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  1. Finally got to watch episode 4. I was amused by how DJ’s ‘indecent’ proposition was reasoned out by him at the start of the episode :lol:


    I liked the episode, the friendship between SG, her manager and EH continues to be friendship goals. I liked how they collectively agreed that the director’s film will tank because that’s what friends would say to support one another. So cute! 


    I also like how SG and DJ continue to neogotiate their relationship and trust with the back and forth with the contract. 


    Also, LMK has the softest most endearing smile :wub: I completely melted  when DJ looks at SG in some of the scenes such as when she drunk called him. And the scene at the end where she leaned on his shoulders and he looked affected/reflective with the close up shot of him tapping his finger on his thigh. 


    SG’s dog deserves special mention too. He’s a star in his own right. I wonder where they find such a well trained dog! 

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  2. 1 hour ago, shjfan23 said:

    I don’t think they reused that scene. They only used that for preview and promotions.

    Thanks! I must have misremembered. 


    Also, I echo what the rest have said about both DJ and SG being defensive because they feel vulnerable. SG feels vulnerable knowing that DJ knows about her secret thus she tries to confirm her suspicions so that they can be back on equal grounds. DJ uses threats to protect himself as he does not want his secret exposed and to be put in a vulnerable position, especially with his position in the company at stake.  


    Despite this, they are clearly also drawn to each other and that’s what I like about their relationship .. that more than the attraction they have for one another, they are also trying to negotiate trust and vulnerability with each other. And that contributes to the wonderful tension we see between them on screen! :wub:


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  3. 2 hours ago, supergal99 said:

    Hahaha... i zoomed in the last scene and...wow::blink:

    "Let's sleep together"


    Omgggggg he really said that! 


    This episode was amazing! The chemistry and tension between them was explosive! Especially the scene where he grabs her arm after they saved the grieving mother. That stare... *melts* I wanted them to kiss :P


    I liked SG’s support network, especially EH. He’s such a cute puppy and I just enjoy seeing SG surrounded by people who loves her, who she can let loose and just be herself with. 


    Having said that, I thought the editing was a bit strange in some places, did they reuse a scene of DJ and his secretary talking about SG’s beauty? 

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  4. This is my favourite, together with the beauty inside. The chemistry between JY and YJ continues to sizzle! 


    I was so angry at the scene of YJ with her high school friend turned actress SH. Wanted to reach across the screen and give the girl a good smack. Such a richard simmons. 


    I do wonder how the actress and plastic surgeon fit into the story. Looks like the plastic surgeon may be a potential love interest for YJ? 

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  5. I am a big fan of CJH but was only able to sit through 1.5 episodes of the show. CJH is perfect as usual (I find him incredibly manly and sexy) but the treatment of the show with the fuzzy glows effect makes it hard for me to sit through the episodes. It’s headache inducing for me and I keep thinking, why is everything so blurry. Really bummed out about this. 


    Anyone else feel this way too? 

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  6. This episode was the perfect antidote to a terrible week for me. 

    So much love for this drama! And I agree that it is totally underrated, which makes me sad. 


    The kiss at the end was just perfect. Could really feel the emotional buildup on both YJ and JY. I teared as I watched that scene. Can’t wait to see them dating again, even though we know they are going to split up again, hoping this time round it is more than 1 day! 


    Thank you for the gif @triplem

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  7. I didn’t like how the show portrayed people with schizophrenia as inherently dangerous/aggressive. It reinforces negative stereotypes of mental illnesses. Almost stopped watching because of this. 


    Having said that I am curious about what is going on with the male lead  From what is being suggested, seems like he has a robotic arm with super strength? That, or he is Do Bong Soon’s son with the hoodie and all :P 

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  8. I really like Esom’s character in this, probably more so than Seo Kang Joon’s character. Can’t wait to see how their relationship develop now that their paths have crossed again. Now that they are older and wiser, how would they relate with one another and make sense of what happened in their past. 


    There was a scene in the preview of YJ hugging someone in hospital attire. Did her brother die? Is this related to the serial killer? :tears:




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  9. I thought WY’s confession was very smooth though I am firmly in the DKS and MR camp. 

    I like how he slipped in ‘ I like you’ into a bunch of stuff about himself. So suave. I would have been very moved if I was on the receiving end of that :P


    There are only 4 episodes left, I worry there isn’t enough time to wrap up the story. The past few episodes have been hinting at SA’s backstory and I don’t know if there’s enough time to do that, plus our main couple and then also resolution about DKS’ family.



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  10. Thank you @shunnie and @amisyka77

    Here’s a :cookie: for both of you! 


    DKS was so awkward and tentative in expressing his feelings which made him all the more lovable. 

    Like others have mentioned, I think the drama has done a really good job staying true to the essence of the webtoon. Both MR and DKS are awkward nervous puppies around each other, which is just adorable! 


    I’m counting down to today’s episode. Really hope to see DKS push/reject SA firmly after she threw herself at him. :angry:

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  11. I really enjoyed the episode. Highlights for me 

    - DKS’ mother consoling MR when she cried. I like MR’s relationship with DKS mother and how they genuinely care for each other and not just because they share a common connection through DKS

    - DKS punching the creep. He looked so hawt. The intensity in his eyes! :wub:

    - Last scene between DKS and MR. The actors have good chemistry and you can feel the romantic tension between them in the scene. 


    Is anyone able to clarify what DKS said to MR in that scene? Subs says ‘do you have feelings for me?’ But it was translated as ‘don’t you at least like me a bit’ on drama milk... 


