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  1. @realistic2280aI am a bit surpised by ur comment. There are not pics of them alone yes but most of the time they are seen side by side to each other.
  2. They are quite close irl so perhaps they dont feel the need to @realistic2280a?
  3. Love that scene (and that shot!). Han is Cha's father's figure in politics. He confided in him, trusted his judgment. For me whenever Han is in the conspiracy (and if we take what he said as genuine) - he apparently takes Yang Ji Man's lack of approval in press to heart. I do understand how his disillusionment comes from. He has sacrifices his life and family for nothing. This was repeated by Cha and Kim Nam Wook after the basketball matchup. I hope Cha gets his chimaek soon, both actors keep teasing about this in instagram. Agree! And he apparently thinks that he is another politician, just that he could win votes. He still perceives that Park Mu Jin is a (weaker) clone of Yang Jin Man, and possibly he doesnt know OYS is literally one main figure behind the bombing. Btw here's my translation of Han's character bio from TVN: And there is so much to unpack this EP. The introduction of discrimination act is very very relevant to Korea's political landscape. This tweet just comes up a few days ago:
  4. They have finished shooting. Today is last day of shooting. Yesterday they were at Hapcheon Here are some of the updates Kim Gyu Ri (PMJ Wife) update: Director update
  5. @disembody I knew a bit on insider trading and market etc - basically, if you are a leader, from any point of view(liberal/conservative) there is no way you could NOT NOT close the market. Kang is economically conservative while Yun is liberal on that score -- thousands of traders and banks will be cursing at you, not counting ordinary ppl that trade. There are circumstances where traders are compelled to trade (think of foreign currencies) due to govt limit them to hold a certain no of forex (they hold too much forex and must get rid of them by end of day) so they will be making a huge losses. He is doing this purely for the financial backer in the Tailor group to profit from it. Oh looks popular on the front but ppl who knew even a tiny bit about politics and/ot economics will call it a career suicide
  6. @bebebisous33 For me, politics are a mixed bag. I think irl, even upright politicians has to choose between lesser evils at times. Currently my suspicions on Han are purely based on his actions in EP10 (Call Center panic call, Han's cryptic remarks etc), and the fact that there is not many as powerful as him in an Administrative role. Also I think the fact that PMJ suspects him gave credence that Han is part of the attack. PMJ's intelligence is constantly being underrated criminally in the drama and even by the audience. I feel that you made a compelling point about him listening to Yun and subconsciously learning from his rivals, and his aides (CYJ etc) that disobeys him (I do wonder how PMJ tell CYJ though). And may I say that OYS comes off as way too arrogant? Without the backing of the Tailor Group and his image he will be shredded by his rivals. I do agree that the Tailor Group seems to be against unified Korea, with the military gang perhaps wanted a better treatment of them enshrined by legislation. We still have 6 episodes to wrap it up. From what I can see from Netflix title, EP12 will probably solve most of the mysteries, and then its Blue House vs the Tailor Group.
  7. @bebebisous33 That was a wonderful read, and thank you for contributing! Can we examine these leaks you mentioned? What are the actions that are possibly created by the Tailor group? 1) Leak 1: Park gets fired on that Day – I cant recall correctly whether An is the leak or there is someone else? 2) Leak 2: His son is not his and possibility of an affair – leak is from both the Agent and ex husband 3) Leak 3: NK video leak – from Cha My question is, what are the tailor’s group strategy? It seems like post bombing, they let Oh take the center stage, while clearing out “weeds”. But in EP10, it seems like they will take an active role to let Oh has the advantage, and next we know, there is a shooting. Also I feel that Oh may not agree entirely with Tailor’s group, however both of their goals fits, and hence Oh bring his military gang over to the Tailor. And I think Han is the chess piece in terms of administration mole. He might have another mole working with him eg Call centre, as well as multiple moles around. Because he knew the blueprint of the Assembly, has the means back then to approve the building of secret room, as well as swaying Yang’s strategies. You are right that rich industrialist must be present to support such a huge maneuver besides having military and administrative support. But I am still racking my brain trying to think about links on it. Also, I am thinking of shooting as a means to sway public opinion. For example this case, 3-19 shooting incident. I was a kid back then, but I remember how the public opinion swayed to the then President, and he did won the reelection. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3-19_shooting_incident With regards to Oh, he is shrouded with mystery, covering his motivation as much as possible (Unlike Cha who has revealed his motivation) except for the scene with Yun. That was the only time his peacelike mask falls off slightly. He is angry about how his comrades are being treated, and based on how his comrades treated him (with a dog like loyalty), I think they have the same mind as Oh.
