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  1. Female lead is casted. Quick trans from me since I havent clear up my workload. @Lawyerh do correct me for trans error Check out @Joansallen’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/Joansallen/status/1105682533247737856?s=09
  2. My workload is still crazy right now. Will join you guys chat prob 1 -2 weeks later (hopefully) And he looks good in the clip @phoenix24 Just saw his pics in Daum Cafe. Was the daum post indicates he is waiting for good news (ie casting news?)?
  3. Its in our list, dont worry: A few of those are per below: 1) How drunk Rooda ends up at Jin Sang house 2) What is Rooda sis reaction with Jin Sang upon official first meet? 3) Did the marketing team knew they are dating
  4. Hey, I am busy at work and on korean lately but yes, we plan to write fanfics at AO3 later once we finish the translation project for KJH and for Children of lesser God. We even created a fanfics wish list. Do let me know which fics you are interested in. @selenette has written a few poems for our ship. You can check her posts for fics and intepretive texts for FGTD. Welcome btw!
  5. @Lawyerh You could speak spanish? That's impressive. @kiefer-taiho Welcome! Happy Lunar New Year to all chingus! There is a good source for learning hangul and basics : See here https://www.coursera.org/learn/learn-korean/home/welcome I have created a blog for Kang Ji Hwan and collected some links/interviews/grammar or korean culture explanation. Do let me know if you want to add/collaborate FGTD: https://kjhfan.home.blog/2019/02/04/list-of-reviews-and-recaps-updated-4-feb-19/ COALG: https://kjhfan.home.blog/2019/02/05/children-of-lesser-god-master-list-of-reviews-analysis-and-interviews-updated-5-feb-19/ BTS:
  6. Part 3 Part 4 Last ones (phew, I left @mworca part for edit) Via Weibo Ha Han Hi Ji Hwan, I like you for 6 years. Because of it I learn Korean for for years. Although my Korean is only level 3 and hence I have a long way to go (for learning), but I am not afraid of the difficulties. Because its you that inspired me, that let me learn a bit of Korean. That’s why I believe I definitely will master Korean. After I learn I will attend one of your birthday meetings or one of your fan meets. Because I feel that after learning Korean I will feel differently when meeting you. After I master Korean I will be able to really understand you more and to encourage you, and to support you from behind. No matter what happens, I will always support you. If you are happy I will be happy too. If you are sad I will feel sad too. I hope you are able to see this message – Lastly I wish that you will be very happy everyday, and you must take care of yourself. Don’t get flu, don’t fell sick, don’t be sad over small matters, because we can help you. Ji Hwan fighting ~ I eagerly anticipate for each of your new works, we will all support you 的 Crickets Hi Kang Actor! I am a fan from China. I become a new fan because of this interesting show, Feel Good to Die I am embarrassed to say that I have watched your dramas years and years ago, but it does not leave me a lasting impression of until I watched “ Feel Good to Die”, I was introduced to this drama by chance and was attracted by such a ridiculous title “ My Boss Died Once Every Day”. To be honest, I was going to watch it for fun, but after watching the first episode I realised that this drama is much more interesting than I first thought. At the surface its just a relaxing comedy, in reality this is a fantasy realism drama that uses fantasy as a mechanism to reflect realistic workplace life. More importantly, it creates a charming and charismatic character in Baek Jin Sang which deeply attracts me. From that episode onwards, I started to follow this drama avidly. I search high and low for all reviews around the internet, I participate in drama discussion groups, I can’t even wait for the translation version on the next day hence I watched live broadcast without subtitles and without understanding anything. Because I want to know how the plot to develop badly. Every week I wait for the two days of live broadcast. For that period all my passions has been poured into the drama. This drama has held such magic to me, it sticks to my soul. Because this tv drama, I really like Baek Jin Sang and hence I also likes the actor who portrays him. This is the Baek Jin Sang, who, at the beginning is hated by every character in the drama. Who has a sharp tongue, is harsh, selfish, extremely narcissistic and entirely self-centered. Amazingly, because of your performance, beneath all of Baek Jin Sang unlikeable characteristics, his positive characteristics such as his kindness, honesty, professionalism, high competency, and huge sense of responsibilities are able to stand out, thus even his disgusting characteristics becomes adorable to the audience. Under your performance, I see a Team Leader Baek who has gone through one and another crazy event and thus constantly reflecting, changing and reshaping his values. He transformed from a self-centered and terrible boss to a charismatic and warm leader who slowly learn how to understand and respect others. With such a complex character at the beginning whom has experienced a fundamental change in his character, Kang Actor is very detailed in presenting such changes. Each move, thought and change made by Baek Team Leader has a firm trajectory, which made the drama even more logical and smoother. Your performance has made a supposedly absurd story feels realistic and made Team Leader comes to live, like someone who exists around us. There is someone who said it before " A good performance is not about performing well in a project, but it's about performing a character well. You are the first person who enables me to deeply understand this concept. You have made Baek Team Leader comes to alive, to see you act and enjoying the process is one of the luckiest event that happened to me in 2018. Towards the end of the drama, after a narrow escape from death and finally, Baek Leader