    Can’t wait for them to start dating! 



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  12. 1 hour ago, rocat said:

    I might not know better but isn’t the ending  the strangest one? It seemed like the ending was written by 10 different pple and spliced together. It’s so choppy I could get nauseous if not for the leads. It reminded me of a variety show with every character getting screen time and short snippets. 


    Good thing it’s a happy ending with enough cute parts. But I still wonder why their wedding was such a small one in a crampy ballroom with only friends, and with DMZ performing and solemnizing?!

    so odd. 

    My sentiments exactly. There were so many flashbacks which felt repetitive and the wedding was weird... I suppose it was saved by the happy ending with some cute moments. 

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  13. 10 hours ago, rocky689 said:

    What the hell is this? I am dying....



    I hope this is part of prom and not the wedding scene. Or maybe we are being trolled, same as the statue kiss in the teaser for the wedding scene. 


    It is a cool dance scene but I don’t see how that can fit into the narrative or the mood! :angry:


    Also thoughts on 47-48 ....


    I felt pacing was weird, 47 was mainly filler, with focus on relationship between XM and XY. Then in 48, all of a sudden full on angst again. Maybe I have too high expectations for the last few episodes :( 

    The conversation that SC and DMS had separated by the door was emotional but then I felt that they were circling around the same issues again so it felt like there is little progression/pay off to the angst and we are just filling time until we get to the wedding scene. Also found myself wishing that F3 and XZ can be smarter/take more agency in helping out with the situation instead of just asking SC to convince DMS to eat and let go of the relationship. I saw preview that XZ will put her foot down eventually, if so why not earlier? 


    Idk, overall I was let down by these 2 episodes.. maybe I was expecting too much. But here’s hoping we get a satisfying conclusion for the last episode! 


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  14. 4 hours ago, cantbreathe said:
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    They made DMS wear an ugly richard simmons jacket this episode. Still not as bad as Meizuo, but why??


    His tailored coats have been amazing up until now, and then they had to go an give him this jacket with flamenco sleeves <_<



    Omg, totally agree about that jacket. I was so distracted by its ugliness that it took me out of what was actually happening :confused:

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  15. 2 hours ago, rocat said:



    in the video, the group is being interviewed for their musical. Their responses are short and a little awkward. It must have been an impromptu one because they weren’t prepared and gave one line answers that trail off hoping some other would continue. They were very polite and careful with what they said to not offend anyone.


    in the last bit, they were asked to summarize what they thought of each other..and give each one a label.

    Dylan was the tiger of the group, being the cool cat and the noisiest; also one who deserves to be beat up most.

    Ceasar was the mouse (? if I got it right haha), makes himself look good particularly to the opposite sex.

    Darren was the silly one, often sleeps and hardly knows what’s is going on.

    the last two were the ones totally out of it and don’t know this from that with Connor being the giraffe of the group and Yue being the cutie pie.


    but what had me grinning was Dylan’s first impression of Yue - he said he found her pretty and went on a short rant about how on earth was it possible to have a girl so beautiful. 

    Such a sweet talker...


    I thought it was super cute that they were standing so close to one another. They seem to genuinely like each other’s company which is nice. However they seem disappointed with their performance in the musical.. and also tired/did not seem keen to talk about the musical. Poor puppies! I thought they did well especially given how green they are. 

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  16. 28 minutes ago, rocat said:

    I think someone’s asked this before but I forgot....When do the last few eps air? This Wednesday thru Friday? 


    I am not sure how many of you have seen You’re Beautiful - there are K and TW versions. Unsure if there is a J version cos I don’t follow. Dylan would make a perfect Hwang Tae-Kyung if China decides to jump on that bandwagon too. I can literally see him in that role already. They can use this cast wholesale actually. 



    I love that show! It was the first few kdramas that I’ve watched. Totally agree that Dylan would make a fantastic Hwang Tae Kyung :love:



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  17. 23 minutes ago, cantbreathe said:


    I’ve been scrolling through FB videos for the past hour to look for that BTS video you mentioned. I’ve seen lots of other videos, but not that one yet. I won’t give up though. I want to see it! It sounds so cute. 


    I’m a bit thrown to learn that Dylan likes Dilireba. I looked at pictures and I can’t work out if I’m disappointed that she looks so different from Shen Yue (or me. I can’t help how I feel, haha) and he likes that type, or that it’s just because he likes anyone else at all (that isn’t me, haha). 




    Not sure if this is going to work, but here’s the link to the video: 




    @cantbreathe, I’ve figured out how to share videos from FB here. I have placed the BTS video in the spoiler tag as I realise it is not the kiss scene from the meteor necklace scene but what looks like a yet to be aired scene. Sorry! 

    Click if you want to be spoiled :P


    Also, I know what you mean! Dylan can only like Shen Yue! Haha. I lowkey ship them in real life even though it’s highly impossible. 


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  18. I thought the part where Mirae’s parents didn’t know what Gangnam beauty meant was very sad. They clearly want the best for her and they are such sweet parents. I think they will be so heartbroken when they find out what the term actually means. 


    DKS being jealous and petty was all kinds of awesome. I chuckled at all the scenes where he tried to express his interest by saying he is her boy-friend or when he asked if they were also close since they are neighbours. And him trying to fend off all the boys hitting on Mirae.. hehehe. 


    Also, I’m waiting for the day where Mirae will stand up to SA. Instead of internally saying to herself why can’t she likes DKS to actually say it to SA’s face! 

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