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  1. I watched all 4 episodes last night. Loved the expansion of YQT storyline, love a pinning second lead :P


    Thank god the consummation is a dream. I really liked the moment  underground where FJ leaned into the emperor’s hand like a fox. It was so cute!

    Didn’t quite enjoy FJ being imprisoned but thankfully YQT to the rescue! And it didn’t drag for episodes. 


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  2. While waiting for new episodes I’ve finished reading both books. Now I can’t wait for them to get to Aranaya’s dream and also the sky kingdom where DJ starts to fall in love with FJ. I don’t mind the mortal realm episodes and YQT is an interesting character so far but I also don’t want things to drag out especially because of Jiheng’s role in the mortal realm. 

    Fingers crossed we’ll be done with the mortal realm by this week! 

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  3. I’ve been in a drama slump for a couple of months now and decided to check this show out on a whim and I have to say I’m hooked! 

    The story line is really interesting and I desperately want to know what happens next! Love how plucky and snarky the heroine is and the burgeoning love triangle with Haru and Kyung :love:


    This and the tale of Nok Du has officially taken me out of the drama slump! 


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  4. I didn’t know what to expect of the show given the strange premise but the first episode is promising! 


    Helps a lot that YSH is such a doll. Love his smile and how his eyes crinkle! Brings back some INAR feels for me. 


    Also I thought a lot of the scenes are filmed beautifully with really nice compositions. Perhaps a tad much with the filters but I didn’t quite mind it. 


    Looking forward to the second episode tonight!! Hope the show will be well received here and everywhere else! 

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  5. I like that we are actively discussing about the recent development in SG and DJ’s relationship. Leads to lively discussion! SG is flawed, you can tell that her default way of coping is to run away just as what she did when she found out that DJ’s condition came about while saving her. 


    However, I don’t think it’s her fault. She did not ask to be saved and DJ pushed her aside out of his own choice. I just think it’s a tragic situation.. no one’s at fault really. :tears: But of course it shouldn’t be something that drives them apart... I hope SG can find a way to work past her totally understandable guilt and that DJ and her loved ones will help her in the process. 


    Excited to see how the writers handle this in the coming episode! 

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  6. @farishta, agree with what you said about SG’s guilt. I understand her reaction to it and wanting to break up. Can’t fathom how unbearable the guilt must be for her. With that, I’m apprehensive about how SG and DJ are going to make sense of this and resolve this in a way that is meaningful and not a cop out! 


    Having said that, I’m really happy with how the obstacles in the recent episodes have been resolved. No noble idiocy on SR’s part when she found out about DJ’s condition. Instead they worked together to take down the evil ex-fiancé. So satisfying to watch! 


    How SG took down CYR was also really really satisfying to watch. You go girl! Hehe. 


    Overall, it was a really satisfying episode. Makes me want to rewatch the earlier episodes, especially when they flashbacked to earlier interactions between SG and DJ! 


    On a side note... does anyone else think LMK is getting skinner? He looked like he lost weight in the past 2 episodes. 

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  7. I just finished the latest episode..and the ending and preview.. 

    Sounds like our puppies are in for a lot of trouble :tears:


    It’s like there are so many vultures circling them (evil petty rival actress, SR’s fiancé etc) and all the secrets are coming out. 


    I hope there’s no noble idiocy where SR does not end the engagement to protect DJ and ends up breaking EH’s heart. Instead, I want them fighting together to protect one another and resolving their differences! 

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  8. From what I know there is no cure for prosopagnosia. It is a condition that you have to adapt to and learn to live with... I’m also not sure how they are going to ‘cure’ SG’s very unusual condition in a way that would make sense. 


    I’m happy if there is no cure for them as long as SG and DJ find a way to live with each other, stay in love and continuing growing as wonderful beings :) 

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  9. Hello to all the newcomers though I’m relatively new to soompi myself! :blush:


    Happy to see more people liking this drama. 


    Is it unusual for the BTS to be so popular? I wonder if this will translate to higher ratings next week. I totally think they deserve higher ratings and more love! 


    I can’t help but ship them too even though we will never know what is truly going on between them. Meanwhile, I’ll hit the replay button on the kiss scenes and the BTS! 

