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[THE OFFICIAL] IU 아이유 Thread

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IU's fan twitter has lots of pic of her Dec 3rd concert, especially @onlyIUcn @4seasonswithIU account.   4seasonwithIU also translated most of the talk segment on IU's concert. Check ou

  IU is derived from the phrase "I and You", symbolizing that we can become one through music. Fans are called Uaena. U from the English word "You", Ae is Sin

Thanks for the warm welcome chinggu. I'm so happy to see all your familiar names in here. Your posts on our shipper thread have always brightened up my day in more ways than one! So much to look forwa

Wow, she's younger than me by three years and she does sound good!

Her voice is cute but not the annoying cute type that sometimes get too squeaky, especially given her age.

Cant wait to see more of her soon!

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Guest wookie<3

This girl has so much talent. I really really love her song, but it sort of bothers me that she's not promoting on music shows much. Haha but nevermind, she's only 15, she has her whole life ahead of her. She looks so small and cute too;D I want to see her interacting with other artists xD

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Guest lolly88

Fam Cam- IU Sings Kiss Me by sixpence none the richer


Comments:I love her voice and her sweet looks,too bad

she is unable to shine like she could due to the lack of promotion by her company which is understandable

just unlucky that she is not in any of the big company,

cos she has the whole package be it looks or voice








CREDITS:lolly88 for vid +as tagged for pictures @naver

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Guest nylenuol

^ thanks so much for sharing the clip and the pictures!

it's hard to find updates/news about her.. been missing on alot about her.. T_T

and yes, it's unfortunate that she's not recognized much because of lack of promotions!

but she definitely is talented! one rare find in kpop! <3

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Guest juhilove

thanks for uploading IU fancam Ilove when she sing english songs she have awesome voice ya Ihope she get more promotion but I agree she still young

she look so pretty in the pics eps the first one Ilove what she wearning

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Guest kaypop.

I love her sweet voice! She sang "Kiss Me" really great.

Thanks for the link and pictures. She's so pretty, I love all her outfits in those pictures.^^

IU is definitely underrated. -_-

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Guest aqsgirl

I'm so happy to see more performances from her. She's so pretty, has a nice voice, and from her interviews, she seems adorable. The only thing keeping her from fame is the fact that she's not from one of Korea's biggest ent. companies. Although, if she were in a bigger ent. company, she probably would be singing pop and be in a girl group, so I suppose the fact that she's solo and singing ballads is thanks to her more obscure ent. company.

Anyway, I hope to see more from IU in the future!!

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Guest KDPMeluv

she is cute :D

i'm in love with her song mia right now.

there are those comments that say: oh, it sounds like kelly clarkson.

but i mean, there are only so many combinations of notes and thousands of songs, many songs will sound like each other a little just by probability.

she isn't in a huge company like sm, and therefore a bit lacking on promo, but I think I'll be fan. I hope she'll become very popular in korea :)

i love the chorus with those violins <3

time to go listen again ㅋㅋ

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Guest anniemarie

hello. new fan here..

i soo love her. she really has the talent. i hope more people will support her.

her english is great. i've seen her cover of corrinne bailey's song and i was like WOW! she's good for a 15 yr old. i hope she will make it big.n_n

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oh, good news.

We can see her on Yoon Do Hyun's Love Letter tomorrow. IMO, it's the best music show in Korea now. I guess she'll sing "Mia" and maybe a cover song or just one of her songs from her mini album. (I'd like to see her performing Ugly Duckling because that was my other favourite besides Mia)

And she'll probably has a chance to talk more about herself. :]

btw, I've been stalking to this thread but never said thanks for those who posted new pics and fancams/clips of her. so thanks. lol.

i love those dresses/outfits that she wore during these photoshoots. they're waaay better than her dresses for performances.

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Guest blissfully_unaware13x

OMG she's so cuuuuuuute and unique-looking! i love those pictures. she's so young yet so talented T_T i'm so jealous


the vibe i get from her pictures remind me of lee jin!

anyway, i actually respect her. i don't really respect any of the other singers who r about my age or younger than i am...i don't disrespect them but i don't really respect them. this girl i respect. i love her song 'miya'

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Guest aqsgirl

Thank you lolly88 for the upload. I love all of her performances, but I really liked Mia in the Love letter episode. I think she's emoting better as she performs more too.

You guys should check iuworld's account on youtube. It's got a lot of fancams of her on the account. She's so cute, singing and chatting. And in one clip, she's watching DBSK's performance and chanting with Cassiopiea. I was so excited to see that for some reason.

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