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Fanfic Request Please

Guest ana_ari_007

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Guest ana_ari_007

Hey there, here is my request! ^-^

Title: SILK

Author: Ana Ari

Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Adventure

Summary: She wanted to change the world. Then they came.

In a time of revolution and rebellion, the royal line of Aeroth is not safe.

To be royal is to be hunted down by the Association of Lords.

What happens when the fate of her people at the brink of war rests on a simple country girl, heir to the throne?

Colors: Any

Mood: Any

Poster Size/Character Chart: 800 x 600, 600 x 600, any


Shinhwa X | X | X | X | X

TVXQ X | X | X | X | X | X

Super Junior X | X | X | X | X | X | X

The Sage X | X

The Princess X | X | X | X | X

You can make posters with one picture if you'd like, I'm not picky. You don't need them altogether. Thanks for your help! Oh and credit will certainly go to you. Many thanks!

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oh no, it's you again >.> I better get out.








okay kidding XD;; remember me? *giant waves* =D

I'll make you one (didn't you expect that? lol)

brb! =)


I thought you'll get LOTS of TVXQ posters so I made you a shinhwa one :sweatingbullets: I took your two sentences of the summary as quote and well.. the poster is quite empty :blink:


tell me if you need any changes >.<

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