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Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 ~Hyebaragi~ Upcoming Dramas 2021 and 2022~ 1. Now, We're Breaking Up 2. The Glory 3. Mystery Thriller Untitled (TBA)


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Ock Joo Hyun uploaded a post on his Instagram account. The musical actress who was once active as Fin.KL's personnel shared her photo with Song Hye Kyo and Jo Yeo Jeong. 

Dec 4, 2019 8:43

Song Hye Kyo is known to be close friends with Ock Joo Hyun and actress Jo Yeo Jeong . The three of them have had a good relationship since they were still in their teens.

Tuesday (3/12), Ock Joo Hyun uploaded a post on his Instagram account. In this post, the musical actress who was once active as a girl group member Fin.KL shared her photo with Song Hye Kyo and Jo Yeo Jeong. Ock Joo Hyun's uploaded photo was taken in a zoom-out where he, Song Hye Kyo and Jo Yeo Jung seemed to be sitting together at the table. The three of them were seen having an exciting conversation. 

My heart feels warm for days thinking about stories from when we first met at the age of 18 and 19 years who are like treasures. Thank you, friends," Ock Joo Hyun wrote in the caption of his post, which netizens responded to.

"Song Hye Kyo, nice to see you having fun with my friends. Thank you to the fans for all the smiles and I hope you are happy next year," commented the netizens. "Your friendship is very sweet to look at," said another netizen.

"I will always support Song Hye Kyo," netizens said. "It's nice to see that he has lots of friends and always enjoys his time. We always support you. Don't think about haters," he added....                                                                   source credit @https://www-wowkeren-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.wowkeren.com/amp/berita/tampil/00286095.html?amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1&usqp=mq331AQCKAE%3D#aoh=15754523741592&csi=1&referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From%20%251%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.wowkeren.com%2Fberita%2Ftampil%2F00286095.html

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23 years since debut: How did Song Hye Kyo go from "Qiao Mei" to a world-class actress?


Unconsciously, the Korean national goddess Song Hye Kyo is 38 years old. Even though she is nearly 40, she is still well-maintained. She is worthy of being the first beauty in South Korea. She debuted in 23 years and is the first actor to promote the Korean wave to the world. For many years She has been with us all the time, and the audience has witnessed her different life milestones. Regarding Song Huiqiao, everyone may only think of her beauty and works. It turned out that she was seriously ill at birth, and her parents thought she couldn't survive at the time. Fortunately, she recovered eventually. However, she debuted in 1996 as a model and only later started her acting career. Her first work in the TV series "First Love" was played as a tutoring student, but there was not much drama at the time. It wasn't until the long-form sitcom "Shunfeng Obstetrics and Gynecology" that the role of Hui Qiao opened her popularity. 



To say that it pushed her to the peak, of course, "Blue Life and Death Love" in 2000, she performed a beautiful story with Song Chengxian and Yuan Bin, laying down one of the tragedy styles in South Korea, and it became very popular. Not only has she attracted the attention of South Korea, but also opened her popularity in the world and became a Korean actress.


Later, she made it to the top, and she must mention "Romantic House" in cooperation with Rain. Although the light-hearted love drama has always been the content of Korean dramas, at that time it set off a trend of drama and became a classic Korean drama. However, after "Full House", Song Huiqiao focused on film development, and appeared in many movies, transformed from Korean drama actresses into films, and even made internationally-acclaimed movies, such as "Grand Master", "Peace Wheel" Wait 



After making a name for herself in the movie industry, she also returned to the Korean drama world, and once again took the classic, the dreaded "Descendants of the Sun". In the play, her love with Song Zhongji touched people's hearts and made the show become a hit. . Outside of the play, they were originally referred to as a fairy tale marriage, but unfortunately wrote the end of the divorce.

After many years of experience in Korea, many Korean stars are vulnerable to right and wrong and affect their popularity. However, after Song Huiqiao experienced the divorce storm, she still stood on the front line, and did not hurt her popularity. Her fans even bought her an advertisement for Times Square in New York to celebrate her birthday and become the first person in South Korea. The image of the actress can not be shaken, and it is still the favorite goddess of everyone. 

Original source: How did Song Huiqiao become a world-class actress from "Qiao Mei"? ....source credit @https://www.vogue.com.tw/entertainment/article/song-hye-gyo-top-actress?amp&__twitter_impression=true

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From Ok Joo Hyun's video (when Kyo massaging Ok Joo Hyun's leg).
In the caption, OJH wrote, "The world star is very good and meticulously in legs massage."




#Throwback (Song Hye Kyo & Jo Yeo Jeong) :blush:





  • In 2014, Jo Yeo Jeong attended VIP premiere of Song Hye Kyo's movie, "My Palpitating Life." (Source)



  • Song Hye Kyo and Jo Yeo Jeong in KBS Drama Awards 2016.



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Song Hye Kyo Surprises Close Friend Song Yoon Ah With Sweet Gift

Song Hye Kyo Surprises Close Friend Song Yoon Ah With Sweet Gift

Song Hye Kyo prepared a thoughtful surprise for her close friend Song Yoon Ah!

