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How Do You Get Rid Of Eye Bags?

Guest CriticalHit

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Guest CriticalHit

I have eye bags... no not the "cute korean eyebags"... the sleepy ones that make me look old. I think I get them because I sleep late.

Any advice on how to get rid of them? And thank you in advance...

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In addition to adequate sleep, exercising regularly, and avoiding sun rays, you should also use some natural ingredients to get rid of eye bags quickly, such as almond oil, cucumber, ice pack, raw pot

Guest janeypoo

you either get them from sleeping way to much or sleeping way to late. i suggest washing under your eyes with very cold water right after you wake up. it reduces them by at least 60%. that helps me a lot when i oversleep.

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Guest stoner beans


also, if theyre red and puff, you can try cooling them down by using the backs of cold spoons. put the spoons in the freezer for a few hours and take them out.

i read it in an article.

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Guest lucky*13

Eye bags, the enemies of all girls...

Well, you get them from restless nights and crying at night.

If it's restless nights, I suggest to sleep a little bit early? Or like this author wrote in a fanfic, put some Vasline/Lip balm(<-- Never tried it) under your eye.

What I mean by crying at night is that -- You are crying at night and once you are done, you just go to sleep. NEVER do that! That'll leave you with a dark circle and a bag. Wash your face with cool water and then sleep to provent from getting the bags.

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Guest Baby.doll

-Sleep early/wake up early ^-^

-try cucumbers or potatoes

-in the morning wash with cold water(iono my mom told me that o.O)

-cold spoons or cooling eyepatch

-uhhh...try eyecream? like NutriMin C RE9? Nutrogena? Aveeno? cause i never tried that =_=

yea...ummm thats about it! OR u can always try google-ing it up! XDD

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I think I get them because I sleep late.

then don't sleep late

i have them too and i'm still battling it. they're inherited from my mom XP

it's not easy when you have 08124u035tons of hw -__-

and wakes up before the sun rise to go to school

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