had a perfect career and love life. I should be happy but I feel lost. This is because although Team Leader finally has a happy and fulfilled life, Team Leader Baek would say goodbye to the audience soon. Because I yearn for more of Baek Team Leader, hence I have become entirely involved in your works. I binge watched all of your past works as I don't want to miss out any scene that you appear. I used to like young face very much. To be honest, a mature ahjussi is not my type. But you have changed my aesthetic standards, you have also change my fear of becoming old. So I wish to tell Kang Actor that Kang Actor is very charismatic in front of the camera. You become more and more charismatic when you gets older. Maybe your face will gets old with time. But charisma, like wine, will be better as it ages. While I was anticipating for the drama I am also paying attention to the ratings. I felt down because of the ratings too. However, I don't think the inherent value of a show can be measured by ratings alone. Regardless of the ratings, it could not erase the enjoyment, happiness, reflection and growth this drama gave me, and the endless charm and loveliness from Baek Jin Sang (I can’t help it, when one talks about FGTD one has to mention Baek jin Sang Y^_^Y) From your sorrowful message, I feel down too. But on the other hand, I feel that the distance between you and fans grow closer because of this. Although we are miles apart, our feelings are similar. And hence my heart is filled with energy. I am not sure if you are still depressed and feeling down or you have come out of it. But your fans are always with you even if they are miles apart. Your works in the past and what you have experienced in life has given us a lot of motivation (ori: energy). So now we wish to give you the support and energy you have given to us. Now, with the little support we could provide with all our hearts, I wish you are always healthy and strong and don't fall sick; I wish your life is fulfilled and able to live per what you wish for; be happy and live meaningfully, I wish you could fulfil your goals, take part in projects that you desired. Please come back with a cool drama next time, I will keep following your works! @mworca ① 『自分が全責任を負うべきもの』と考えていることを知って、改めて凄い人だと思いました。 When I read the message "I should take full responsibility," I thought he was a great person. ② 弱音も吐かず、最後まで頑張ったカン・ジファンさんのFANであることを、とても誇りに思います。 I am proud that I am a fan of Kang Ji-hwan who worked hard until the end without complaining. ③ そして、その気持ちを知ることが出来て嬉しいとも思いました。 And I was also happy to know that feeling. ④ 今は、どのような状況でしょうか。 What kind of situation is it now? ⑤ もし、また苦しくなった時には知らせてもらえると嬉しいです。 何度同じ苦しみを書き記したとしても、何度でも受け止めることが出来るFANがカンハムサにはいると思います。 please tell us when you feel pain and stress. Your fan cafe is pleased that you are able to say that you feel like to accept your pain and troubles any time, any time ⑥ どうか、一人で悩みや痛みを抱え込まず、分かち合える場所があると思ってもらえると嬉しいです。 Don't take it all on yourself.If you can share your feelings to us, we will be very happy. ..........終わり MW
  7. @Lawyerh Yup, his official japanese fansite has new promo stills every now and then. @mworca http://www.kangstarjp.jp/index
  8. Oh my god this is really really nice. I am fine with plain white background but some variety btwn different users are really good. I am almost at my destination so I will look at ur trans shortly to see if the texts are ok
  9. She needs to apply from here http://m.cafe.daum.net/withTG/dAc?boardType=C
  10. @phoenix24 i think its a combination of dreamrole + complex+he identified a lot with Baek Jin Sang. He is not rude, but he is just as perfectionist and sensitive as him. I do feel he pour extra energy than usual for this role. I dont think he is at the age where he can pick and choose easy roles(I disagree with some fans on him to pick easy roles from now on). I understand he feels bad now. It just that he needs to learn how to balance work and life, and relax, and rest, and learn to let go some stuff. so I think fan messages are important.
  11. Go here http://m.cafe.daum.net/withTG/dAc?boardType=C Fill in name(heidi seow is enough), age and location and reason. Thats the application page
  12. @phoenix24 I havent started it yet except for a clip yesterday. How was his chemistry with the cast?
  13. I originally read an extraction of the post in weibo and was trying to get a copy to let selenette to have a look. The weibo fansite was worried about cafe rules so I dont want to trouble her to screenshot. I told selenette that he seems very troubled so we are trying to figure out how to get in. So I screenshot to @selenette the registration page, look at BTS guide(as you know all of the cafes have different rules) so I was baffled when it said I was not allowed to access.I roughly guessed here and there, and click on a form button and type why I should allow to join(yes I was lit a blind bat in). I guessed the keyword etc. And I saw that there is an application page, found out my name was there and all the other users have age name and country included with mod comments requesting those info. So yeah mine was approved by sheer luck alone. @mworca あなたはkangstar.jp の会員ですか? Kang Ji Hwanさんの写真は綺麗ですね。Are you a member of kangstar.jp(note its the official jp fansite). すみません、あなたのmessageが翻訳しません。 @phoenix24 Me too. I am not really active normally but that few nights was crazy!
  14. @Heidi SeowPlease keep us posted. Need to update that guide. I am determined to help him increase fans so we coule have nice work like 2018. By the way noha, all of you registered using mobile? For daum? @nohamahamoud2002 And I thought kjh cafe criterias are ridiculous.(see @angiedramadive?) Wow social security no. I am a Pri myself and I never bothered register since hong ki is active on social media.
  15. @Lawyerh One of the chinese members mentioned to me about you lol and she is very active I think. And yeah its not really active. Btw I have heard that the chinese fans have collaborated to buy a gift for him for his birthday.
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