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  1. Love this FMV! Really showcases all the cute moments they had together. Thanks for sharing @kokodus!


    I think Dylan did a really good job with the character and casting him was spot on. His pineapple hair was the least ridiculous out of the different adaptations. Boys over flowers was the worst. The hair was so weird! I really like Dylan’s awkward smile as DMS here too. It’s so adorkable. 


    I’ve always believed that DMS and SC are meant to be together in all the different versions... but I’ve usually felt sadder for Lei. Maybe as this version is emphasising more on Lei’s love for not just SC but also DMS that I don’t feel as sad for Lei and see it less as unrequited love. 


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  2. Spoiler

    Yes to no amnesia arc!! I think DMS mother is going to still insist on the wedding to XZ. I’m guessing the remaining episodes and angst will probably focus on this. 


    @elle_cha I also think the forehead kiss was really sweet! I can’t really translate everything but essentially SC was scared he really forgot her and that DMS said he would never forget her. 


    I’m sure subs of that scene will be out really soon!


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  3. Thanks for the welcome! It’s nice being able to discuss the show with kindred spirits :D


    I read the manga and watched the anime many years ago but I remembered how the physical attraction was very nicely portrayed. It added layers to their relationship which I really liked. 


    Here’s hoping to more passionate kisses and that this part of their relationship will be portrayed in the show! 


    By the way I was just rewatching parts of episode 30 on Netflix and I think Dylan really drank for the last scene. He totally had the Asian flush, even his eyes were bloodshot. That’s dedication to acting there! 

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  4. Hello!


    I have also been lurking but decided to join the squeeing! 


    I’m liking this new version. Lei and DMS are such eye candies! I thought Darren emotes really well in the emotional scenes.. his tenderness really comes through. 


    I wish there could be more depth to the kisses between DMS and SC though. Like it would be nice for Dylan to portray trying to restrain his passion for SC during their kisses because he doesn’t want to scare SC off. 


    Now the kisses mostly come across as very innocent which I feel does not match what we know about DMS character and his feelings for SC. 

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