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  1. Me too. For me, most re-watchables ones 49 Days and QSD. My favourites, i never been bored of watching them. And i love to re-watch Ms. Temper, ASC and first half of Bad Love too. BTS pic from photoshoot for Prelin.
  2. My most fav is Wook-shi. The other characters that i love so much; Deokman, Song Yi-Kyung, Kim Jung-Hye, Bong Dal-Hee. Choi Seo-Yoon, i love her too but not as much as the others. Seo Yi-Kyung is fav of many fans, just not for me. But can't deny that she is very charismatic. Na In-Jung was so good in first 7 eps and then she was so much annoyed me. Same way Han Deo-Mi was so cute but stupid. Lol. A general problem in Korean dramas is the decay of characters and story in later episodes. Kang Ji-Nyung is also similar. Han Se-Jin is not so good but not so bad either for the 2001. Lee Young-Jin is good for now.
  3. @QSD I thought the relationship of Fujin would be deeper, like they are best friends and grow up together. Yes, they look cute together and she smiles more when with him too but still i think i love Bojin more.
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