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  1. Song Hye Kyo shines in photos taken at recent dinner show event Song Hye Kyo shines brightly in recent photos taken at a dinner show event on October 17th. The actress shone like a star at the Chaumet Paris's event in an elegant black one piece. She kept her styling simple and showcased beautiful earrings that helped highlight her beautiful features. Check out the rest of the photos below. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/10/song-hye-kyo-shines-in-photos-taken-at-recent-dinner-show-event
  2. 1. She defended Woo Joo against his friend's mom and became a hero like Sailor Moon for him. 2. Nam Jung Gi thinking about paying 4,83 million KRW for her car. 3. Can't remember why but going to room of Director Kim i guess. Yes. They're really funny. She was enjoying too at bts videos of 1. and 2. First one a little embarrassing for her but...
  3. She said Ok Da Jung is similar to her in some interviews before. I think they are a little similar. Of course she is more kind in real life. But ODJ is my fave character of her and for me she is the cutest. So, it's fine, i love her bad temper. My Top 5: 1-2. 49 Days=QSD 3-4. Ms. Temper=ASC 5. Bad Love The first k-drama I watched was QSD. I loved everything about this drama, watched it a few times. I impressed by all cast. Then at 2012 i looked their other dramas/movies and saw 49 days, all comments was good. I started and finished 49 Days in just 2 days and became her big fan, then watched all of her dramas that i can found. QSD is still populer in my country. It is showing every year on TV. Even now... Today was 26. episode. Different Dreams, Night Light, Avengers Social Club.
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