  8. Hi @triplemI am just guessing haha due to the no of Eps we have left, dont shoot me But seriously guys, looking at the trailer, Yangi pointed out that Cha seems to running towards this guy who is motionless:
  9. I transcribed the subs for EP11 trailer via chinese subs. https://twitter.com/Joansallen/status/1156497317567926272?s=19 Edit: I expect such scenes to occur. What else could make that fabled chimaek epic? And yes @angelbeast90 thank you for clarifying. I amnot sure whether Oh who is willing to kill a bunch of innocent victims to achieve his goal will feel more than shock about not informed about the attempted assasination. I think Han if he is part of the group, he could be a right hand man of the vip. As you mentioned, he doesnt have loads of money although he is well off.
  10. What fo you mean by glazing?and yes, it looks like he wasnt informed about it. Was he the one that pushes Park Dae down? And it makes sense its Park Dae as his face is covered for anonymity. OYS def wasnt informed of this. And this goes to the question of why. Someone must knew Park is not the idiot they assumed and must eliminate him before suspicion arosw, but such move are lil desperate from mastermind. This. There is no way Oh will be covered by a coat on his face. My guess is that Park"s only chess move is to resign, forcing Oh to be President due to he has the higher rank after him Me too. Both of their chemistry is crazy. Have you guys seen this? (Ps naver has full vers)
  11. Son Seok Koo is the main star of the show along with Ji Jin Hee. His performance is so unique and so good, and I am quite sure he is not the mastermind nor a part of the bombing due to: 1) Although he is part of trusted staff of Yang, he does not have the highest authority back then, and not even prior Han's dismissal. 2) Doesnt fit his MO. Cha has been shown, with or without any people around him, that he idolise Yang and his beliefs. He rejected the very capable Yun due to rather harsh beliefs on NK, nor the always dirty tactics of Kang. He can and is quite willing to play dirty but not low as even Kang's level 3)The call centre operator panics and call Han immediately afte Sec Jeong calls her. If Cha is the mastermind or part of it, this would be played out immediately. 4) Han take action after the call, with the secret code in his diary. Additionally, I think Cha and Jeong was observed by him when Jeong excuses herself saying she has work. 5) his motivation is finding a good man as President. Bombing doesnt give him that. I am sure its a red herring. But I will be annoyed if it drags out too long. The writer did have the habit of resolving in odd numbered episodes so lets see. Would love your thoughts. From a scriptwriting perspective I think Park will be running for President but how you made a reluctant man to run for President? There are several possibilities: 1) Cha persuade him to run via lots of talks - less convincing from a writing perspective so we need EXTERNAL rather than internal factors 2) The only possible way I could see Park running for it is that he has no alternatives. Basically, under the threat of Oh running for president, he has to get the lesser evil choice of two- resigns and making Oh the effective President. That way Oh has only 30-40 days to run as President and limit the damage. And he cant run as actual President afterwards. So I feel that if Sec Cha resigns etc, he could run as his campaign manager.
  12. I love that he grins so much when she say yes and move forward the date! He is so pleased that the attraction is mutual and he is not afraid to show more interest afterwards. So straightforward. Cha is such a scene stealer and I will hate that if this debacle wasnt solved next week.
  13. I was thinking of he ask the call operator to manipulate the recording but this is very plausible too. Cha wants a king maker and he wont throwaway that opportunity
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