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  1. i really want to tell why she is stunning and beautiful day by day...the answer is GOD BLESS HER .she is really beautiful inside and out.she is always give back what she get.sooooo i m soo in love with her and become a hardcore SA.even my little bro said why u like her very much and he become doubt me i like girl.lol .i just love her with my pure fungirl mood. :P:P

  2. kyarrrrrrr FINALLYYYYYYYY.she is update.i really waiting her update.awwwwww.uri minshin is reallllllllllll.they r sooooooo in love.i m soooo happy to see her update.By the way what is the meaning of the tower behind her.first i think it is Eiffel Tower but its not.she must intension to post that.hehe all of our know who come back from where that place is famous with towel.wahaha=)) :x .our minshinner r indeed luckest shipper all over the ship becos we don't need other spazz things such as cf or magazine photo shot.shin hye directlly give us a hints.minshin is our side .So we r always found the reason to stay strong.jikjin minshinner.we r one step closerrrrrr.i hope our minshin dream do come true in one future day. :bz :bz :bz

  3. Hello @dac417, my delusional twin! I couldn't agree more. So much yellow everywhere! I am laughing out loud to think how our boy must have scrambled to find a yellow sweater in time for his trip today. Certainly, it is a message to us all; I think they both are having so much fun trolling us!

    All I can say is, go have a happy rendezvous in London/Paris you two, and happy flower arranging!

    i hope they r not got caugh.ahhhhhhh.so much delulu .i can't stop smiling.they r soooo obvious.hope both of them having fun at the street of london or paris.minho is soooo happy at airport bcos he is going to see his baby girl soon. =)) =))

  4. yes we don't need to that he love chan eun sang.its only character in heirs.we need he love PARK SHIN HYE.IF he love only ch a eung sung this thread never grow and strong.he love shin hye.soooooooooooo no need to be love or like cha eung sung character.u should read first thread and early pages.so u cry like river and ur body become a green.ur pathetic jaelousy creepy monster @sfyzy.

    Soooo what i said .We need moderater minshinner heheh

  5. Hi..can someone here help me. I am looking for our minshin couple ff. I just read it a few days ago, but I forget the link and its title.

    The story about shin hye dance in the club, while min ho (his bf) and his friend Il-woo and bum already there. Shin hye know min ho was there from seungri..and what happen next I forget. I want to read it again.

    Please help me. thanks.

    girls .i think i know what is the story is may be kit kat's NIGHT OUT


    if its not that one may be kit kat's''ENCOUNTER' sorry i can't remember full name 'll give u the link.



  6. Regarding @gissy's  reposted post.

    to the person whom may concern,

    Dude , you were totally wrong.Your action shows a lack of responsibility and a person not trustable.

    No excuses here.No benefit of doubt either . The word NOT is understandable even for citizens from a different universe.

    :-q :-q

    The least you can do is  to apologize to @gissy and delete if you can your post.

    Next time think wisely before you post anything in social media .

    yesssss.she need to delete post.our gissy already say its only for sommpi.how could he or she do that.its really dissappointed .she made we can lost the chancesto read of other FA.

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