Guest yumimaki

Hello all. I'm new here - just watched the MV and was instantly impressed by IU's amazing voice. She has very strong vocals for someone so young. I really like Miya as well - I think it's incredibly lovely and haunting too. Just wanted to say thanks for the subbed version of the MV - I really wanted to know exactly what she was saying. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on IU - I think she can go far.

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Guest splendidlure

Omg. I like her already♥

I like how she sets herself different from other ballad singers. Ballad singers tend to debut with the same old love story. I love the artistic approach to the music video. I like how the beats are upbeat w/ the violins. Omg. Her mini-album doesn't have boring ballads. Can't wait to see her perform her more upbeat songs. She really is not your typical solo singer. :blush:

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Guest Siriel

IU (although i wish theyd romanize it Ayu because that just makes more sense and sounds prettier IMO)

I = I

U = You

Her name's meaning = "I and You", so if you change it to Ayu, it lost the original meaning.

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Guest Atmosphere.

wow she's cute and sing cute too! she's one year younger than sohee too :o

i like her name, 아이유 IU. im listening to her song "every sweet day" aww that's a sweet song!

i'm beginning to like her songs >__<;; wow even in "feel so good" she's very good!! >__<;

"you know" is a upbeat music, that's good that she has at least an upbeat music!! ^__^ it's cute!

hmm her song "mia" sounds like fairytale like, dang it's been awhile hearing fairytale like music

from a korean singer :)

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