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  10. The BTS!! Oh my heart. The acting was so good and the hug at the end of the kiss scene :wub:


    I can’t help but burst out laughing at how dorky SG was in the dating scenes, especially how she squealed over DJ removing his watch and shirt button. And how DJ responded by flinging his jacket off. Hilarious! And then they conveniently forgot about the light bulb. I guess the light bulb will never get changed :P 


    Bummer they didn’t get to ‘eat their ramyeon’. 


    I’m apprehensive about the lack of preview and how DJ will react to SG as a kid. It’s funny but also a very real problem which can potentially lead to angst and hopefully growth for them. But I just want them to stay as cute puppies dating one another! 

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  11. Every time I hear ‘do you want to eat ramyeon before you go’ it makes me hungry and want to eat ramyeon myself! :lol:


    Btw, could anyone help to translate the conversation between DJ and SG leading up to the kiss? SG mentioned something about ‘you will remember, because you are the only one who recognize me’ or something like that. I’m not quite sure what she meant by that and wondering if something is lost in the translation from Korean to English.. 


    Side note: Koreans seem to eat ramyeon so often, how do they stay so slim? One of life’s greatest mysteries!! :lol:

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  12. 1 hour ago, aSHJfan said:

    Has anyone noticed that some of the 'dating' places from Monday's episode was in AOHY?

    Yes! It was very nostalgic! I loved AOHY so it was nice to see little bits of it in this show. 


    And.. that kiss at the end!:wub: SG kind of went for it in the moment, realised what she did and drew back, but DJ inched forward and kissed her deeply. I can’t believe I have to wait til next Monday to see what happens next. 


    The shaving scene was unexpectedly sexy! I thought it’s also nice that DJ asked his secretary if it’s normal to be attacted to male bodies (or something like that). I think he is realising that regardless of how HSG looks, including male or female, he feels this consistent attraction to her and how that is on some level uncomfortable for him. 


    I feel like I’ll need to watch this from episode 1 again to tide me through the waiting! 

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  13. Sorry to hear that people have been having problems watching the subbed episodes. 

    If anyone wants a link, PM me! I’ve just managed to watch the episode on one of the sites I go to. 


    Loved the episode! EH is amazing cleaning up the step sister’s house. Perfect house husband! 

    Clearly he has piqued her interest, I’m interested to see how this develops further. 


    A lot of squee worthy moments between SG and DJ! The lunch date, her running towards him after the audition, the tie scene and the sleeping together scene. Him touching her face is such an intimate gesture I think they both felt it. :wub:


    I thought the scene where they sat to have ice cream was very moving. They were exchanging their vulnerabilities and fears with one another and I think that’s progression. Felt so sorry about what DJ said about not being able to recognise faces no matter how hard he practiced. I felt like I understood him better as a character in that scene. 


    Also, for some reason, I teared up in that scene where SG read lines with her rival during the audition. I wonder if that’s how SHJ is like during auditions. She’s so good at conveying her emotions! If I’m the director I’ll give her all the roles! 

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  14. I’ve just finished the latest episode. Why no preview :tears:


    I felt very sorry for YJ’s brother, especially in the scene where they found out the lift broke down and he had no way to get back to his house other than to rely on JY. I love how caring and perceptive he is as a brother, he knew something was up between JY and YJ and tried to get them to make up by calling JY to make dinner for YJ together. 


    Also thought the quarrel in the car was very well done. It felt like I was watching a realistic quarrel between a couple. Felt so sorry for both of them. 


    We know the break up is looming, I’m eager to see how they will meet again for the third time, how they would have changed and mature and find their way back to each other. 

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  15. @triplem you said everything that I felt about the episode!


    Is petty part of his character description? Because he is really embodying that very well. But he is also so sweet, sincere and thoughtful I can’t stay angry with him. Loved loved the scene of him bringing YJ to the beach. The scene was very well acted by both. Loved the kiss too. They were so natural and tender with each other :wub:


    I hope the angst that is coming up will be well executed and serve as a vehicle for them to grow as individuals and a couple. Bring it on! 

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