On December 9, Song Yoon Ah revealed on Instagram that Song Hye Kyo had sent a food truck to the set of her upcoming JTBC drama “Elegant Friends” (literal title).

The actress shared two photos of the food truck, including a shot of herself happily posing with a delicious-looking skewer from its menu, and wrote, “I can’t believe it, what an amazing surprise…” Expressing her gratitude with a crying emoji and multiple hearts, she added in English, “I love you… forever…”

The photo shows the food truck adorned with a banner reading, “My Yoon Ah unnie! To the cast and crew of ‘Elegant Friends,’ find strength!! From Song Hye Kyo.”


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Best brand `` Tandy '', promising brand `` Shucomma Bonnie, Hyungji esquaia ''

Posted on 12/4/09 09:48:49. 

2019 best brands & 2020 promising brands│shoes


Tandy recaptured this year's best shoe brand. Tandy is said to be "the most responsive brand" by retail buyers.

This year, Tandy, who showed off its sales power without shaking the market, especially among the thick enthusiasts, remained the top spot despite the severe downturn in the shoe market this year. In particular, Teddy's propaganda shines in the sense that the sneakers and sneakers have been so difficult in the salon market.

An official from Lotte Department Store said, "Lifetime after-sales service and friendly staff are the signatures of the brands most preferred by Tandy's fixed customers." It's a good thing that's repeated year after year, but it's also the reason that Tandy keeps a strong position in the salon market. Last year, Tandy, which started to manage efficiency stores, strengthened its strength and is preparing for differentiated products.

Shucomma Bonnie in Kolon Industries' FnC Division was also a promising brand. After the new Muse Songhe Bridge was released this spring, strategic products were subdivided into weeks, revealing a phased pictorial, and sales increased significantly. Early Bird promotions consumed their initial shipment three to five weeks earlier than expected, and the popular items continued to the 5th reorder. Recently, the first CSR activity to donate the proceeds from the sales of ankle boots 'KYO', which had been collaborated with Song Hye-kyo, was also well received.

On the other hand, the most prominent brand of next year's promising brand is Esquirea of Hyungsie Esquiia (CEO Kwon Young-sung). This year, he achieved high management efficiency and achieved high profits for the first time since the acquisition of Fashion Group Hyungji. After replacing the CEO, the company's operating profit increased by W4.1bn as a result of the company's efforts to reorganize its business organization, strengthen new distribution channels such as online, abolish gift certificates, and improve its constitution. The company also achieved first place in the shoes category, which was newly established in the KS-QEI in 2019. Starting next year, the company plans to improve its efficiency and reorganize its brand, including diversification of its own mall, online and home shopping, differentiated marketing by marketing, launching of strategic products, and online-only brands.

Shucoma Bonnie

By Jung-hee Cho, silky2@nate.com

<Copyright © International Textile News Mobile Unauthorized reproduction and redistribution prohibited>                        source credit @http://m.itnk.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=62348
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Today's News / Brand  A questionnaire] Who is the best brand of the year to shine in 2019. Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019 | By Sung-hee Ahn, song@fashionbiz.co.kr. 
0922.JPGWho is the glorious brand that celebrated 2019? Fashion Biz has selected the 26th best brand this year and will reveal 20 brands that are ranked first by each submission.  
This year's Best Brands were nominated for a list of candidates through major department store purchase headquarters and voted online for 3,000 fashion Biz members and industry officials. More than 700 of them responded and became the data for selecting the best brands.
The characteristics of the best brand this year were not so big as the fashion market was difficult, but rather the brands that had built up trust with consumers for a long time. Studio Tomboy, the women's time, last year topped last year, and Shizmis, who made sales drive based on solid sourcing power, finally showed strength.
The men's wear series and Lacoste remain competitive. In the case of Giordano and MLB, the cover nat is the most feared casual brand. The most turbulent zoning was the outdoor and golfwear markets. National's geographic apparel quickly marked the lead with Discovery at the top spot for two consecutive years.
In addition, golf wear is titleist, handbag is dax accessory, shoes are Shoe combo bonnie, baby clothes are blue dog baby, children's clothes are New Balance skis, jewelry is golden dew, and inner wear is Venus. 
<2019 Best Brand 20> 
1 .. Young Casual / Studio Tom Boy, 2. Female Character & Contemporary / Time, 3. Women's Careers & TD / She's Miss, 4. Men's Contemporary / Series, 5. TD Casual / Lacoste, 6. Culture Casual / MLB, 7. Culture Casual / Cover Scythe, 8. Easy Casual / Giordano, 9. Sports / Nike, 10. Outdoor / Discovery, 11. Outdoor / National Geographic Apparel, 12. Golf / Titleist, 13. Baby clothes / Blue Dog Baby, 14. Children's Clothing / New Balance Skirt, 15. Handbags / Dax Accessories,                                          16. Shoes / Shoe combo bonnie



17. Innerwear / Venus, 18. Jewelry / Golden Dew, 19. Premium Editorial Shop / Beaker, 20. Young Edit Shop / Bind. Please refer to the December issue of Fashion Biz for details on the results of the best brand questionnaire.    Source Credit @https://m.fashionbiz.co.kr:6001/index.asp?idx=175531

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