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  1. I agree with you about his last vlive. I don't know if this pr team has enough pr experience, they pretty much presented him like a start-out actor in his 20's by doing all the cutesy stuff, think he was a bit annoyed with that. Well, he is a professional and respected their efforts in preparing the vlive so he kept his pleasant composure! I guess SALT is not as balanced as I thought! They hit a jackpot with KSH and they are still an entertainment agency trying to make money from their "products" at the end of the day. They have to aggressively build up his fanbase when there are other
  2. Hmm... think I understand KSH's vibe with his FL in previous drama (except with Moon Ga Young whom they are like hyung-donsang). He was not quite 100% sync up with his FL in previous dramas, guess it's related to this "sibling-look" visual or vibe. Actually, I thought about this after my post. It's ok for him not to be 100% sync-up. If we viewers think they are so sync up, it means he either has feelings for the FL or is involved in some rumors/scandals which I don't think he wants to have this happened to his works. I like the Mr. Hong project with SMA. SMA has finally solidified her ac
  3. I think the cast for this new one has pretty much confirmed - Lee Byunghun, Han Ji Min, Nam Joo Hyuk, Shin Min A. think he might have to quit 2D1N if he is in such a big production!
  4. His visual with SHJ is pretty good and SHJ is usually chemistry-compatible with ML's. We will have to wait til they actually be in a drama to see if they will work out. I think 2 to 4 eps romcom, like you drive me crazy, is more suitable for KSH. This is not something he excels or interested in. He and LYY did an excellent job in playing out their characters but visuals and chemistry wise were not as strong as he and MGY in wakiki 2 though the storyline was very weak, and hence ratings were not good. I sometimes think that it's kinda difficult to match him with a good FL. He has a youthful,
  5. CNN Indonesia interview! Enjoy! It looks like he won't do the Link drama based on this interview?!
  6. These days, the romantic korean drama just don't do well, especially those that don't have a strong story plot. The writer of Link had suspicious partner and to me, it was just so so! The general outline of Link seems so weak. Either the story primarily focuses on the mysterious separation of the twins and the journey that they find each other and romance the secondary plot, or the other way round. If they focus on romance, what is to write about? The FL keeps comforting him every time the ML goes through emotional ups and downs?! I don't want to explicity say whether KSH should take this dram
  7. His acting skill was strong enough to work with the ml in Two Cops and he definitely did a way better job in the Delivery man. I think his passion is still in acting, to be a best actor than a celebrity. But sine he had moved beyond the theater world, he has to go with the system of the tv world. He is talented, so he can handle different genre. I don’t think he has the intention to be lee seungi in 2D1N. It was probably difficult to turn down the opportunity to be on such a popular variety show. The kbs director said they screened every comment, review, social media of the possible candidates
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