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  1. 56 minutes ago, Rin90 said:

    Can smone suggestr the new title please.. i didnt have any idea~ kekeke


    Omaiguard why why shin hye looks so pretty in the first trailer??? I love her! :*


    omo,you are the starter of our drama thread.Nice see you.Actually don't need to change anything  you need just added.i mean you need to write teaser 1 on page blah.and when the second teaser come out you need to delete that teaser 1 on page blah and should write teaser 2 on page blah.And you always need to change something  happen like press confrence brocast date and number of episode.That all .But unfortunately you must little active .Can you?:bawling: are you a busy person my dear @Rin90?If you are busy , just let it go.

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  2. hey,all reader i really want to know somethings that why our drama soompi title didn't change anything.I mean i was followed  some drama thread in the past such as heirs and pinnocchio .That thread's title always change when they first release teaser such as teaser 1 in page 30, episode 1will brocast tonight etc.But this thread title never change .why o why.And i go spy other thread and then i saw their title constantly change such as teaser 2in page blah blah.I really think that the system of changing title is really good for who didn't have timeto read all disscuss but didn't want to miss the main topic like teasers, pressconfrence ,live recap.Can someone fixed this.If can pleaseeee fixed .pleaseeee.:tears:

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  3. 1 hour ago, maris1 said:

     My personal favourites are theirs sitting on the bench smiling away and reading the script once again smiling away.........so "smiling away" is the way to go for selecting the pic ....my way! :P



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  4. 51 minutes ago, Kasmic said:

    I saw KRW face like he admired PSH acting that she can be so emotional and professional so easily. She must've left an everlasting impression on him making him feel relieved to have accepted this role as his costar is REALLY good. :blush:  I loved that that bit of the video that I create a gif posted on the previous page. ;)



    yes,absolutely yes.The way he look at her is so so so haha.I already love our otp so much from a little glimp of them.can't wait can't wait.

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  5. what!!!!!our girl want a aggressive kiss.hahaaha.don't worry shin hye ah!rae won oppa will give you super hot :blush: kisses.omg I am blushing.I have been watch kim rae won's drama.yes!!!!!almost all .He is quiet good at kissing.hahaha but i can't saw any kissing sence his latest drama,punch but in movie ganam blue ,he is so damn :w00t:omg .i should stop my pervy though.Our princess already watch ganam blue too.Hope tomorrow ,sbs will release doctors's very first teaser.:D

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  6. 23 minutes ago, NileRose said:

    what next week :bawling:
    No I refuse even they won't release this week I am really angry




    what the hell !seriously sbs:angry:.next week?huuuuuuu because of sbs i can't stay as silent reader anymore:confounded:.i want something ,please something that must include our main leads.:bawling:.Me too angry my dear @NileRose

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  7. 6 hours ago, mujay said:

    Yes...i have no idea why till now had some poeple critized ''heirs'' is weak, think again it was must be from the personal point off view...i am not crazy fans of heirs but in my opinion this drama is the best among the young genre i had ever wacth.and KES never faill to potrait strong pure, and feminist the heroin she write...CES caracter is weak?...common people..she live in hard life,done many job to earn money by her self and her.sister...never wave when the prince comeing to save her...she just want standing equal for her.love....this is some people saw a weaknesss..??...ck..ck....ck..in my opinion 'KES' always good writter ..her female caracter always strong, sharp and independent...even CES just 18 and poor but still she is heroin we never forget her like she said'' i just want be 20 growth in good shape to over come the future . is simple life she really want not prince who make her life up and down . i like this kind story...and hope Hejung is.strong caracter like CES,CIH,GMN,GDM...love  and always trust you SHIN HYEahh...



    yeah!some of us are can't stop that character richard simmons in HEIRS.As for me ,i became an official psh fan after watching the heirs.Heirs is the best teenage drama to me.She is sooooo amazing in that cha eung sun charactet .And her charater is not weak.She is only 18 years old girl and u can't hope her to save the world.Her mom is also a maid.But between these many things she struggle hard and try to reach her goal.huuuuuuuuu.i will love heirs and cha eung sun till the end.I always hope our girl happy and healthy.

