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  1. One word, richard simmons. GOSH,this is the worst nightmare i have ever seen.What the hell.huhuhuhu .
  2. @PororoQueen lol.You are the best.I laughed out loud in the middle of night. My mom even scold me for that. Can't wait for next week.I really love MOA.After watching episode 13 and 14 ,I feel Sastisfied and like the story even more..I don't mind if there is many question come out.I just love it. Extra THANKS to @PororoQueen who make me happy after reading her little fanfic.Actually I'm depressed becos of some negative comments about the plot hole.And I also appreciate who point the errors and mistakes that i never know
  3. Can someone make the gif ?PLEASE.The sence where jin woo sent Hj on the taxi.Hee joo look back Jw with worry and sorrow .That is so heartbreaking look at them.I got carried away and even i can feel my tears. SOB SOB SOB.
  4. Today episode is so good for me.Too many revelation. I love how emma look when Sj was being hurt by Mc.Our otp romance is far away but like some said their looks is so intense and can't wait for the hug and what wiil happen next. @Kasmic I lose.I really really love my Emma profile. But i need to change hu hu hu.
  5. @Kasmic If i right one answer and get wrong one answer. What should I do ? Should i change half profile .haha.By the way hj will wear lens but she will not play.I am dead sure.
  6. @Kasmic Poll 1 ...No Poll 2 ....Emma I really don't want to change zoombi profile. Haha.Hope I win .
  7. I think she is wearing a lens.She even greet her "Hi Emma".It can't be hologram also.Didn't hologram need something lighting sticks like the one in the office. By the way ,i really want to know the episodes that film in Hangary and Slovenia is already finished brocasting in previous episode???PSH and HB said they film one month in each country.
  8. Yes ,i think JW made allie with pro cha yes yes.He will see his zoombi son want to kill him .YAYYYYYY
  9. Haha .its funny.I also think that too.poor cane. At the final scene, I think the savior is not guard or someone.In preview, JW look behind the bars and he look full recover and search someone or something with surprise.If the bar are close that mean game is still on .The time is 29 minute left. Its that Emma? .In interview Shin hye said that hee joo has healing power.May be the savior is Emma .May be not.But if its Emma then why writer show HJ searchs something and call to someone..My head is almost explode with many question.
  10. Just relax the kiss will happen.Hee joo is not backoff.Its look like that because of Jinwoo grab her waist. That why. I'm so sorry for secretary He is one of my fav character.
  11. I already watch both livestream on tvn and netflix.The preview that show on netflix is a little bit different with tvn . On netflix, even JW write a "WILL"..AND EMMA said here is dangerous. .I want more romance but i really enjoyed this drama.It can't predict what happen next.This is truely best kdrama for 2018.I am dead sure that we will get romance in ep11 and 12(definitely not in ep 10).Ofcourse ,after our man came back from deadly trip .tehehe.sorry By the way the new ost on preview is so good.
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