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  1. 1 more day to his single release!! Can't wait!! I've re-downloaded tiktok so that I could vote for him (& also watch baeksang). I first downloaded tiktok to watch his fanmeet and deleted the app after that. Lol..... the things I do for Seon Ho. Thank goodness Twitter allows non-account holder to search for tweets using keywords. @levine1244 Yes, I noticed one particular person who always tweet about the "signs" and "attractions" he and that co-star has practically every single day! It seems there are 1 or 2 more who share the same thoughts now and
  2. @ixxdhx81 I think I know who you're referring to. Urrgghh... that person has been posting non-stop about Seon Ho and that co-star, its so annoying. Why can't we just appreciate Seon Ho's thoughtfulness? SALT said this is from him to all Seonhohadas. Don't twist his meaning at will.
  3. I saw Bang PD attended the "2021 Brand Customer Loyalty Award" ceremony to receive the award for 2D1N, but did not see Seon Ho there. Was he too busy to attend the ceremony? I noticed not all who got the award were present. There are so much content of Seon Ho today. Thanks for sharing the Ajaib Meet & Greet, @levine1244! Here's Globe's IG post on their 5G Hackathon And W.Angle's new YouTube video:
  4. @ixxdhx81 Thanks for the update. I didn't know this has occurred until I saw your post. I'm sad we won't be seeing the cute interactions he has with his brothers in 2D1N. But I agree with you that this is for the better. I'm sure he had thought long and hard before taking this approach.
  5. Woohoo! We can finally see things are starting to happen in the drama world! @levine1244 Looking at how TvN is promoting Park Bo Young's "Doom at your Service" now when it's premiering on May 10th, I'd say we will only start to see teasers and behind the scenes about 1+ month before the premiere... Arrgghhh.... that's still so long.... On a separate note, did you see the rumour that Seonho may have clinched another CF from Indonesia? Only the teaser is out, but so many is speculating it's Seon Ho!
  6. I agree with you too! They are all fabulous actors but I can imagine KSH taking on their role but I can't imagine anyone else being Han Ji Pyeong. @ixxdhx81 If the practice of not awarding the same person with the same award is true, then Moon Seyoon will also stand a good chance to win! I'll be over the moon if both of them won. What lovely birthday presents for them too!
  7. I think there's a good chance that Seonho may win the Baeksang award. Oh Jung Se already won that same award last year for his role in When Camellia Blooms. Generally they don't give the same award to the same person consecutively. I mean, think about it... they could have put him in the New Actor category which he will definitely win, but instead, they nominated him under Best Supporting Actor so that they can reward the New Actor award to someone else. That's just my hunch. I'm sooo looking forward to seeing him in a tuxedo!
  8. Kim Seon Ho is nominated for Baeksang Best Supporting Actor!! Full nominees for Best Supporting Actors are: - Kim Seon Ho (Start-up) - Kim Ji Hoon (Flower of Evil) - Oh Jung Se (IONTBO) - Lee Hee Joon (Mouse) - Choi Dae Hoon (Beyond Evil) He's up against very stiff competition, so being nominated is enough recognition. I'm so happy!
  9. Yay!! Finally!! Looks like they're gonna start filming in May, so hopefully it will air in September? @levine1244 Yes, that's definitely Seon Ho. After Miima we can easily recognise his ear now. Lol! In fact 11 Street posted in their Instagram a teaser video that definitely is him. So there'll be more content for us on 11th April! 11 Street Instagram
  10. While we patiently wait for his next project confirmation, here's his new CF! Seonhohada should be proud... it really is GOLF! 15 seconds version: 30 seconds version:
  11. I don't have a Twitter account (nor Instagram) but I occasionally search #kimseonho to see the latest updates. Gosh, how does the sasaeng know his schedule? By camping out at his agency? I hope she/he doesn't tail him back to his home! That will be super scary! Yay, kimsda posted a video of him today! As per their usual Monday routine. Oh, and he looks so good in D&G!
  12. @ixxdhx81, Thank you for sharing the backstory on Strongest Deliveryman and Two Cops. Yes, actors should exercise their rights and speak up, for the sake of the entire production. I remember even in Start-up, he made suggestions to tone down the language spoken by Han Ji Pyeong because he felt it would connect better with the younger generation. I do understand K-netz concerns over the recent issues with dramas in SK. It is their culture and history and I respect that. I believe SALT and Seon Ho will eventually choose a suitable project. So far I've been quite ple
  13. With so many drama scandals and controversies in the news these days, I hope SALT really scrutinise his upcoming projects to ensure he doesn't get embroiled in such bad news. Still waiting for his movie / drama confirmation, but as long as it is a good one, we will wait patiently.
  14. @levine1244 Yes, I heard he mentioned he has a few projects lined up. A few!! Yay!! So so so looking forward to seeing him act again. Watched the latest episode of 2d1n yesterday. The amount of time, sweat and dedication put into rehearsing the dance moves for the MV totally blew me away! Seon Ho was so shocked and happy he came in 3rd in the audition. He's so adorable!
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