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  8. yes,that why i really want shin hye to decline:tears: .I am so worry that writer's skill.And now again the richard simmons PD things send me to the hell.:sweatingbullets:You know i try to watch her previous scripted drama ''high society ''but before reaching eoisode2 ,i give up .Too boring to watch:angry:.I am really bad feeling about that doctors drama.Everyone told me to think positive and trust our shinhye.Yes i do what they say.I can only  hope that drama will get a good compliment from the people:wub:.Everyone can't wait to watch shinhye new drama.In my case,i truely afraid that june will come quickly:sweatingbullets: but at the other hand,i miss my princess's drama:tears: .I really love she is pairing with a senior actor too.Don't hate me for writing a bad thought .No doubt my i truely deeply SA heart.i love shin hye soo much thats why i am soooo worry about her choice.:blush:

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  9. oh nooooooooooo,please don't accept that role shin hye ah.I have really solid point 1/i know that writer writing skill.i try to watch hight society but stop watching after 1episode.Its was damn boring to hell.i didn't even want to try on ep 2 .2/if u do a drama with sbs,its must air wed /thu not monday and tuesday.high ranking writer's drama are always air on wed and thu not mon and tue.if you don't believe me just checking sbs drama.you will found all hit drama are there.including shin hye's previous hit drama such as you are beautiful,heirs and pinnocchio.I really afraid our princess will accept that offer.ofcourse the role was interesting but i prefer to run away.:tears:.You know the drama result will comeout immediately.if the plot is boring,the viewer will turn to other channel drama.I am depress now.i really hope shin hye will decline that role.I think i am the only one who against that role.Everyone on the instargram are excite and happy.I am sorry for my bad thought and analysic.Aww i don't know that i will pass this chrismas with excite and worry for our girl next role.I am soooooo worry now. in my deep down i pray my nightmare are not come true. pleaseeeee.:tears:omg pleaseeee.

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  10. oh!gosh @mujay ,i am not telling the heirs is the best. :blink:I just wanna show her heirs drama is how much success.As for me i love all shin hye work.everything about her.i want to tell is to the people who always say her character in heirs are suck.so i just wanna tell if that character is that bad ,she will not shine after that drama.That all.nothing more.i also believe in her choosing drama.i am sorry to u too for didn't understand my words  :sweatingbullets:.As for me i love all her charecter she choose.She is my queen in every way and support her till the end.I am neutral my dear.I love her all leading men by the way.:wub:

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  11. @luminousalex,why when talk about Shin hye past drama always referring The Heirs is her fairlure,honestly,i am not to get to this drama,but I think she ply her role as CES,is so good,and she get big fandom to in this drama, event till now this drama is still favorite within young audience...or maybe i am out of place so i don't understand what happening during the heirs airing, but talk again about Shin hye project i agreed with you and Nile rose ,say No to china project, i wish after "HYUNG' she come back to dramaland again,I miss her badly,want see her acting ..please come back soon dear Park Shin Hye..:wub:

    YES,you are right.my dear.the heirs is not a fail project.until now heirs is first palace in drama fever .She got many fan from this drama .About the rating things,the heirs got over 20 percent when its aired.shin hye's previous drama can't beat that record even pinnocchio can't compair.Shin hye herself mention in interview,she squel with joy everyday because of the heirs is successful.so we even can assume that heirs is her mega hit project.about poor written her character?its just crap.i saw some haters are used that words but nowaday even some of starlight used that words.She got many her sence compare to other male and female character in the heirs.She is just maid daughter who didn't even have a home.so what are u expecting from her.She potray a weak caracter,nothing more.Our girl express enough char eung sun's life and sorrow.That all.As a result the heirs is big hit and successful but some are still rapping about some poor character.when u want to become a successful the main point is audience's accept the drama.How much your character are good as hell,If auridence didn't watch.that will become fail project.ABOUT I WANT TO CORRECT ONE THING IS NOT A CHINA PROJECT.ITS JUST SBS DRAMA.WELL !! ORIGINAL SCRIPT WRITER IS CHINESE AND EVEN THATS  ALREADY AIRED AS A CHINESE DRAMA.KOREAN ARE  TOOK ADAPTATION TO THOSE SCRIPT  AND DO AS A KOREAN VERSION FOR CHINESE MERKECTING.EVEN THEY MADE A VOTE WHO WANT TO AS A LEAD.JO IN SONG AND SHIN HYE WIN.THAT WHY THE RUMOR ARE START SHE WILL STAR IN THAT UPCOMING PROJECT.WE NEED TO TRUST OUR GIRL.SHE IS  MORE SMARTER THAN US.SOOOO DON'T WORRY.JUST LETS WAIT.SHE WILL SHOW US.IF SHE ACCEPT I WILL GLADELY ACCEPT TOO.I ALREADY DONE WATCHING THAT CHINESE DRAMA.ITS BORING.I HOPE KOREAN SCRIPT WRITER ARE TALENT AND CAN ATTRACT  KOREAN AUDIENCE.

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  12. This morning l saw a new pic showing PSH and LSJ inside a car, at night...Queen PSH twitter...This fan deleted the post to protect PSH, but the source of the pic was Dispach...#ParkShinHyeProtectionSquad must investigate...

    ??? hw did this fan got the pic in the 1st place? frm D? if it's frm D, shouldnt it be viral by nw? im nw curious :huh: n worried too!

    why i can't see anything.huuuu.

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